The West must choose our culture over Islamic culture

The Koran and the Flag: What’s Really Sacred?

By Sultan Knish

American liberals have traditionally bemoaned the idea of creating a constitutional amendment against flag burning, arguing that freedom is more important than the flag. The death knell of that argument came however when Muslims rioted against the Danish cartoons of Mohammed and the liberal American press, all but unanimously refused to display the cartoons. The decision had been made, the Koran was sacred, the American flag was not. It was not about freedom, it was about a matter of priorities and the media has chosen the Koran over the flag.

Choosing the Koran over the Flag has become a pattern across the world and in the wake of that pattern follows the persecution of those who choose the flag. Selling toilet paper with the Koran on it caused a man to be indicted in Germany. There is no crime of course involved in printing the Jewish Torah or the Christian Bible on toilet paper. In Israel a young woman named Tatiana Soskin found herself in solitary confinement and served a prison term for drawing a cartoon of Mohamed as a pig. By contrast leftists in Israel are free and even encouraged to defame Israel itself. Across Europe, Canada and Australia criticizing Islam runs the gamut from mortal danger to criminal act, yet there is no crime or danger in attacking the countries themselves or their right to exist.

This pattern of Koran over Flag repeats itself across the civilized world and where the Koran is raised higher than the Flag, terrorism thrives and national defense and national culture falters.

Through acts of violence Islam draws a line in the sand. The cartoon riots were such a cultural line in the sand as Muslims demonstrated the penalty for criticizing Islam. To the extent that the world went along with it, Islam rose triumphant. The cartoon riots demonstrated once again that despite what the European Union and Congress and the Knesset might believe, laws are not made by bureaucrats and politicians but by those willing to enforce them with civil sanction or violence.

Those who believe in the sanctity of the Torah or the Bible by the very nature of their faith resist the Koran. Those who no longer do anything but give lip service to vague principles like the Archbishop of Canterbury cannot do anything but graciously yielded to the colonization of their own religion.

Those who believe that their countries must endure natively form a cultural resistance to the Jihad, but at the same time face condemnation for their extremism from those same liberals whose sacred principles are not rooted in religion or state but in a vision of some vast borderless utopia, to which the Muslim was supposed to be a contributor and yet is swiftly becoming a conqueror.

In Israel, the war on Religious Zionism continues, a political, cultural and economic campaign of demonization, violence and expulsion. In America, the entire cultural establishment seems geared toward diminishing the terrorist threat and demonizing and ridiculing those who speak out against it. Across Europe, the elites are determined to tear down borders, never realizing or realizing all too well, that in doing so they are also tearing out souls.

In Australia, the new nose picking Prime Minister issued an apology for his country’s existence. The leaders of America and Israel prodded along by their own elites have spent decades apologizing for their own country’s existence. And the more apologies were issued, the more their flags drooped, morale fell and the Koran and the sword of Jihad rose high.

A people must select what it is they value, their faith and their nation or a borderless tolerance unbroken by the darkest of crimes, the most terrible of explosions, the most brutal rapes and even the prospect of their own annihilations.

Either the Flag or the Koran must rise high for it cannot ever be both.

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  1. In Australia, the new nose picking Prime Minister issued an apology for his country’s existence.

    Nonsense. He did nothing of the kind. It was a long overdue apology to members of what is generally known as the “stolen generation” – indigeanous Aussies who were stolen from their parents by the state and placed in various “Christian” missions or placed into foster care.
    The first of a 3 part series of the apology is available at
    It has nothing to do with Islam.
    It has nothing to do with “apologising for our existence”.
    Sultan Knish’s conflation of this important event with creeping dhimmitude indicates that he should either get educated on the issue – I recommend he start by watching the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” – or kindly shut up.

    What was the purpose of this outrageous policy? To “civilise” them by destroying their connection to their own culture.
    This was in the days when “eugenics” wasn’t considered to be a dirty word. I’m talking about the same eugenics movement which led to some 200,000 Americans being legally sterilised, and which spawned the Nazi movement.

    On a recent visit to the Melbourne Holocaust Museum, I learned some Australian history which I was previously unaware of.

    Australian Holocaust museum honors Aborigines· protest of Nazis

    By Henry Benjamin
    Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

    SYDNEY, Australia, Dec. 15 (JTA) · An Australian Holocaust museum is dedicating a plaque to commemorate a protest staged by Aborigines against the mistreatment of Jews in prewar Nazi Germany. The plaque, which was slated to be dedicated this week at the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Museum, commemorates a resolution that an aboriginal delegation attempted to present to the German consul general in Melbourne in 1938.

    The delegation, headed by William Cooper, brought with them a resolution condemning the persecution of both Jews and Christians in Nazi Germany, but the German consul, D.W. Drechsler, refused them access to the building.

    The story of the protest was published in two Melbourne newspapers at the time but slipped into obscurity.

    Then, in 1999, Jonathan Morris, executive director of the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Center, learned about the protest from Gary Foley, an aboriginal activist who had studied the Holocaust at Melbourne University.

    Once the museum·s board learned about the event, it decided to erect the plaque.

    The plaque will also acknowledge that the museum, founded in 1984, is built on land which is traditionally owned by the Kulin people, an aboriginal group.

    It is believed that the protest was one of the first Australian public protests in support of German Jews.

    Today, Melbourne·s 50,000-member Jewish community includes about 8,000 Holocaust survivors.

    Wayne Atkinson, a great-nephew of William Cooper and a lecturer in Indigenous Studies at Melbourne University, said he was surprised to learn that his relative·s activism extended to Jews.

    Atkinson added, ·The recognition by the Jewish community of the work of Uncle William and the aboriginal movement is a wonderful gesture.·

    It is an absolute travesty that so many of those who are trying to defend the better aspects of Western civilisation from very real threats have been hoodwinked into whitewashing its dark side, and that so many who are trying to work on Humanitarian (ie: the better aspects of Western civilisation) and other issues have been hoodwinked into whitewashing – or even outright supporting – some of the most reactionary and backward movements on the planet.

  2. Western multiculturalists in seeking to induce their own cultural majority of citizens to make ethnic minorities feel more comfortable and equal in the West, have made the concerted effort to extol minority cultures as being equal in value to Western culture. In doing so Westerners have foresaken extolling the virtues and value of their own culture and thus have devalued their own Western culture in the eyes of their ethnic minority citizens as well as in their own eyes.

  3. My personal opinion is that we should allow burning both, and that the U. S. Constitution does allow burning both, but that just because something should be allowed does not necessarily mean it should be done. There are plenty of American conservatives (like myself) who believe offensive speech and expression is constitutionally protected. Being obnoxious, stupid, or even unpatriotic is not necessarily criminal. When it crosses over into actually inciting violence or treason, that’s a different story. Dhimmitude is suicidal and the threat of Islam needs to be exposed, resisted and contained, but not in a manner that eviscerates our civil liberties or weakens our system of checks and balances.

  4. I am not sure if the Sultan is being literal when he says we must place a higher priority on our Flag over their Koran. I think he means our culture over theirs.

    He might have said that we must choose the First Amendment over the Koran but he didn’t.

    But he is not saying there should be equalityi.e. we should burn both.