Will Hagee pull AIPAC to the right?

Hardline Pastor Gets Prime AIPAC Spot

At the same time, his hard right views on Islam and the “peace process” cause much consternation in AIPAC. Hagee is my kind of guy. I have heard him speak. He is terrific.

Hagee is an opponent of new territorial concessions to the Palestinians on biblical grounds.

And a time when pro-Israel forces are being accused of beating the drums for war with Iran, Rev. Hagee seems to believe such a conflict is both inevitable and necessary. In his apocalypse-oriented book “Jerusalem Countdown,” he predicted a nuclear showdown with Iran and said, “The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching … rejoice and be exceedingly glad, the best is yet to be,” according to a Wall Street Journal report posted on the CUFI Web site.

Last year, Rev. Hagee told the Jerusalem Post that “I would hope the United States would join Israel in a military pre-emptive strike to take out the nuclear capability of Iran for the salvation of Western civilization.”

AIPAC on the other hand follows the lead of the Government of Israel.

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  1. I have a child at that conference, the only Jewish one from our state. It’s about time somebody took notice and did something to quell the leftists that abound.

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