Will the US benefit from the revolution?

Jackson Diehl starts out his article, The upsides of Egypt’s revolution, with,

    Imagine an Egypt that consistently opposes the West in international forums while relentlessly campaigning against Israel. A government that seeds its media with vile anti-Semitism, locks relations with Israel in a cold freeze and makes a habit of publicly rejecting “interference” in its affairs by the United States. A regime that allows Hamas to import tons of munitions and Iranian rockets into the Gaza Strip.

    That would be the government of Hosni Mubarak – the same one that the United States propped up with tens of billions of dollars in aid, at the cost of tarnishing America’s image among democrats and a frustrated young generation across the Middle East. If Egypt now makes a transition to genuine democracy, its foreign policy might not get much better from Washington’s point of view. But it is unlikely to get worse.

He phantasizes the following upsides

    So the first benefit of a democratic Egypt will be a government that will have to take responsibility for its policies, instead of tacitly blaming them on the United States – and extracting unnecessary bribes from Washington. It will have to defend its policies to its own people – which means, for example, that it will have an incentive to check rather than promote anti-Semitic propaganda.

    A second benefit should be the end of an era in which U.S. administrations were blamed by Arab media and much of the public for torture, censorship and other repression. That connection not only has fueled anti-Americanism in the region but has also motivated terrorists such as Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian who is al-Qaeda’s second in command.

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  1. I am ending this thread. It degenerated into Jew bashing between Jews. The only kind of Jew bashing that I will permit on Israpundit is calling out Jewish Leftists who align with our enemies.

  2. JOMIT says:
    February 18, 2011 at 8:21 am

    SHY GUY: After 47 posts, that is what you come up with?

    Joke lost on grumpy old Canadian. 🙁

    Should’ve posted this.

  3. Jomit, I am happy that you recognize that things are near and appreciate that you feel that there is still time to turn it around. As far as the “wake up” part goes, I was referring to the American people, not the American Jews. When the American people wake up to the fact that their lives have been pillaged to cover for the big banks and that theirs and their children’s futures have been mortgaged to an unbreakable contract, shit will hit the fan. When it does, you will see the face that you believe is not really there right now. 2 years is a long time. Do you see what is happening in Wisconsin? This is nothing compared to what is going to occur. The States are bankrupt already, they’re just not saying the truth. They cannot cover their commitments to their pension systems. Eventually they will have to face this fact, Wisconsin is just the first to try to do something about it. The federal gov. will try to print more worthless money to bail out the States also. This will end in tears. Take some time and go read some of the financial forums that are out there. Those that post there generally do not have their heads buried in the sand and realize that the jig is up. Besides being pissed at the Fed and the big banks, a lot of them are pissed at the Jews that “control everything”, and they’re not holding their tongues anymore.

    As far as the non Jewish Americans, they will either stay put and fight the good fight or go elsewhere and take their chances there. Jews can come here to Israel. Keep in mind that this is part of Hashem’s plan and wants us to return to our land. In the end, we will all do his will.

    Take care Jomit, Shabbat Shalom.

  4. Yonatan: So you really think that shortly “When we all wake up” we ALL will be heading out? Can you give me an approximate date so I can call El Al for reservations? All of us Jews at least have someplace to go. Where will the other 300 million American Goyem go?
    I honestly think that you are writing us off too easily. The elections of 2010 showed that someone was waking up someplace in America. When 2012 comes around and we have a conservative house and senate and president, we’ll get just one more shot at getting it right. I will agree with you that if we screw up this last time, the partys over.

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