Women in Green issue Sovereignty Journal #4

By Ted Belman

I keep in touch with Nadia Matar who runs it with Yehudit Katsover. They are doing great work and leading the way to extending Israeli sovereignty. Here is an email from them about their work and their fourth issue. It is supposed to be posted today at www.ribonut.co.il. Its not there yet.

There are two things of particular note in this issue.
1) More politicians are going on the record in support of it and
2) They are supporting a phased process i.e first greater Jerusalem and then bloc by bloc.

Dear Friends,

1) Here is a link to the short video of the amazing event we had on
Sukkot at Oz veGaon in which close to 1500 people participated.

2) Sovereignty Legislation is Gaining Momentum – the Fourth Issue of
Sovereignty is Published

Women in Green is opening the year with the distribution of the fourth
issue of the journal Sovereignty. Minister Katz, MKs Struk and Yishai,
people from academia, law, and philosophy call for Israeli sovereignty
over the entire area of Judea and Samaria.

The fourth issue of the Sovereignty journal has been published. The
Sovereignty journal leads the public in their call to promote the
Right’s alternative to the delusion of dividing the Land, which the
Left has been pushing until now, and which collapsed in a clatter with
the terror war.

The fourth issue of Sovereignty, which is published by the Women in
Green movement, is dedicated to the memory of the philosopher and
publicist Uri Elitsur, obm, who passed away a few months ago.
Throughout the issue, sections are distributed from articles that
Elitsur wrote, dealing with the issue of Israeli Sovereignty over
Judea and Samaria and dealing with the complexity of the Jewish vision
of holding onto all areas of the Land.

Among the pages of the new issue, which is distributed in one hundred
thousand copies in Hebrew and another fifty thousand in English, there
is an interview with Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz, who
describes his plan for the promotion of the idea of “Greater
Jerusalem”,  an idea whose essence is the application of sovereignty
over the areas of Gush Etzion, Ma’ale Adumim and other areas, thus
determining new political facts on the ground as the first phase
toward the application of sovereignty over the entire area. Likewise,
MK Orit Struk presents law proposals that she is promoting together
with MK Yariv Levin to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. These
law proposals have already been written and are now waiting for the
right political moment to be moved along in the process. In this issue
of Sovereignty 4, MK Eli Yishai presents his vision of economic peace,
which does not include withdrawals or division of the Land, a process
that he sees as endangering the future and security of the Land and
the future of its residents.

A rare and special interview was granted to Sovereignty 4 by the
authoress and journalist Joan Peters, who wrote the book From Time
Immemorial, which caused an upheaval in people’s world view in Israel
and in the world at large, as it exposed the lies that have been part
of the Israel-Arab conflict during the past one hundred years. In this
exclusive interview, Peters relates to the role of the UN, which has
been fanning the flames of conflict and she relates to the idea of
Israeli sovereignty as the only alternative which should be promoted.

In this issue of Sovereignty 4, one can also find an interview with
Prof. Efraim Inbar, head of the Begin-Sadat center, who states that a
cold analysis teaches us that a Palestinian state simply cannot exist,
and Professor Avraham Tzion, who describes one to one, the failures
and mistakes that the governments of Israel have made throughout
recent history, mistakes that have resulted in our increasing  loss of
the State of Israel’s rights of sovereignty over the Land.

The researcher Dvir Raviv presents some of the Jewish archaeological
findings that were discovered throughout Judea and Samaria and
complains about the impotence of the Israeli authorities in the face
of Arab antiquities robbers, who ruin and loot invaluable findings
linking the Jewish People to this strip of Land. Rabbi Baruch Efrati
presents his opinion according to Jewish law and Torah about the
matter of sovereignty and former Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara presents
the political goal according to his view, a political goal that links
the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to the Kingdom of Jordan.

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, the heads of Women in Green, which
is the movement behind the publication of the journal, stress the
importance of what they see as promoting the process of consciousness
and hasbara (public relations) in implementation of the vision of
sovereignty among policy makers in the Knesset and government as well
as among the general public. According to their words, the insights of
Operation Protective Edge have clarified the dangers of a Palestinian
state to the general public, as something that would endanger the
heart of the Land and robs the Jewish People of its historic past and
its rights to the Land. Katsover and Matar see this as the right time
to present “the most ethical and realistic Zionist alternative, the
vision of sovereignty”. According to them, “the more the conclusions
from Operation Protective Edge are internalized among the Israeli
public, the higher the expectations for a political alternative that
will stand strong against the delusional plan to divide the Land. In
the new issue, which is a direct continuation of the three that
preceded it, we continue to present the vision of sovereignty as an
obligatory step toward “do good” after internalizing the obligation
that we all have to “turn away from evil”.

The two women report on the great enthusiasm that has greeted the
previous issues of Sovereignty. “It is a fresh Zionist breeze. The
people are thirsty for this new and confident voice stating that this
is our Land and that we can implement and realize this declaration”.

The Journal will be distributed as an insert in today’s Friday edition
of the Jerusalem Post.

On Monday October 20th, it will also be online at www.ribonut.co.il

For those wishing to receive a hard copy-please, email us your name
and full address and we will send it to you by snail mail.

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