Why is Israel offering so many free services to the Palestinians?

By Zvi November

“Makor Rishon” is a politically incorrect Hebrew language newspaper because it is pro-Jews and enthusiastically pro-Israel. Its lead front page report on March 3, 2017 concerns the fact that tens of thousands of Gaza Arabs are treated in Israel every year. And according to the civil administration in Judea and Samaria, 97,000 Arab residents of these “territories” received treatment in Israel in 2015. Soft-hearted Israel, for purely humanitarian reasons, accepts these cases when “Palestinian”/Arab medical facilities are unable to treat them. Only patients who pose a security risk are refused entry. These emergencies are not covered by Israeli insurance schemes and the Palestinian Authority only reimburses Israeli hospitals with a tiny fraction of the monies owed to them. The additional pressure placed on Israeli hospitals means that Israelis (Jews and Arabs who are covered by insurance) have to wait longer for treatment by over-worked, stressed-out medical teams. This situation is never mentioned by Arab spokesmen who prefer to rant about Israeli “racism” and “apartheid”.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. We have the same problem here in the USA with unlawful Latino immigrants filling up the emergency waiting rooms with kids with the sniffles. I nearly died, literally, in the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in SFV waiting for treatment despite my pleas for help. I had to wait until these kids were seen. I was hospitalized for months. The problem is very very real. The solution for Israel may be at the border or with the financial arrangements with the Pals. Seize some of that tax money Israel is collecting on behalf of the Pals. Make them pay their bills. Why Israel gave a discount on the electric bill the Pals owed is not within my understanding.

  2. @ Dean Blake:

    It’s rather like treating them as idiot “retainers” to a family of centuries old aristocrats…..noblesse oblige…..

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