10 New Signs of Britain’s Impending Demise

By Robert Spencer, PJ MEDIA

This is one of those signs.

3. UK: Pro-Israel, anti-Islamic State doctor investigated for “Islamophobia”

Britain’s General Medical Council, which licenses physicians and sets standards for medical professionals, is investigating a doctor in London for “Islamophobia.” The investigation came about after the doctor dared to post material criticizing the Islamic State and supporting Israel on his Facebook page.

Is there any indication that a doctor who supports Israel and opposes the Islamic State will give patients poorer care than a pro-jihad doctor? The fact that the General Medical Council took this complaint seriously shows how far Britain has fallen. It is rapidly coming to the point where it will be illegal to be pro-Israel and opposed to jihad terror. Indeed, our support for Israel was one of the reasons why Pamela Geller and I were banned from entering Britain. It is increasingly the case that only one perspective is allowed in the public discourse in Britain (and the U.S. as well).


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  1. Good riddance to Britain. They deserve to go down the toilet for all their crimes against the Jews. If the English Jews had any sense they would leave the country, but unfortunately they are too stupid.