Silvan Shalom: “the process is a dead end”

‘Palestinians will never accept that this is a Jewish state’


[..]They will never agree that this is a Jewish state?


So there is no reason for this diplomatic process, for indirect talks?

I think the process is a dead end, and I will explain why. [..]

What did they say to [Binyamin] Netanyahu? They said he has to accept the principle of two states. After [Ehud] Olmert, [Ariel] Sharon and [Ehud] Barak who all accepted the principle of two states – he can’t come and say “stop.” The world has moved forward.

Then he made the Bar-Ilan speech. I said to him there won’t be negotiations. Afterward they – the Americas, the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Israeli media – said that it was impossible that during the negotiations Israel would [continue to] build [in the settlements].

I said this [the Bar-Ilan speech] will not bring about negotiations, but it would place all the focus onto Jerusalem… From the time the security cabinet made a decision [to agree to the parameters of the Bar-Ilan speech], the European Union – two days later – decided that construction must stop in Jerusalem because in the future it would be the joint capital of both states. There are not yet even two states, but there is already a joint capital! But the talks were not renewed. The Palestinians thought genuinely that they created a new paradigm, where they could just sit on the side, and the Americans would do the work for them.

And look what happened. The Americans got a two-state solution out of the government as well as the settlement freeze. [The Palestinians realized that] if they would come to the negotiations then they, God forbid, would also be asked to make concessions. We would ask things of them: about security arrangements, about arresting suspects, about collecting illegal arms, stopping incitement in the media and in the educational system, and – of course – fighting terrorism, what is called dismantling the terrorist infrastructure.

So if someone else is doing the work for them, why should they go to talks? Until the Americans understood [what was happening], and are now coming to them. But now the question is what are the possibilities? I think the possibilities are narrow.

Why? Because the legacy that Arafat left here makes things almost impossible. The minute he said no to the offer he received from Barak, there is no way that anything could change. Barak, according to reports, offered 97 percent of the territory, and the remaining 3 percent in a land swap. [He offered] three of the four quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem, and sovereignty over the Temple Mount – we would get it underneath, as you remember. [The Barak government] started with [an agreement to allow the acceptance into Israel of] 40,000 refugees, and at Taba afterward on the eve of the elections, after the government fell, increased it to 100,000.

We demanded an end of claims, end of conflict. They [the Palestinians] said, “Fine, but why an end to claims? How can I say the next generations won’t have claims? They will have claims.” It fell apart.

So what happened? Abu Mazen cannot accept an offer less than this, nor an offer similar to this. And I don’t believe that there is a Jewish prime minister who can offer anything more than this.


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  1. Obama care graphic symbol seems to be a copy of the Nazi symbols?

    Why is the health care symbol patterned after a Nazi symbol also?Especially in light of the new federal guidelines for medical records that will make every single thing about you available to the government.

    There are too many ugly things associated with the rise of this present group and their seeming hatred of Israel and their aggressive stance toward Israel is ominous to say the least.

    It seems that the latest threat to Israel is to comply or we have ways of making you comply. He has told Israel that if they do not give away their nation to others he will come and force the issue in ways Israel would not like.
    Is that a threat of physical force? In this light it is especially important to look at the symbolism used by the man and his cohorts and try to see what is behind it all.

    Why were two biographical books written for a relatively young, inexperienced, young man who had really accomplished little in his life. It really is a manifesto of political views and his excuse or reason for disliking certain kinds of people.

    Many people spoke on these issues about the man before the election but I think these things must remain in memory and not be forgotten or swept under the rug because as things progress there are ever increasing bad vibes that people are sensing.
    Too often time has a way of softening or erasing memory on important issues.

  2. Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

    If only we still had tough Jewish gangsters like the kind of men who broke up nazi rallies in the 30?s.

    They were a very bad lot but most were somehow proud Jews who didn’t take shit from anybody and some were good and even helpful to other Jews.

    As bad as they were, and they were bad, compared to what we have today? Bernie Madoff? Olmert? Peres?

    There is no one good and outstanding today on our side!!!!

  3. Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

    If only we still had tough Jewish gangsters like the kind of men who broke up nazi rallies in the 30’s.

  4. I believe Barak to be even more corrupt than either Olmert or Sharon.

    The problem is we only find out the truth after the fact when all their damage has long become an established fact.

  5. National Left and other defeatist groups conducted a 2,000-strong rally in Jerusalem

    Another typo.

    Should read:

    National Left and other defeatist groups conducted a 2,000-weak rally in Jerusalem

  6. Leftists are undecided

    National Left and other defeatist groups conducted a 2,000-strong rally in Jerusalem. The leftists called for unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank to create “a Jewish state in recognized borders”.

    Huh? What kind of a Jewish state would grossly violate religious rules and have a third of the population Arab? Israeli unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank won’t create “recognized borders,” and indeed Iran, our archenemy, recognizes no borders at all.

  7. Obama buys off Barak

    Hussein Obama has led Ehud Barak to proclaim that the US-Israeli crisis is over not by softening his pro-Muslim stance.

    Rather, Israel merely received more US funds for useless military gadgets.

    Particularly, additional $205 mil for the Iron Dome which can never work.

  8. Leftists wage a legal war against IDF

    IDF Military Prosecution is deluged with a thousand complaints filed by the Arabs and their Jewish supporters against Israeli soldiers every year.

    Israel seems like the only country which does not recognize the failure of the Trotskyist “neither war, nor peace” approach to belligerent situations

  9. Obama’s Jews rush to damage control

    After leader of major Jewish organizations started slamming Obama for his anti-Israeli policies, the Hussein’s administration set out to convince Jews that national suicide is good for them.

    In a meeting with a group of hand-picked American rabbis, Dennis Ross alleged that Obama’s nuclear-free Middle East policy was approved by Israel, and in fact continues US policy of the last 15 years.

    Not really. Israel all the way supported nuclear-free Middle East on the assumption that her own nuclear arsenals would remain unacknowledged and intact. Nuclear-free Middle East was an euphemism for denying nuclear arms to Muslim regimes.

    Ross falsely assured the rabbis that Obama’s administration provides Israel with all the necessary military equipment.

    Ross and Emanuel insisted that Obama’s administration has only erred about Israel in tone, not in substance, and claimed the tone has changed in the recent month.

    Like in this incident, presumably:

    The Public Security Minister’s announcement of impending demolitions in East Jerusalem.

    Today, the demolition plans were publicly retracted under US pressure.

  10. My reply just disappeared into cyberspace?

    Abridged facsimile

    I liked this movie better than the Godfather

    Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

    Directed by
    Sergio Leone

    Writing credits
    Harry Grey (novel “The Hoods”)

    Leonardo Benvenuti (writer) &
    Piero De Bernardi (writer) &
    Enrico Medioli (writer) &
    Franco Arcalli (writer) &
    Franco Ferrini (writer) &
    Sergio Leone (writer)

    Stuart Kaminsky (additional dialogue)

    Ernesto Gastaldi uncredited

    Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

    Robert De Niro … David ‘Noodles’ Aaronson

    James Woods … Maximilian ‘Max’ Bercovicz

    Elizabeth McGovern … Deborah Gelly

    Joe Pesci … Frankie Manoldi

  11. Another typo.

    Knowing you, it is a Flesh Gordon ring.

    Yes Fleshy Gordon He doubled as our local pornographer when he wasn’t spaced out.. He Made lots of Jewish porn. Lots of qveching,belching, farting and suffering cries.

    No Oscars but got the distribution rights for the famous decoder ring.

  12. All is well, thank you.

    Saw “The Godfather” again last night.

    Those were the pre-“Scent Of A Woman” days when Pacino was a subtle and magnificent actor.

    Brando was also terrific.

    The supporting cast was great.

    But why was James Caan in that film?

    He cannot act and he doesn’t look Italian.

    If you make a film about Jewish gangsters, you don’t cast Joe Pesci as the kingpin’s son.

    That aggravation aside, a brilliant film.

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    I am sort of a pack rat I save everything.

  14. My comments continue to disappear faster than a cheesecake around Roseanne Barr.

    And much to the detriment of humanity, I must say.

    Why, this morning alone I revealed the secret of eternal life and how to make a trillion dollars annually while working from home.

    Yet “poof!”

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