56% of Jewish Israelis don’t believe in the two-state solution.


These are the main conclusions of the Peace Index survey that was carried out on February 26-27 2007.

About 55 percent of the Jewish public now believes the establishment of the Palestinian national unity government reduces the chances of reaching a peace settlement and only 25 percent believes its establishment will increase those chances (the rest have no opinion on the matter).

Note: There is a majority for this view among all the parties. Fifty-six percent of the Jewish public also sees it as impossible to reach a settlement with this government based on the principle of two states for two peoples, compared to 40 percent who think it is possible.

Interestingly, on this question, in contrast to the previous one, there is an opposite majority among voters for Meretz and Labor who, unlike the rest of the parties, do not see an agreement based on the two-state principle as impossible.

An unequivocal majority – 83 percent – says the Israeli government should not recognize the Palestinian unity government or negotiate with it as long as it does not recognize Israel and fulfill the Quartet’s conditions, especially in regard to fighting terror. Here, the trend in Meretz and Labor voters’ views is identical to that of voters from other parties.

Since 83% believe nothing should happen until the PA fights terror even then 56% believe peace is not possible on the two state formula, the difference of 27% must believe that the PA will fight terror. In any event 56% do not believe in the two state solution.

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