Allow aliens to work if they agree to leave voluntarily at end of period

By Ted Belman

Min Ariel announced today that “5,000 Palestinian Workers approved by the Socioeconomic Cabinet” for construction jobs west of the greenline.  He also announced that Israel is making moves to bring in more foreign workers and to train 2000 Israelis.

About construction in J&S, of late, he has said nothing. In the spring he was very vocal. Has he and his party been silenced?

For the second time I am suggesting that the illegal aliens be allowed to work in construction for a period of 3 years providing that they first sign a paper agreeing to leave voluntarily or be deported, at the end of the period. If part of their wages can legally held as security for their agreement, then that too should be done.

Thus we would be making a dent in the housing problem and the alien problem at the same time.

September 14, 2014 | Comments »

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