The Jordan Option-The Ultimate Alternate Solution

CONFERENCE: The Jordan Option – The Ultimate Alternate Solution

October 17/17 – Menachem Begin Center, Jerusalem

Admission – Online 100 shekels until 20:00 on Oct 16/17 –
At Door 120 shekels



Simultaneous translation into Hebrew will be available.

This event is a full day conference dedicated to presenting the ultimate alternate solution of the Arab/Jewish conflict including both the pros and the cons.

The beauty of the solution is that it doesn’t depend on the consent or agreement of the PA or King Abdullah.

A stellar group of speakers has been assembled, including leading journalists and academics, Knesset Members, Pslrdyinians and a number of Arabs who are part of the Jordan Opposition Coalition and who hope to be part of the next government in Jordan.

In essence this solution takes its inspiration from the Feisal/Weizmann agreement of 1918.  It calls for Jordan to be the Arab state and Israel to the Jordan River, to be the state of the Jews. And it calls for complete normalization between the two and considerable economic cooperation.

* * *


Chair – Ted Belman, Editor of Israpundit

8:00 to 9:00 Refreshments and Registration

9:00 to 10:00 Preliminaries and Keynotes

  • Michael Ross introduces IJMDC
  • Ted Belman– Introduce Conference – What Is The Jordan Option Solution
  • Goldi Steiner– Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights – and Canadians for Balfour 100, The imperative of EDUCATION, the critical void in the Israeli Education system. Subtitled: The Legacy of the late Salomon Benzimra
  • MK Yehuda Glick – Jordan Is Palestine, The Only Solution
  • Mordechai Nisan – Jordan Is Palestine; An Out of The Box Solution or The Only Solution

10:00 to 11:20  The Facts:

  • Martin Sherman –Israel as the nation- State of Jews: Fundamental imperatives for survival
  • Edy Cohen– Jordan’s King: An Enemy of IsraelJordan’s Regime??: The Source of the Problem
  • Rachel Avraham– “Jordan’s oppression of dissidents and opponents.”
  • Arieh Eldad –Is The Jordan Option Even Possible? Two states for two people on two sides of the Jordan River

11:20 to 11:40 Coffee Break

11:40 to 12.00

  • Salim Mansur– the practical remedy borrowed from contemporary history to the problem of “Jordan is Palestine” that elegantly brings closure to the fraudulent Arab-Israeli conflict of the past hundred years.
  • Geoffrey Clarfield– The Fictional Kingdom of Jordan. Ethnography from “Time Immemorial”

12:00 to 13:00 Complimentary Lunch

13:00 to 13:30

MK Oren Hazan Has agreed to debate his Jordanian nemesis Alsaud in the Conference rather than on the bridge.

Yahya Mohammad Alsaud MP  has not yet accepted.

13:30 to 14:00

Ted Belman – Policies Israel should follow to encourage Arab emigration. The status of the Jordanian citizenship law. Do Palestinians have citizenship or not?

14:00 to 14:30

Ashraf al-Ja’bri – What Palestinians will emigrate to Jordan and what will it take to get them to do so?


14:30 to 16:30 What Mudar Zahran proposes

Moderator – Yishai Fleisher plans to subject them to brutal questions. Ted Belman will join the conversation

  • Mudar Zahran – Dispelling the myths and overcoming the obstacles
  • Abed Al Maala – Will the   Jordanian Tribes Rebel Against The New Government?  30 min
  • Michael Ross –

16:30 Conference Ends

SPEAKERS (in order of appearance)

Ted Belman practiced law in Canada for 20 years then built an international business before making aliya in 2009. For the last 15 years he has been the Editor/Publisher of Israpundit, a popular rightwing political blog.

Goldie Steiner is active member of Hadassah-Wizo‘s Leah Chapter in Caracas, and integral member of Hebraica’s (Jewish School) Fundraising committee. Member of the Holocaust Centre in Toronto, and later Board member of Canadian Society for Yad Vashem-sitting on the Yom Hashoa Committee, and co-chair of the Education Committee. Catalyst of the Yad Vashem Memorial sitting in Toronto’s Earl Bales Park.  Chair of the Raoul Wallenberg Committee, erecting a Memorial to the renown Hero. Co-Founder and Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, with the late Salomon Benzimra, and Co-Chair of Canadians for Balfour 100. In 2010, Co-ordinated, together with European Coalition for Israel’s Tomas Sandell, the 90th Commemoration of the San Remo Conference. Presently Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights,  and Co-Chair of Canadians for Balfour 100.

Yehuda Glick MK represents the Likud party in the Knesset. He is well known for his leadership and activism for full Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, for which he was almost killed by an Arab terrorist 3 years ago. Glick was awarded the 2015 Moskowitz Prize for Zionism for being “Active for human rights and religious freedom on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount”.

Dr. Mordechai Nisan, author of books on Israel, Lebanon, Islam, and regional minorities, lectured for 35 years on the history and politics of the Middle East at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2011 he authored the highly recommended book, Only Israel West of the River: The Jewish State and the Palestinian Question.

Dr. Martin Sherman is founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He served for seven years in operational capacities in the Israeli Defense establishment.  He was a ministerial adviser to Yitzhak Shamir’s government and lectured for 20 years at Tel Aviv University in Political Science, International Relations and Strategic Studies. 

Dr. Edy Cohen holds a PhD from Bart Ilan University in Middle East Affairs. He is a historian and expert on Middle East Affairs. He wrote the book “The Holocaust in the Eyes of Mahmoud Abbas (Hebrew) 

Rachel Avraham is a senior media research analyst at the Center for Near East Policy Research and a correspondent for the Israel Resource News Agency. She is the author of “Women and Jihad: Debating Palestinian female suicide bombings in the American, Israeli and Arab media.”

Arieh Eldad is a (ret>) Brigadier-General. former the Surgeon General of the IDF Medical Corps. Professor for Plastic Surgery and a former head of the Burn Unit and  the Department of Plastic Surgery ‘ Hadassah Ein Kerem University Hospital/ For 10 years he served as a Member of the Knesset ‘ ( National Unity faction) as a member of Foreign Affairs  and Defense  Committee and chairman of the Ethics Committee

Geoffrey Clarfield is a development anthropologist who spent twenty years in Africa and the Middle East working for a number of organizations, the UN, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Norwegian, British, Swiss, Italian and Canadian governments as well as international NGOs. Four of those years were spent working and living in Israel. During one of those years he lived among the Bedouin Arabs of the Sinai. He comes to the Jordan as Palestine solution from the world of comparative ethnography, a field that has been hijacked by the left and is absent from almost all political discourse on the “problem”.

Salim Mansur, PhD, professor of political science, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. Area of interest and research in writing and teaching includes South Asia, the Middle East, Islam, comparative religion and political economy; recipient of American Jewish Congress’s “Profile in Courage” award, and Eric Hoffer’s “Montaigne Medal” for the book Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism as the most provocative book of the year in 2014.

Oren Hazan MK 


Yahya Mohammad Alsaud MP

Ashraf al-Ja’bri

Aedalelah (Abed. ) Almaala has been an opponent of the Jordanian regime for more than 27 years. During which time he made several lectures in Congress and the universities of Washington in support of the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel. He also participated in the political activities of AIPAC.  AlMaala belongs to the largest Jordanian tribe, Bani Hassan, dubbed the “one-million man tribe”. His late father was considered one of the tribe’s elders, a position AlMaala has inherited.

Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, sole political representative of 6.1 million Jordanians who identify as Palestinians. Zahran belongs to one of Jordan’s historically influential families, Western-educated Zahran belongs to the Jordan’s second largest refugee camp,  sentenced to life in prison for “insulting the king” and “seeking to change the societies structure”, Zahran has been advocating change in Jordan for almost a decade now, openly seeking freedom for his people through a two-state solution, by which Jordan is reinstated as “Arab Palestine”, Zahran has worked for the US Department of State as their assistant policy coordinator for Iraq and Jordan, during that time, his work was forwarded to the CIA, White House, Department of Homeland Security and others. Zahran remains a frequent quest on most global and Arab TV networks, and also a writer for several Israeli, American and Arab newspapers, including Israel HaYom, the Jerusalem Post, the American Thinker and the Arab Times.  Zahran holds several graduate degrees from the US and the UK, including a PhD.

Michael Ross is the Executive Director of the International Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Center.  He has a 40 year history of political involvement as a pro-Israel advocate. For the past two and a half years, Ross has been advising Jordan’s government in exile, and his work has been presented to (and read by) a variety of Western and Arab governments, as well as Israel’s decision makers.”.





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24 Comments / 24 Comments

  1. Best wishes to your conference. Strikes me that the changing situation in America is central in this conference. Need to IMMEDIATELY take on board what Jones is saying. You will be very interested in how Jones starts this and his deep connection to Israeli politics. Some will turn up their noses at Jones but they would be wrong. I have differences with Jones as I have with everybody but that does not stop me seeing the content and not getting lost in the superficial (the semblance)

    Alex Jones is totally correct when today he refers to the dangers of a coup against President Trump. He also very correctly draws the parallel to Israel hatred.
    Do not miss today’s show

  2. @ Felix Quigley:
    I heard some of it and the stuff that was about life here on earth sounded plausible, but, man, when Jones goes into his Christian metaphors for eternal evil bit and starts raving about the Illuminati, well, let’s just say, I start to lose interest. I wish there were a transcript. It’s painful to sit through the whole thing.

  3. Ted, Can you get American Diplomats to view your conference? Send a video to Greenblatt and Friedman, etc.

  4. @ Bear Klein:
    We have invited the diplomats from all embassies to attend. Also,we will invite the Americans through contacts we have. Also I believe that Israpundit Daily Digest is often forwarded to Ivanka and her father et all they they read it.

  5. “Where did we go wrong?

    The first and main point is that Israel ignores the fact that the peace agreement is totally dependent on the continuation of the illegitimate Hashemite dynasty. In 1994 that meant Hussein, today it is Abdullah II, but the future is unclear, because there are quite a few people in Jordan and outside it who see Abdullah as the last Hashemite monarch. What comes next? There are several possible answers to that query, ranging from a military junta made up of local Bedouin ruling the various populations, on to a civil war that leads to the country splitting in two, with a Palestinian state rising in the northwestern part of the country where there is a Palestinian Arab majority.

    It is no secret that the Palestinian majority in Jordan is opposed to the peace treaty with Israel. One reason is the recognition a treaty grants Israel and another is the fact that it does not include the so-called “right of return” of the 1948 refugees to within Israeli borders, including compensation for the possessions they left behind them and the years of suffering they underwent in refugee camps.

    The Palestinian majority in Jordan feels no commitment to the peace agreement; it was signed by King Hussein, not by them. For this reason, most of the professional associations in Jordan – lawyers, journalists, doctors and others – do not allow their members to partner with Israelis. Most of their members are Palestinian Arabs who see the peace agreement as the result of the king’s betrayal of their cause.

    The peace agreement upon which Israel and Jordan are signed and everything Israel has paid, is paying and is willing to pay to preserve and guard that peace will be utterly worthless the day a rebellion breaks out against the king, or some assassin or suicide bomber, G-d forbid, succeeds in killing him. The house of cards Israel built around him will collapse instantaneously, the peace agreement and any others signed in its wake will become fond memories. Whoever takes the king’s place will restart the process and expect Israel to pay even more than it had originally paid – that is, if the country remains united. If that new leader is a Palestinian Arab, the price will entail the return of a significant number of 1948 refugees to the state of Israel, not to the Palestinian State that may exist by then.

    The king knows full well that the possibility that he could be assassinated by a Palestinian Arab, as his great grandfather was in 1951 in Jerusalem, is not farfetched. That is the reason his armed bodyguards are not Arabs, but members of the Circassian ethnic minority who stem from the Caucasian Mountain region and do not have their eyes on the throne, meaning that they are not suspected of planning to murder the king or poison his food. The king’s mistrust of the Palestinian Arabs, who make up the majority of his subjects, has led him to keep them out of the armed forces, police, foreign ministry and especially from internal security organizations and intelligence.

    There are several Palestinian Arabs in the government and parliament who serve as token representatives, but the majority of them know exactly what the Hashemites think of the majority of Jordan’s citizenry, those who define themselves as Palestinians – never calling themselves Jordanians because that is used for Bedouin, viewed as lower class by the Palestinians, who are farmers and city dwellers.

    The Palestinian Arabs in Jordan are the economic engine of the country. They make up most of the merchants, manufacturers, businessmen, lawyers, accountants, academics, journalists, arts and media personalities, and they generally avoid contact with Israel and Israelis. They conduct a consistent and strict boycott of Israel. The king respects their position for two reasons: One, he has no way to force the peace agreement upon them, and two, he is quite content to show Israel that the peace agreement is not secure because of Palestinian opposition, allowing him to demand more and more from Israel in order to guard its interests and keep the king in power.” This from Dr. Mordechai Kedar. Dr Kedar agrees I think with the objectives of this conference, but not with its prognosis for the post-Abdullah era. His views should be weighed seriously.

  6. @ Sebastien Zorn: I agree, Sebastien. It’s terrible that sometimes one can onlyfind out what’s going on by listening to an antisemitic conspiracy theorist and “Odinist.” (He believes not only in the Illuminati but also in the norse gods). But every now and then he comes across some factual information that no one else is willing to report. It proves Henry Kissinger’s dictum that even paranoids are right ten per cent of the time. It also illustrates the utter corruption and bankruptcy of the MSM that sometimes one has to listen to someone like Alex Jones to find out what’s going on.

  7. @ Felix Quigley:

    As long as Trump obeys his handlers, McMaster, Kelly and Pence, who undermined Trump by sinking Flynn (no accident), they will probably let him stay until they have enough votes to impeach him or he resigns.
    There is a chance Trump will stand up at some point and fire McMaster and Kelly, but, who knows. He will if he has any desire to accomplish his agenda. I think he will can them, if he can.

  8. It is a worthwhile pursuit, for us, this conference. We should be able to identify and support a viable plan, which has some chance of success, at least, in theory.
    However, this concept, as logical and fair as it is, will not fly, at this time. Why. Because, for The Terrorists, it leaves Israel intact and stronger, able to thrive. They cannot have that. It is not difficult to prove this. The so called King of Jordan was leaning in the direction of abrogating it’s peace treaty with Israel, when Israel defended itself and it’s embassy staff. Egypt can do the same.
    The concept of permanent peace with Israel is a trap set for us.

  9. Absent from the conference sadly is the Marxist and Trotskyist voice. Here it is:

    All this talk about Jordan being the Palistinian State is possible but only in this context. It can come about through war where the Arabs are defeated again and this time an asjustment of population takes place based ont he truth that Arab Jew Hatred does not allow Arabs to live peacefully with Jews. The Arabs are happier separated and Jews are safer separated. So I do not discount it and see it in THAT context of war. But all politics is war and this war is being fought out in the present. Unfortunately there is no party in Israel that I know of that is based on the above concepts. If Martin led a party then the first steps he would take would be a series of measures that would enrage the Arabs of all shapes and sizes and the very logic of that war would lead to what I propose above…the wholesale transfer with the end result Jews living alone and unmolested from Antisemitism. Lessons of the unknown Hajj Amin el Husseini involved in me reaching this position. But in the meantime what is happening in the (outside) world?


    If nothing else the Jews at the conference need to bring the world into the centre of it…


    Job market up, stock market up, confidence in American capitalism up…these are not my opinions but are confirmed in hard figures by those who do study it objectively, yes and capitalism does need to know objective truth. All since Trump replaced Obama. Trump looking after America in a nationalist way seems to make the country stronger. Note I am not predicting here, just stating what is, as far as objective figures tell me. The reason for me saying the latter definitely with caution is that I am aware as a Marxist that America itself, no matter how strong, is always part of the capitalist WORLD economy. (Applies to Israel also)

    The first question then arises…if the above is correct and true, why the utter hostility to Trump? Perhaps those who are opposing Trump with such poisonous venom have not learned to think correctly. In the main they are overcome with prejudice. But that psychological position needs in turn to have a material reality…somewhere? (Hatred for Trump hatred for Israel the links are obvious)

    I think the material reality is here: As stated above capitalism is a system of production based not primarily on need but on the drive for profit. Capitalism began in this modern phase of production in the steel and coal industries of England, later Wales and Scotland, later still in a branch in Belfast Ulster. And it spread to create a WORLD system and WORLD market.

    This modern phenomenon, which includes this psychological state of mind hatred of a man called Donald Trump, has to be located in that development. The needs of a world phenomenon are being pitted against the needs of a national phenomenon.

    But which came/comes first? Why of course it is the national. Any peasant can tell you the answer. In order for the corn to reach the world market the field has got to be planted with corn.

    But the pressure from a now very dangerous system is immense. The ideology coming from this is also immense and is called sometimes “globalism” which does have a certain meaning inside of this Marxist perspective.

    It is 100 years this year from the first and since then only workers revolution took place. (I had a discussion last night with a friend…Tell me then about it and I listened. The result after a strong effort but replete with bourgeois prejudice showed me one thing – complete ignorance about history. And there was little to be done. History is not a dogmatic thing at all but it still has to be studied. Like all such sciences with discipline.

    Trump is on the right course. Soros is the destroyer of nation.

    It is my opinion though that the working class of America also has a history and it too is not known.

    In doing the latter it would be a wise move indeed to discard the empty biases of a Michael Savage which no matter how much I like him adds up to a giant distortion of actual history.

    Is it possible then to study history objectively, meaning without bias and I answer it better be!

    There are huge forces, much money (trillions if necessary) involved in this battle for minds, or (same thing) as far as we on this side are concerned – for objectivity.

    Giant experiments are happening in front of us. Obama was a CIA creation. CIA is sympathetic to Islam anyway. The Mother of Obama was a certain CIA agent (worked ALL of her life thus).

    The father of Obama was entered into US as part of a CIA educational programme linked to Tom Mboya. Tom Mboyo was CIA main man in Africa.

    The Father and Mother of his mother, his grandparents, were CIA agents also.

    Bill Ayers and wife were from earliest stage of their Weathermen terrorism CIA agents and that was why they escaped a second degree murder charge, went on to write the book for Obama and launch his career. Coincidence all this? Of course!

    Things move on…The needs of Globalism (there I have used the word) demand that Trump be negatived. And the demands of this system, also at its root a system of deceit, demand deceit of a giant nature, where whole experiments in mind control are being enacted before us (Charlottesville)

    The capitalist system is clearly on the road to fascism. Fascism as was taught by Leon Trotsky time and time again is moving beyond capitalist norms of parliamentary democracy to armed bodies of men on the streets. Which is Charlottesville! But Charlottesville began by the decision, as in Kenya, Brexit, Venezuela, to disregard parliamentary election vote result.

    In essence it is very simple indeed but with complex ideologies confusing many. They did not like the result of the American elections in which Trump won the election. They decided to move onto the streets with their “armed bodies of men” and whose side should a socialist worth his or her salt be on here?

    Giant experiemtns are being played on us. Who is aware. Is there a “party” which is aware?

    Well I will not be there in October but I will be building a party and I will be following the conference closely and seeing how Martin and others will place the issue of Israel inside of this world situation.

    If Globalism defeats America, and Trump, then Israel will automatically lose a great ally. In that sense the big moves are happening outside the conference.

  11. I think that King Abdullah may be getting a bad rap here. He has quietly continued security cooperation with Israel, which is vital to Israel’s security. He has to make anti-Israel noises in order to appease the four million plus Palestinians and Syrians living in his territory, who have been brainwashed to hate Israel. Although the Wakf in Jerusalem is theoretically controlled by Jordan, it is actually controlled by the PLO, which controls the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, which surrounds it. The Jordanians just provide the funding. Abdullah also tolerates its anti-Israel incitement because he doesn’t want the PLO on his western border conspiring with the Jordanian-Palestinians to overthrow him.

  12. If Abdullah is overthrown, he will not be succeeded by Zahran, who has no significant Jordanian support. The Muslim Brotherhood, which is affiliated with Hamas, is much more likely to control any post-Abdullah Jordanian regime.

  13. woolymammoth Said:

    However, this concept, as logical and fair as it is, will not fly, at this time. Why. Because, for The Terrorists, it leaves Israel intact and stronger, able to thrive

    The terrorists have no power to destabilise Israel and to prevent it from staying “intact and stronger”.. Israel’s own cutting edge defences, as well as it’s connections with so many international friends are far above and beyond any efforts of terrorists to affect, other than by something comparable to annoying mosquito bites. And a “shoot to kill” order, and activated, will dampen the ardor of many who otherwise would be eager to go out to earn a monthly income for their families.

    I see so many “doom-sayers” in the supposed after-activity of Jordan when Hussein is dispensed with, but not one who will support the Zahran Plan, which would be combined with strong U.S. and Israel support. With Israel looming a handful of miles away, a powerhouse of military, unstoppable offense, backed by a similarly committed United States, what can they do, except go underground and carry on their fleabite terrorism, but this time with fatal consequences each time.

    Time will tell.

  14. With McMasters, Mathis and Kelly in charge of the Trump administration, there is no possibility that it will go out of its way to help Israel, or much the less dump Hussein and support Zahran. Even if the U.S. tried to install Zahran, the 2-3 million Palestinians and the one million-plus Syrian refugees would immediately launch a fierce resistance and assassinate him. The Jordanian Army will never support Zahran. They are either loyal to Hussein or closet Islamists. They will not take orders from the United States or Israel. Recently, Jordanian soldiers massacred six of their American military advisors, although both governments did their best to hush the matter up. The Zahran plan, like the Sherman plan, would be wonderful if it could be implemented in the real world, but unfortunately it cannot be.

  15. @ adamdalgliesh:

    Just one little thing. The Jordanian “Palestinians” did not really undergo many years in camps, not did the properties they “lost”, amount to more than a fleabite, compared to what the Jews lost in Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and every Arab country which persecuted their Jews even more than usual because we won the War of Independence, against a half dozen Arab armies plus contingents from several others, in which they committed obscene atrocities against helpless civilians and captured, bound, Jewish fighters. In 1948 the Arab villagers had not progressed that much from the conditions of the mud brick hut fellahin, who’d lived the same way for centuries.

    In their imagination they all owned “Orange groves” in Jaffa and Haifa areas.

  16. @ Edgar G.: While all this is true, Edgar, it doesn’t affect the hatred that the Palestinian-Jordanians feel for Israel. That brainwashing began in 1921 when Amin Husseini was appointed “Grand Mufti” of Palestine and chairman of the “Supreme Muslim Council” by the British government of Palestine. Husseini ensured that the Muslim Schools, the mosque preachers and the Arab press all brainwashed the Palestine Muslims to hate the Jews and Zionism. This brainwashing continued without interruption in the schools for refugees established by UNWRA, the UN agency assigned to care for the Palestinian refugees in 1949. It was now directed at Israel as well as all Jews. The brainwashing also continued in the state schools, the media, and the mosques in every Arab country country, including Jordan. Their hatred for Israel is very real even though it is completely unjustified and irrational. Racial-religious hatred is like that.

  17. @ adamdalgliesh:

    Yes I agree with all you say. My post was made to refute a couple of items in the article itself and not meant to minimise the utter hatred, which is hereditary, and in my opinion began many hundreds of years before 1921 but, for at least a couple of hundred years unable to be as openly shown as today. They had no oil then, and the Ottoman Empire was called, by one of the Russian Tsars, “The sick Man of Europe”, and not without reason. .

    I have Herbert Samuel’s auto-biography and it aggravates me to read what a fool he was to give Haji Amin such a platform. He well knew that he hated Jews, but thought that the concocted appointment would placate and soften him, as well as please the Arabs. Jews are still the same, fools when they should be wise…..

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