Hamas staying true to form

By Ted Belmans

‘Hamas won’t recognize’ Israel but accept 1967 borders’ read the headlines in JPOST

Hamas will not recognize Israel but will accept a Palestinian state on Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War, the Islamic terror group’s exiled leader said Monday.

This article went on to say

    The statement by Khaled Mashaal in Damascus amounted to a tacit acceptance of Israel’s right to exist alongside a Palestinian state, but without explicit recognition of the Jewish state.

When will we learn. This is a great error of interpolation.

The proper way to understand it is that they have set the conditions upon which they would accept a Palestinian state reserving their right to later go after the rest of Israel.

Mashaal put it this way

    “We have offered a truce if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, a truce of 10 years as a proof of recognition,”

He can only mean as proof of recognition of Palestine.

April 21, 2008 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. I agree with Hamas – we shouldn’t share the land with Hamas! But we don’t have any leaders willing to scratch the old plans and create a new one!

    I completely ADMIRE http://www.middleastsolutions.com! That, by far, is the greatest plan on earth I have ever seen!

    Scratch the old U.N. plans as null and void because our neighbors have broken the treaties – get rid of all terrorist groups – and transfer Palestinians to Arabia!

    If we had some strong leaders, we could end the aspirations of Hamas immediately – but nobody’s got the guts because we are pussy footing with Mrs. Clinton’s gay and lesbian task force and preaching: TOLERANCE towards the idea that it’s okay for women to take a slurpee sip of vaginas with their mouths and for men to screw each other in the butt – something democrats are experts at!

  2. What’s sad about Hamas is that they have more honor than Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, The Clintons, Gore, Levin, Edward Kennedy, and any democrat here in America! Hamas has more honor than Olmert and Peres – HOW? WHY? Because they are willing to kill and destroy what they consider the enemy, but we won’t treat them the same way they want to treat us. They are firm that the land of Israel is THEIR LAND, while the US and Israel aren’t very much convinced of the Torah Border Command from Israel’s God.

    While Hamas is true to their god, Israeli and American leaders are not being true to theirs!

    Hamas and democrats are both baby killers – Hamas blows up babies with bombs, but democrats suck a baby’s brains out before they are even born!

    I never thought I would see the day when a potato head like Jimmy Carter would disgrace the United States and Israel such as he did with his current visit – Hamas can only just sit back and say, “F You donkey hole!”

    If only we could adopt Hamas policy against Hamas – but that would take balls and because democrats are busy screwing and kissing ass and promoting a gay man’s right to stick his penis up another man’s butt hold – and Olmert’s daughter continues her gay and lesbian parade around the Temple Mount, Israel’s enemies can only sit back, laugh, and smile victoriously as these throne dwarves like Jimmy Carter publicly humiliate themselves and show the whole Islamic world just how weak and stupid American and Israeli leadership are!

    People like Jimmy Carter make me ashamed bo an American! The terrorists are winning the war, laughing, smiling, and getting ready for their hero Obama to win 2008 so the Planet Of The Apes scenario is politically becoming a reality!

  3. Birdalone. In a previous comment on another thread you said

    Whatever you think of Jimmy Carter – he apparently made some good points to Hamas, which, like Hezbollah, has to decide whether they want to be legitimate politicians, or despised terrorists.

    This strikes me as sophomoric for such an astute person as you are. You cannot make good points to Hamas. They do not want to be legitimate politicians. Do you not know that, the Arabs want to destroy Israel. That says it all and it will not change.

    Read “Palestine” will never come into existence and Islamic “peace” and Israel are mutually exclusive.

    You are obviously a neophyte in the Arab/Jew conflict.