A fighting chance despite the pressure

By Ted Belman

We have posted many articles testifying to the reality of US pressure and the wishful thinking of Israelis leaders who think that concessions will buy us peace.

Nothing short of a frontal assault on the US policy of shrinking Israel that has prevailed since ever will do.

David Hornik in his article War Clouds over the Golan discusses Israeli foolishness and concludes

That is why there is a need for friends of Israel, who do not live with the daily Israeli pressures and have more objectivity, to try and impress upon its leaders—while there is still time—that continuing the path of appeasement and retreat is not wise and has become unacceptably dangerous. For such realistic, helpful friends, do not look to the Bush administration, which with its Abbas-, Fatah-, and peace-obsession only abets the worst Israeli tendencies, not seeming to realize that this only achieves the destabilization of the region and the ruining of Israel’s value as an ally.

But they exist to a significant extent in Congress, the commentariat, the Evangelical community, and the Jewish community, and they need to understand that Barak, Olmert, Livni, and Peres are weak-kneed, shallow, susceptible people who represent the most worn-out strain of the Israeli population. But it is on these leaders that Israel’s ability, in the near future, to deter or defeat aggression depends.

Remember if the GoI decides to mobilize its resources and fight the US “Peace” Plans, then ZOA, AIPAC, CUFI, CAFI, AFSI will all be on the same page. Couple this with a full expose of US pressure on Israel over the past fifty years, to give in to Arab demands, Israel would have a fighting chance.

August 15, 2007 | Comments Off on A fighting chance despite the pressure

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