A Massive Russian Force On The Ground Now

July 21, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. It was obvious to any unbiased observer from the start in 2014 that Russia would win this. In 2014 after the coup, I wrote numerous letters to our leadership in the US and sent a number of emails as well specifically warning them of the folly or our involvement in this. They didn’t listen!!

    At the time I assumed this folly on the part of our leadership class was due to misunderstanding of the situation on their part. It actually seems to be much worse than this initial assessment. The people most gung ho about this seem to rationalize this as follows: 1.) they are trying to protect business interests. Many of these “interests” run contrary to US interests and are often criminal in nature. 2.) These ideologues who hate Russia dating back to Cold War 1 and wish to refight it!! Apparently once wasn’t enough for these people!! America was VERY BLESSED to have escaped the last one relatively unscathed. These crazy fools want to do it again for no good reason other than an irrational hatred for Russia.

    Group 1 is in power right now. Not only are they irrational they suffer from mental illness. The major concern is once they are forced to realize they cannot win and have lost the US will resort to using nuclear weapons. The threat of Russia using nuclear weapons never was a real threat. The real threat of this emanates from the US leadership. In breathlessly claiming Russia is going to use nuclear weapons is at minimum a distraction and part of a messaging ploy and may be a manifestation of mental illness known by mental health professionals as “Projection” whereby the person or group projects their own flaws onto someone else or another group.