A missed opportunity by the American media.

I received this from an Iranian dissident,

Iran’s top thug, President Meymoon Ahmaghinejad was in USA for 3 days. He was invited to speak in Colombia University, He was given a platform for the third successive year to speak at the UN General assembly. He was interviewed left, right and centre by the media and they missed the opportunity to ask this serial murder some vital questions.

Why no one in the US media ask the following ten questions from President Meymoon Ahmaghinejad?

    1- Why is he referred to in Iran as “the Terminator”? (Tir Khalaass Kesh)?
    2- How many people has he executed as a revolutionary Guard in Mullahs prisons since 1979? Hundreds or thousands?
    3- Was he a hostage taker and interrogator in 1979?
    4- If the Palestinians are the victims of some aggression, why should the people of Iran have to pay for it?
    5- Why, Satellite, Internet and free press does not exist in Iran?
    6- Why his so-called national Police or the hoodies continue to beat the students on almost daily basis? Why are women terrorised in Iran?

    7- How many more years of executions, stoning to death, hanging on cranes and amputating of body parts, eye extractions, political murders, reparation of the people of Iran should be expected by his pro-terrorist regime in Iran?
    8- If the Mullahs are sure of their popularity, why not allow a referendum on the future form of Government in Iran?
    9- How can the poor people of Iran benefit by spending billions of Iranian petro-dollars on creating and supporting terrorist networks such as Hezbollah, Hammas, Al-Mahdi, Al-Badr and others?
    10- If he denies his regime has been behind terror actions around the world, can he come out with facts to counter all such allegations?

Nor should anyone forget 28 years of systematic torture, killings, political assassinations, depravation, humiliation of the Iranian nation by Ahhh-maniac-nejad and his criminal masters.

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