ALIPAC Calls For Federal Agents to Stop Destruction of Voter Fraud Evidence

(Raleigh, NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on the Trump administration to take immediate and strong action to stop individuals and states from destroying evidence of mass voter fraud by sending in DOJ and FBI resources to secure the voter registration public records requested by the Pence/Koback Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

ALIPAC activists are analyzing and archiving numerous articles reporting that large numbers of voters are scrambling to cancel their voter registrations in states like ColoradoFloridaConnecticut, Idaho, Alabama, Iowa, Washington State, and others.

In response, ALIPAC is calling on the Trump administration to dispatch DOJ and FBI agents to immediately secure the public records before individuals and election workers have further opportunity to destroy evidence!

The progress of the Election Integrity commission has recently been halted in response to lawsuits by pro-illegal immigration groups like the ACLU and many states resisting the commission’s request for public records essential to assuring the integrity of US elections.

“While many of these voters canceling their registrations are responding to the anti-Trump media hype and distortions, others are non-citizens, illegal immigrants, convicted criminals, and other voter fraud facilitators trying to conceal their tracks,” explained William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “That is why we are calling on the Trump administration to immediately dispatch elections observers from the Department of Justice to monitor the activity at each state’s board of elections, and for the FBI to send agents to retrieve the public records the Election Integrity Commission has requested to prevent further delay or the destruction of evidence pertaining to voter fraud. We need swift and strong action because Americans deserve to have the large volume of non-citizens stealing our elections removed before we cast ballots in 2018!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has focused on warning America about large scale elections fraud, illegal alien, and non-citizen voters since 2009 including numerous calls for a Blue Ribbon Commission to be established to look into and correct these problems. The organization has conducted many activist campaigns under the titles “Secure Our Ballots” and “Lock The Vote”!

ALIPAC activists hope to help the Elections Integrity Commission accomplish the goal of documenting voter fraud and improving the security and integrity of US elections. The problem of mass elections fraud is very prevalent in locations like Las Vegas, Nevada, and California where large numbers of illegal aliens have been used by big business and Democrats to wrest control of governments from the majority of US citizens.

While many pro-illegal immigration media corporations like the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC repeatedly lie claiming there is little evidence of mass voter fraud in America, ALIPAC is building a list of numerous documented cases of non-citizens registering and voting in America which represent dual felonies. (View List)

For more information about election fraud, illegal alien voters, non-citizen voting, and the almost complete absence of any election integrity security protocols in most states, please visit

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  1. I viewed the “View List” through the link above. As a European, I was interested to see what ALIPAC is doing on this front. I was disappointed to find the screen essentially blocked by a requirement to register before I could read. That sounds like a Pelosi scam. After a bogus registration, I still had a non-removable info over the text thanking me for my subscription. I guess they managed to phish my address anyway, so likely I will get “requests” for donations post haste.
    Sorry guys!

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