Alternative ‘Jewish Sovereignty’ Summit Planned

by Hillel Fendel, (

Our political leadership has abandoned the goal of furthering the Jewish people in the Jewish state, and is working for the goal of building a Palestinian state.

A dozen Jewish organizations have united to hold a “summit” calling for Jewish sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel, meeting on the same day as the Annapolis summit. The title:

Sovereignty for the Jewish Nation Over the State of the Land of Israel.

Spokesperson Susie Dym explained, “What is happening in Israel, and consequently among passive Jewish leaders elsewhere, is that our political leadership has abandoned the goal of furthering the Jewish people in the Jewish state, and has gone towards the goal of building a Palestinian state and advancing the Palestinians’ interests. The situation has become absurd, in that our government is working towards the antithesis of what it should be.”

“Recognizing that the Jewish Nation does not have a representative body,” the formative statement begins, “and greatly fearing that the government in Israel is undermining the fundamental interests of Jewish existence (based on its declarations and actions in anticipation of the Annapolis summit), we – many right-wing movements and organizations – have united together to convene a counter-summit. Our goal is to emphasize what we stand ‘for,’ not ‘against.'”

“Our door is open to all those who want to further the interests of the Jewish people,” Dym said.

The founding session of the New Jewish Congress will be held on the 17th day of Kislev, Nov. 27, in Jerusalem – the day on or after the scheduled Annapolis summit. The date for the Annapolis meeting has not yet been finally set.

The idea of the alternative summit, the organizers say, is to “establish the first-stage organizational and conceptual skeleton that will promote a congress to represent the entire nation, including hareidim, during the course of Nissan (April 2008).”

Among the initiating organizations are: Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership), Land of Israel Task Force, Cities of Israel, the Temple Institute, and the Sanhedrin. Also participating are Mateh Tzafon, Task Force to Save the Land of Israel, Women in Green, Nahalal Forum, and Honenu.

Rabbis who have lent their support include Kiryat Arba/Hevron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior, Sanhedrin President Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe of Chabad, Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel and more.

Participating public figures include Yoram Ettinger, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Dr. Yossi Ben-Aharon, Prof. Gabi Barkai, Prof. Hillel Weiss, Atty. Aviad Visuly, Prof. Aryeh Zaritsky, Architect Gideon Charlop, Nadia Matar, Shmuel Medad, Dr. Uri Milstein, Aryeh Stav, Moshe Feiglin, Ronen Tzafrir, and many more.

For further information, spokesperson Susie Dym can be contacted at

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. As long as such a conference only attracts known perceived fringe elements its effect outside of the consenting choir will be non existent. They will not even receive any extensive media coverage unless it will be derisive in nature and content. Waste of time and energy, what are needed in this context are mainstream well known academics, politicians and especially high ranking reserve military people. Hide the fringe elements in order to disarm the leftist media. Only put the most respected mainstream faces up front.According to the list of participating organizations they are all extreme right wing religious groups or individuals perceived by the media and mainstream as being right wing wackoos!

    Legion: article is missing important, elements. Brown is a Coward. Bush has no longer any respect or power(He is Lamer than a Lame Duck). Israel also should learn from Brown. Bush has gained one and lost one Sarkouzy and Brown. France and England! Go figure the Goyim? Iran if they so desired can buy Argentina! Must be really shaking in their Boots! How many years has it been? I can’t get all goose bumped over this we got enough on our plate without this.

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