This is an article in Hebrew as translated into English by Google. Its reporting on a conference which took place in Dec of 2013. I do not believe there was a follow up. But I am following up with the promoters.

The conference was held on 1.11.2013 at Savyon, produced by Mark Gal , initiator of the conference and by Shmuel Schlesinger , host of the conference, with the assistance of Dr. Mordechai Kedar , an expert in the Middle East and experienced in conferences in Israel and abroad.

Mark Gal, who holds a BA and MA in communications, serves as the chairman of Tehila, which works to improve the quality of life and seek out peace plans outside the box. He is a strategic consultant for political and political advancement and development of sustainability and real estate projects. Alternatives to the two-state solution.

Shmuel Schlesinger, who hosted the conference at his home in Savyon, is the owner of Ashdod-Bonded, Ashdod and Ben-Gurion Airport. He serves as Honorary Consul of Croatia and is also a member of the Tehila board of directors.

Dr. Mordechai Keidar is a researcher of Arab companies at the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, director of the Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (under construction) and lecturer in the Department of Arabic and Middle East Studies at Bar-Ilan University.

After a short greeting from Schlesinger, Mark took the tip. In the introduction, Mark explained the theme of the first Alternative Peace for Peace conference: alternatives to the two-state solution.

The rationale for holding the conference, from a public perspective, was raised by the question: 100 years of struggle of narratives, 46 years of conflict and 20 years of the Oslo Accords, when the result is “no peace.” Is not it time to examine alternatives to the two-state solution?

The answer appeared in the first and main goal of the conference: the tattooing of the “two-state” paradigm and the presentation of various alternatives.

Mark explained that he instructed the speakers to define a fundamental principle and an alternative plan based on this principle, in his opinion the principle may be more important than the plan itself.

Later, Mark explained the subtitle of the conference, “The Right to Ethnic Separatism and Just National Density.”

According to him, the above are two basic principles for political negotiations, mainly territorial disputes. “The right to ethnic separation” is a basic historical principle that the two-state solution uses as the main principle – the problem which is also the only principle for establishing the “two-state paradigm.” The second principle is the right to a just national density, which is a new principle for political negotiations in a territorial dispute, first proposed by Mark Gal in 2010, in his thesis for the first degree in communications and even in his thesis research thesis for the MA in communications in 2012.

The results of the study, which were shown in the graphs, show that the average country (no island or princedom adjacent to a mother country) with the highest density in practice in the Middle East and North Africa is Lebanon (400 people / sq km) And the average national density of countries in the Middle East is less than 80 people / sq km. Therefore, any demand to establish a country with a national density greater than 400 people / sq km in the Middle East is clearly unjust.

Hence, the assumption that the ten million and more of all the Palestinians from the diaspora – who are eagerly awaiting the establishment of a sovereign state that can accommodate most of them – should agree to a micro-state like Judea and Samaria, with a tiny size of 5,000 square kilometers and a terrible national density of 2,000 people / (5 times the maximum national density in the Middle East and twenty-five times the average national density in the Middle East) is a baseless assumption, which completely negates the feasibility of a two-state solution, if only in terms of too little territorial size for the Palestinians to establish an independent national home. End all claims.

Mark also explained the principle of the “big picture” proportion that is appropriate for any local solution to a territorial dispute.

This principle offers a way to reach a better solution by looking at a broader lens, what is happening in the countries bordering the disputed territory, an even broader lens for understanding the events in the Middle East and the Arab world, As part of the challenges of survival, development and fulfillment of all humanity.

Because of the lengthy introduction, Mark gave the floor to three speakers, Adv. Dov Even-Or, Dr. Mordechai Keidar and Mr. Zvi Messinai, to present their remarks, including unique principles and / or alternative plans based on the same principle.

Later, after the three speakers presented their arguments, Mark presented three maps that present three policy plans based on changing borders:

  1. The map of “Three States for Three Peoples” , which presents the American-Jordanian political plan, which was conceived by Mark Gal in 2002 and based on the principles presented in the above introduction: “Maximum National Density,” the principle of “Great Picture Perspective,” which also includes the practical principle “Land for Compensation” .

The program barren northern Jordan proposes to establish the state of Palestine Independent , with an area of 30,000 square kilometers , the largest area of all western Land of Israel and 6 times bigger phony tiny state in the West Bank, the world is trying to “sell” the Palestinians on “the traitor countries’ central Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

  1. The American map “New Middle East” , published in 2006, presented the American program in cooperation with NATO and the Pentagon, which was composed and practiced for many years and was redrawn, focusing on the principle of “artificial border changes from the past” between countries in the Middle East and / – Until the publication of this map, this principle is considered taboo.

The main changes it proposes are the division of Afghanistan into North and South, the division of Iraq into a Shiite state in the south and a Sunni state in the center, with northern Iraq being annexed to the territory of a new state, Kurdistan, to which Turkey and Iran will be annexed.

In addition, this map also offers the expansion of densely populated Lebanon and, oddly enough, the enlargement of Jordan at the expense of northern Saudi Arabia, when it does not relate to the solution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in Western Palestine.

  1. The map of “The Future of a Just Middle East,” whose draft was first presented at this conference, is a map drawn up and sketched by Mark on the basis of his “A Just Middle East”program that combines all the principles of previous maps and other basic principles.

The Marshall Marshall Plan, a financial partnership of the $ 500 billion ($ 1 trillion) fund , is based on the principle of “Redistribution and border changes of the artificial demarcation borders of the last century” of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

The map outlines the new states that will form the division of Iraq into Shiite Arabia , Sunni Iraq , and the southern part of free Kurdistan , similar to what is proposed in the American map of the new Middle East mentioned above in section 2 above.


Free Kurdistan is the first new state to be addressed in terms of historical justice in the Middle East.

Another part of the Marshall Plan relies on the Saudi plan to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, whose main idea is to hand over about 20% of a country with a “larger area” (Israel) to a smaller state (Palestine).

The main problem with the Saudi proposal is that Israel is already close to the maximum density limit for a normal state in the Middle East (400 people per square kilometer). And speaking of the national density of all Jews in the world, if they were living in Israel, Soul per square kilometer.

Therefore, the amendment to the Saudi proposal is that Saudi Arabia with the smallest national density in the Middle East (12.5 people per square kilometer) and the largest area, 2,150,000 square kilometers (nearly 100 times Israel!), Will “contribute” to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Thus, it is “interested” in promoting a total of 410,000 square kilometers north of Saudi Arabia (less than 20% of its vast area).

Even after this “donation,” Saudi Arabia will remain the least crowded country in the Middle East, 15.5 people per square kilometer (instead of 12.5 people per square kilometer today), and yet more rich.

All this, from the compensation of money and / or equivalent money at the level of 100 – 200 billion dollars from the International Fund, which will be paid to her within 20 – 50 years.

Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the countries investing in the fund and the Israeli scientists and inventors, will be able to develop alternative energies for oil, to go down the world energy stage in the coming decades, and to focus on huge projects of tourism, water desalination, desert agriculture and cheap, “And the whole world.

With Saudi Arabia’s contribution, which will generate priceless benefits, an optimal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian / Arab conflict will be possible.

Out of 410,000 square kilometers, 25,000 square kilometers will be transferred to Israel, 125,000 square kilometers will be transferred to the Palestinians and 260,000 square kilometers will be transferred to Hashem (the Greater Hashemite Kingdom).

Palestine will receive another 5,000 square kilometers from Jordan and its territory will be 130,000 square kilometers – 25 times the size of the tiny, poor state that is supposed to be established in Judea and Samaria according to the two-state solution (5,000 square kilometers).

Saudi plan above (which is an important part of the overall plan for the Middle East), read below ” the Saudi plan new ” (If Saudi Arabia is convinced she is in her favor and in favor of the Middle East and the entire world), and is a large part of the general program Marshal Middle East offered Mark, hereinafter ” A Just Middle East, “which is graphically described in the attached ” Map of the Middle East “.

At the same time, the Palestinians in Israel will have about 2,000 square kilometers divided into 5 to 13 cantons independent from the municipal point of view for a 10-year trial period, similar to the proposal in Mark’s previous “Three States for Three Peoples” program, Greater Palestine in northern Saudi Arabia, it will be decided whether the arrangement of the municipal government will continue in the aforementioned cantons or become independent states (as proposed by Dr. Keidar in the plan of the United Arab Emirates) or any other arrangement agreed upon.

Israel will have 25,000 square kilometers (most of the territory of the western Land of Israel, except for the Palestinian cantons), additional areas will be added: 85,000 square kilometers from Jordan (now), 25,000 square kilometers from northwest Saudi Arabia and 25,000 square kilometers from Egypt (In the north of the country), in return for Egypt’s compensation of $ 50 billion, in addition to a much larger area east of Sinai, from northern Sudan and / or from Libya (in return for financial and appropriate compensation to Sudan and Libya).

This solution will enable Egypt to strengthen its hegemony in the “Free Egypt” while removing the problematic area from the security aspect of eastern Sinai and reducing its national density by increasing its territory by tens of percent.

In addition, there is the possibility of Egypt’s separation, peace and agreement, from the Muslim Brotherhood, which will establish an independent state (the Sunni Egypt – which will be more physically close to Mecca and Medina) in the territory received from northern Sudan) and the possibility of Egypt’s separation from Coptic Christians ( Coptika ) in the northern part of the territory Egypt will receive from Libya.

After the entire process, Israel will have a large area of ??160,000 square kilometers, in which it will have to carry out a global project of reaching a population of 20 million Jews (an existing contingency plan) in an accelerated process of 30-40 years.

As soon as the sane world understands its common survival, development and fulfillment mission, which is essential for the future of mankind, it will be easy to cooperate among all peoples in order to achieve unimaginable achievements of humanity, as each nation contributes to the prosperity of its amazing biological species “The thinking man”.

In the role of the people we are dealing with, once it becomes clear that Israel is not the problem but an important part of the solution, and whose vital role in the world is to act vigorously for the prosperity of all humanity, they will all cooperate with the Jewish people and Israel as a spiritual, moral, Which is expected to humanity, if, as already mentioned, the nations will be able to join forces and create this future together.

To complete the new Saudi plan, it is important to mention that for most of the territory of Jordan (now) to be transferred / returned to Israel, as the fulfillment of San Remo and Balfour declarations from almost 100 years ago, the new great Hashemite kingdom , From the territory of Jordan today, in a strategic location that includes a large beach in the Red Sea with the possibility of another beach and / or access to the Arabian Gulf, on the north-eastern edge of Saudi Arabia, in addition to monetary compensation of several tens of billions of dollars, More to the cities of Medina and Mecca.

Another part of the Middle East Marshal’s just plan is to increase Lebanon twice in order to reduce its density.

In a proper Middle East map, Syria is drawn as one unit, because it is in a civil war that ends with our alignment, but it is possible that it will be divided into two parts or more, with the end of the battles and onward.

From an analysis of the possibility of Syria’s disintegration to its ethnic roots, and the end of the fighting on its soil, it is quite possible that the Druze will demand their right to independence in southern Syria around Jabal Druze.

Therefore, this plan proposes that an independent, extended Druze state be established that will reach the noble Druze people in the Strip, which will include the Druze Mount Druze region, along the Shuf Mountains (Lebanese Druze Mountain) and through southern Lebanon to the Mediterranean coast, R.

There is an unfounded probability that Libya will also be divided into dominant tribes, who will want to maintain an independent hegemony of each tribe or have some sort of federal arrangement.

And now we shall return to the earlier, to describe the lecture of Attorney Dov Even-Or, who described in a concentrated manner the rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel (on both banks of the Jordan), in general and Jerusalem in particular.

Adv. Dov Even-Or is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Law School and has been practicing law since 1975. He is the founder and chairman of “Shurat Ha’Amanot” which focuses on the establishment of the Jewish people in the socio-economic-political sphere and focuses on changing the system of administrative and administrative collection.

According to Ibn Or, apart from the historical rights derived from biblical research, which is accepted as a historical document on half of all humanity, and approved in geopolitical, archeological, anthropological, genetic and other studies, the right of the Jewish people to the entire Land of Israel – To the appeal of the modern era.

Indeed, at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the San Remo Declaration and the Balfour Declaration, when the League of Nations (later the United Nations) announced its intention to allocate the Land of Israel-Palestine
(Jordan and Israel today) together for the purpose of establishing a national home for the Jewish people Britain was the international legal cause for the undisputed right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel on both banks of the Jordan.

No other people in the world have any rights over the Land of Israel, on either side of it, and on Jerusalem from any aspect as the Jewish people have.

There has been no nation in the past 3,000 years, except for the Jewish people (the Jewish people today) who can claim that its tribes lived in a country that spanned both banks of the Jordan and its capital was Jerusalem.

The fact that the British have violated their mandate and done everything possible so that the Jewish entity will not arise as required does not violate the right of the Jewish people to return the property rights that were stolen from it unlawfully, even if it seems to have given up on the pressure exerted on it from the establishment of the State of Israel until our present day The world will support the transformation of the artificial bloodbaths in the Middle East and their redistribution according to the principles of the conference defined as “the right to ethnic separation and to just national unity . 

Mark added that Dov describes another important principle in negotiations over an indivisible asset: the principle of the “surplus right” in which the property belongs exclusively to a party that has proved that its right is significantly superior to that of the other – as exemplified by the issue of “two holding a tallit” Famous.

If in these lectures Mark and Ibn Or talked about principles and / or programs that are also beyond the West Bank of Eretz Israel-Palestine, in the following lectures the speakers focused on local solutions in the West Bank of the Land of Israel, assuming that Mark’s early lecture proved that Therefore, a solution must be given to the local Palestinian-Israeli conflict, on the assumption that a general national solution for all the Palestinians in the diaspora will be given outside the borders of the West Bank and the State of Israel, if at all.

After Adv. Or Or, Dr. Mordechai Kedar spoke about his expertise, as mentioned above, in the study of the Middle East, Islam and Arab societies.

Dr. Keidar explained the “tribal principle” which explicitly describes the natural desire of each ethnic community to separate from the central control of artificial states created at the beginning of the 20th century, within borders that exacted many blood from struggles over hegemony between tribes such as Syria and Iraq. The relative stability of countries in the Middle East based on the hegemony of one central tribe, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and most of the Emirates in the Arabian Gulf.

Kedar explained his plan for the Western Land of Israel, called “8 princes for one people,” based on the principle of tribalism above, that the Palestinians in Palestine are actually divided into separate tribes that concentrate mainly in the large cities, the West Bank and Gaza. These tribes are sometimes so separate from a socio-cultural perspective that they avoid “intermarriage” between tribe and tribe.

Therefore, if the tribes are divided into separate princes of the major towns / settlements in the West Bank, this will be a good solution to the will of the hegemony of each tribe in its territory. Thus, the territorial contiguity of the State of Israel in the western Land of Israel will not be affected and the Palestinian tribes will be able to control their separate daily lives, including the establishment of bilateral relations with the State of Israel, of each tribe separately.

Of course, this will not prevent the Palestinian people in the Diaspora from demanding a “place under the sun” in any suitable territory in the Middle East, and not at Israel’s expense.

After Kedar, Mr. Zvi Sinai received the floor.

Zvi Masini is a graduate of the Physics Faculty of the Technion and the pioneer of the Israeli software industry, in a software company he founded, the first of its kind in the field of software, and the Rothschild Prize for Industrial Development.

For many years Zvi has been studying the origins of the Palestinians from the time of the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who noticed the resemblance of the Mount Hebron Arabs to the ancestors of the Jewish people – and to this day.

According to Zvi, all the studies based on historical, geopolitical, anthropological, archaeological and genetic findings attest to an astonishing finding: The vast majority of the Palestinians are of Jewish origin, from the time of the destruction of the Second Temple, who over the years converted to Islam and forgot their true origins.

Mark’s note : Regardless of the findings on the origins of the Palestinians that Zvi collected in his books and research, according to the estimate of other researchers, there are around 300 million people worldwide whose genetic origin is from Israel over its twelve tribes, from 3,000 years ago. Researchers from Israel and the world declare that they have already found – 80 million people who have strong proof that they are from the seed of Israel, for example: the Ethiopian Jews, the Cochin (India), the Pashtuns (Afghanistan – 20 million people), a large part of the Palestinians,

Zvi continued to present his “plan of engagement,” based on the principle of “the origin of the Palestinians,” in which he proposes a gradual process of 30 years in which Palestinians who define themselves as Palestinians, mainly in Judea and Samaria but also in the rest of western Israel, To the people of Israel, as individuals, as families, as tribes or as whole communities, while learning everything connected with the history and tradition of the Jewish people and without Orthodox religious coercion.

After the break, two more speakers spoke with partial plans focusing solely on solutions in the western Land of Israel. They also think that if there is justice in the demand of the Palestinian diaspora for the establishment of a national home for them, it should happen outside the borders of the tiny western Land of Israel.

The first speaker in the second session was Eng. Dov and Talmacher, CEO of energy startup and chairman of an organization called “My Country of My Curse”.

Dov proposed an interesting interpretation on his part to the principle of “the right to ethnic separation”which the two-state solution also uses in the normal context of complete national and physical separation.

Dov aware of the fact that the area of Judea and Samaria is too small to solve national full physical, anyone who defines himself as belonging to the Palestinian people in the diaspora, so it offers a local solution western Land of Israel called the name of his plan: “Israel is one – two peoples” .

In his plan he defines two main national peoples in the western Land of Israel: the Jewish people and the Palestinian / Arab people.

Dov proposes that they be defined by agreement, throughout the territory of the western Land of Israel – whose general sovereignty will be in the hands of the State of Israel – areas of land that will belong to the Arab / Palestinian people living there, hereinafter “the Arab territories” and only those belonging to the Arab / Land for residential and / or commercial purposes.

No resident, Jew or Arab, will have to move from his current place of residence.

Anyone who launches in these Arab territories will be defined as a permanent resident, whether Jewish or Arab, when the citizenship will be separated into Israel for the Jews in the area who will vote for the Knesset, while the Arabs, who are residents of the Arab territories, will be able to choose any citizenship in another Arab country, The right to vote for parliament: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, the Gulf states or Palestine, should an independent Palestinian state be established outside the borders of the Land of Israel.

The rest of the territory will belong exclusively to the Jewish people and only Jews will be able to purchase residential or commercial real estate, thereby preventing the theft of land belonging to one people from another.

The last speaker was Dr. Martin Sherman (Political Science and International Relations), the founder of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, a research fellow at the Institute Against Terrorism in Herzliya and a regular political-security columnist on Fridays in the Jerusalem Post.

Dr. Sherman also does not believe in the feasibility of a political solution of a tiny independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and as an expert on security and terrorism. He analyzed the above-mentioned lack of feasibility, especially in terms of the security threat to Israel.

In any event, he does not ignore the millions of Palestinians in the Land of Israel and their right to a good economic, social and family life, as this basic universal right presents the principle of the “humanitarian paradigm . 

In his academic-professional presentation, Sherman presented his program “personal fulfillment”based on the above principle.

In the center of the proposal, Sherman proposes abandoning the political paradigm of the two-state solution, which is impossible to realize and adhere to the more reasonable humanitarian paradigm.

Sherman mentioned the approach of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to the possibility of solving a mystery by the method of elimination: “When all other options are disqualified, the possibility that remains, however improbable, is the right one . 

As part of the personal fulfillment program – which will offer tempting financial compensation to any Palestinian family who wishes to emigrate from the western Land of Israel and begin a new life in any country chosen – it is planned that the size of the compensation will be tempting for the country to absorb the same family, The receiver.

Of course, if an independent Palestinian state is established outside of the Land of Israel, which will also be attractive to personal and national prosperity for the Palestinians, the desire to immigrate to it in a collective rather than an individual manner will only increase.

Sherman proposes raising an international budget of $ 60- $ 160 billion for this purpose, in accordance with the number of Palestinian families actually willing to join the program (comparing the cost of the Iraq war to $ 450 billion). He therefore proposes a feasibility study among Palestinian Arabs In the western Land of Israel, if at all, and the number of families who would pay, in exchange for a respectable sum, to emigrate from the Land of Israel.

After the conclusion of Dr. Sherman’s lecture, the guests asked questions of clarification, and after receiving satisfactory answers, many of them remained for further discussions between them and the lecturers.

Many of these guests have admitted that they have never heard such interesting and out-of-the-box ideas, and so on in such a variety, that they broaden their perspective on the conflict and its solution far beyond the two-state solution or the one-state solution , mistakenly presented in the world as the only two options for resolving the Israeli- Palestinian-Arab conflict.

The detailed plans and other documents, including additional programs that were not presented in this conference, will be presented at another conference, which will be expanded in content and in international communications, which will be held in a few months.

Regards and good luck, see you and be included in the next conference.

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