America Together: Returning to Work Town Hall with President Trump | Part 1

May 4, 2020 | 1 Comment » | 692 views

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  1. South Africa has banned the sale of liquor, cigarettes and vapes while the coronavirus emergency remains in effect. The South African minister of health points out that these substances greatly potentiate the risk of getting sick from the coronavirus. They also encourage people to violate “social distancing,” since smokers nearly always sit close together when smoking and drinkers nearly always sit together when drinking.

    It is interesting that no one in authority here in the United States has even suggested such a temporary ban of these products during the “emergency” lockdown. They are treated as “essential” products like food. More evidence that the lockdown is not intended to protect the American people, but to promote the interests of certain monopolistic corporations. THe lockdown is destroying their competition from small, independent businesses with limited cash reserves. That includes “big tobacco” and “big liquor” firms.

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