American Jews just don’t care about Israel

Only 4% said Israel was their top priority and 5% said it was their second priority. They are concerned with the rich-poor divide, healthcare and abortion. Israel can go to hell. Ted Belman

62% of US Jewish voters want Obama reelected


WASHINGTON – A survey released Tuesday finds that 62 percent of Jewish voters want to see US President Barack Obama reelected, while of those who prefer a Republican win, 58% back Mitt Romney.

Obama also enjoys significantly higher favorable ratings than Romney, with 61% viewing him mostly or very favorably in comparison to just 31% who feel similarly about Romney. In contrast, only 20% view Obama very unfavorably while 29% view Romney that way.

“There’s absolutely no evidence in this survey of any substantial change in likely patterns of Jewish behavior this November,” said University of Florida political science professor Kenneth Wald, who participated in a press conference unveiling the findings of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey.

But Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, who did not participate in the event, said the results provided an “opportunity” for Republicans.

“It’s clear that American Jews aren’t wildly enthusiastic about Obama,” he maintained.

He pointed to the difference between the 62% of Jewish voters supporting Obama today compared to the 78% that voted for him in 2008, according to exit polls. In addition, even fewer Jews approve of his job performance (58%) while 34% disapprove.

Newhouse also noted that when it came to Obama’s approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, 28% disagreed with both his policies and his handling of the issue. Twenty percent said they agreed with both his policies and handling of the topic, while 15% agreed with the policies but not their implementation and 36% were unsure.

On Iran, the Jews surveyed were slightly more hawkish than the general US population, supporting a US military attack on the country’s nuclear facilities to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon should sanctions fail by a 59 to 37 margin as opposed to a 50-38 split in the wider electorate.

However, only 2% of Jewish voters listed Iran as their major voting priority, and only 4% answered Israel.

Both issues were given by 5% as their second-highest concern.

Fully half of the respondents gave the economy as their number one concern.

The growing gap between rich and poor and healthcare also rated more highly than any international issue.

John Marttila, who often conducts polls for the Anti- Defamation League and who attended but did not participate in the PRRI poll briefing, said that the number of Jews listing Israel struck him as somewhat low. But he added, “It is not surprising to me that American Jews would say that the economy is the overwhelming issue.”

He also noted that “Israel could be much more important to the Jewish community if the Iran situation deteriorates.”

Marttila, who identified himself as a Democrat, said he believed that the rhetoric of the Republican primaries, particularly on religious issues, was alienating moderate Jews who might otherwise consider voting for the GOP.

Wald agreed that the Republican rhetoric was hurting the GOP’s prospects with Jewish voters.

He also said that there could be some under-reporting among Jews about the primacy of Israel in their voting and their backing for military action against Iran because they didn’t want to be seen as furthering Israel’s interests at the expense of the United States.

He noted that despite listing Israel low as a single-issue voting priority, it came in high on the survey’s assessment of Jewish identity.

The second-most important quality those polled listed when it comes to Jewish identity was support for Israel, at 20%. The first, at 46%, was a commitment to social equality.

The survey was conducted among 1,004 self-identified American Jews aged 18 and older. They were conducted online between February 23 and March 5, and then weighted to adjust for the representation of different groups within the Jewish community. While 44% of those who participated described themselves as “just Jewish,” that proportion was reduced to 29% in the calculations.

Similarly, the 4% of respondents who consider themselves Orthodox was doubled to 8% in the survey results.

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33 Comments / 33 Comments

  1. @ HaLevi:

    The comittment to social equality as 46% is what lower than average here? I doubt it! The problem isn’t about who votes for Obama, the problem is that there is no viable alternative.

    I can understand the commitment to social equality. After all, all persons are subject to the Sheva Mitzvot B’Nei Noach. All persons are held to the same moral standards. All persons must be equal.

    But unless rooted in obedience to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, commitment to social equality will be corrupted. Form will be elevated over substance, and immoral conduct will be excused, not condemned.

  2. The comittment to social equality as 46% is what lower than average here? I doubt it! The problem isn’t about who votes for Obama, the problem is that there is no viable alternative.

  3. @ terence:

    Terence you sound like a liberal. I trust you won’t vote for obama again. Please don’t.

    He has promised the government will provide the milk and honey. Don’t buy it.

    Over 65 years ago my eighth grade sister (IHM nun) told our class “there are no free lunches”. If you get something from the government, you will give up some freedom. She was right then and now.

    By your calculations there are very few genuine Christians around these days. You may count them on your right hand- if you happen to have a couple of fingers missing.

  5. @ rongrand:
    One cannot deny the fact that the opportunities available to Jews in America in terms of self actualization far outweighs the potential in Israel. In that respect the U.S represents “a land of Milk and Honey”

  6. @ rongrand:
    Rongrand: you are quite correct in stating that most American Jews feel that they owe their prime allegiance to the land of their birth the U.S of A. Also they don’t necessarily equate a secular nation such as Israel as having anything to do With God or the supernatural. When you write that American Jews, while in the main a have a strong sympathy for Israel, they realize that their future is closely tied up with what happens in America. You can surely forget about a double loyalty since it just does not exist.

  7. @ Ted Belman:

    Ted, I am not sure anyone is truly a god-less Jew or person. I am likewise sure you have heard stories of supposedly non-believers who when faced with extreme adversities cry out to G-d for help.

    There are times in everyone’s life when doubts have arisen. I guess since we can’t see, hear or touch Him we understand why belief is called faith.

    Passover is certainly a time to reflect on His being. I believe it all happened as it is described and G-d led His people out slavery in the land of Egypt to the Holy Land.

    G-d appointed Moses to lead them and he did one helluva job. Nothing is impossible with G-d’s help.

    That’s the reason I firmly believe it was with His help Israel has in spite of being vastly out numbered by the Arab world yet successfully defended her people and the Holy Land.

    Thank G-d there is a G-d.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with anyone who is god-less, G-d did provide us with a free will to choose. Bottom line i’s our choice.

  8. @ Laura:

    Israel needs to just write them off and continue reaching out to Evangelicals.

    Wrong! Israel need reach out to no one except his creator. I know that sounds silly to most but I do take exception especially tonight here in Israel which happens to be Seder eve.

    Jews have survived for the past 4k years in spite of any help or lack thereof especially from Christians. My main objection to your comment is “continue continue reaching out to Evangelicals.” We don’t need their help, don’t want their money and even not their physical presence in Israel.

    I know it will hurt our tourist industry, yet a small price against the negatives we are now enduring and it will get worse if not stopped now.

    We can’t tell Christians not to support us in ways they deem proper but we do have a duty to lay down our ground rules for that interaction.

    “Chag Sameach”

    ‘Vehi Sheamda’ – Chief Rabbi’s Pesach Message

    Passover Story (((((A MUST SEE)))))

    ‘Vehi Sheamda’

    And so it has stood for our fathers and for us, that it wasn’t just one nation alone that rose up against us to destroy us, and The Holy One, Blessed is He,? saves us from their hand

  9. I am a god-less Jew and I strongly support Israel keeping Judea and Samaria. And there are many like me.
    I find you intolerant of atheists and who knows what else. American Jews are entitled to serve any g-d they like whether it be the g-d of Abraham or of social justice. If they choose social justice over Israel, that is their right.

    The left have a different vision for America and for Israel than the right does. So we duke it out.

  10. @ BLADESKATER00:

    There have been many who have gone in the name of Christian to murder Jews, i.e., Catholics who also murdered tens of millions of genuine Christians along with Jews.

    Genuine Christians do NOT murder Jews–but rather they love and bless them–get your facts right!

    Protestants also murdered Catholics for example the 30 years war. Funny thing though both Catholics and Protestants also murdered Jews.

    Yes, I know or to be exact I’ve been told about those REAL Christians who love Jews all 100 of them hiding out in Utah.

  11. @ Laura:
    Evangelicals are very interested in Jews- That is interested in turning Jews into Evangelicals. Laura- time to shed your diapers and grow up. How simple can you be?

  12. I believe that all of the problems of PR,loyalty, hasbara, etc. begin in Israel with Israeli Jews and Israel govt institutions. dealing with jewish ignorance is the first step. Why would there be support for political parties in Israel among the voters under 30, they appear to be ignorant of their own history. A jew who is knowledgeable about the balfour declaration, san remo treaty, UK creation of JEW FREE jordan on 77% of mandate territory, global acceptance of the transfer of jews from arab countries post 48 and post genva conventions cannot be thinking about world acceptance and arab refugees. Instead such jews anger would be directed to revenge, self interest and redress. Such Jews would have no angst at seizing the territories and assets of Jew killers worldwide. It all begins with awakening and educating Israeli Jewish children to the facts of the continuing swindles, continuing collusion and finance of jewish slaughter by europeans and the global acceptance of those acts. What sane jew would listen to a world that has accepted the creation of a JEW FREE state on 77% of former mandate and argues against a muslim free state of israel. What sane jew would listen to a world that , after Geneva conventions, has accepted the transfer of jews from arab countries and yet is outraged at the thought of the transfer of muslims from the jewish nation. Educated jews would see that the partition took place with the creation of JEW FREE Jordan and that half of a swap of populations have already taken place with the transfer of jews from arab countries. Now Ayalon is starting to talk about jewish refugees and compensation. This is an issue that should have always been demanded to be the first point of any discussion. However global acceptance of jewish transfer post GC has set a precedent for the demand of muslim transfer to complete the exchange. Global acceptance of JEW FREE muslim jordan on 77% of mandate has set the precedent for muslim free israel on the 23% left. If the Israeli govt will not give the jews the facts then jewish organizations should start their own education campaigns. The dedication of 77% of former mandate to solely the muslim portion of the residents of the former mandate implies de facto that the remaining 23% must be dedicated solely to the jewish residents. Glaring one sided hypocrisies are the basis of anti semitism.

  13. @ BlandOatmeal:

    There are many more non Jewish Christians who genuinely support Israel than Jews–as for humanity–its genuine Christians who are Israels best friends!

    And self hating Godless Jews are Israels worst enemies!

  14. @ yamit82:

    Murdering Jews is a very profitable business for Christians and Muslims.

    There have been many who have gone in the name of Christian to murder Jews, i.e., Catholics who also murdered tens of millions of genuine Christians along with Jews.

    Genuine Christians do NOT murder Jews–but rather they love and bless them–get your facts right!

  15. American Jews including most Jews anywhere are a pathetic and Godless lot–by the Biblical description–whores and dogs!

    The downside of America is that Jews there are a completely different sort of “Jew” from their brothers in Israel, or even from their own ancestors — their “Judaism” is one and the same with “Radical Democrat Leftism”.

    American Jews are for the most not a “completely” different sort of Jew–well over a million if not millions of Israeli Jews are American by birth and upbringing–the common theme to their own destruction is their adherence to Godless Marxism and cultural Marxism, which the author describes as “radical democrat leftism”.

    Those who support Barack Obama–are the same types who would have supported Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany–and did just that!

    The same evil things American Jews are doing here in the USA to undermine both the USA and Israel–is what is happening in Israel by Israeli and American Jews, et al.; the Jewish media commonly act to demonize good Jews and laud murdering Muslim Arabs as the victims of Jewish oppression–when in reality its exactly the opposite.

    This is Godless cultural Marxism in action–twist everything around backwards to destroy humanity and society!

    The American republic is gone–and will never come back–Israel would also be destroyed and most Jews with it–except for one thing–God has promised to preserve them! He made no such promise to America.

  16. @ yamit82:
    Hi, Yamit.

    I meant the “Poland” comment to be ironic. Of course the Jews can’t go back to Poland; and as you’ve pointed out, it isn’t for lack of trying. Nobody wants their country to be overrun by outsiders, so I don’t fault the Poles on the matter. The Jews only settled in Poland in the first place, because the Nobility found them useful tools for oppressing the Peasantry. With the Communist takeover, that era ended.

    The Jews really only have two places to go: either to Israel or to America. The third option, namely countries like Germany, UK, Australia, etc, is really no option at all: it’s just another name for “assimilation”. In Israel, Jews have to bear the hatred of the whole world against them, as well as physical attack by all their neighbors. In the US, Jews can live fairly annonymous lives and the protection of a “human shield” of powerful Christians.

    The downside of America is that Jews there are a completely different sort of “Jew” from their brothers in Israel, or even from their own ancestors — their “Judaism” is one and the same with “Radical Democrat Leftism”. For the most part, they are not getting assimilated. Instead, they are the vanguard of a new, Ersatz Jewish religion that welcomes pagans, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, you name it: It’s called the Democratic Party, and its High Priest is Barack Obama (George Soros is an accolyte).

    If I were a Jew, I’d rather be in Israel. In fact, even as a NON-Jew, I’d rather be in Israel; but at the moment, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

  17. @ Laura:
    In this case, Laura, I really wish I weren’t right — for the Jews’ sake. As for the US Christians (the majority, at least), I am glad that we’re on the right side in this issue (I say “we”, because as a non-Jew and non-Atheist, I’m lumped in with the Christians).

    Concerning Christians, there are some shocking things as well. I recently looked at a map of Africa, and thought I was seeing a map of the old British vs. French colonies (which correspond, in large measure, to Protestant vs. Catholic). It was actually a map of the degree of HIV infestation, with the Protestants far outstripping the Catholics in giving one another AIDS. So much for Martin Luther and “sola scriptura”; by their fruits, one would think the Romans have the more correct doctrine.

    I trust that the Southern Baptists and Mormons are not about to suddenly break out into sexual promiscuity; but I’m not resting assured on any count. The Bible says that in the last days, our enemies will be those of our own household; and these are truly the last days.

  18. @ yamit82:

    Maybe they’re not passionate supporters of Likud, but even settlers will vote for it as a perceived safer alternative to Kadima. They don’t realize that the elite is playing the Good-cop/Bad-cop game with them.

    The problem is that Moshe Feiglin’s fantasy of taking over Likud now serves to keep many nationalists in a state of denial and passivity. They are waiting and dreaming that maybe next time Feiglin will get enough votes…

    In the meantime…

    The Arabs keep consolidating their gains and encroaching on more Jewish land.

    And Yesha Jews get their homes destroyed whether the government/courts consider them legal or not.

    The government seems extraordinarily deferential to Arab sensibilities. If Jewish presence offends Arabs, then Jews must be removed – whether the offending Jews are worshipers at ancient sacred sites or ordinary Jews wishing to live in a house they paid for.

    None of these government antics seem to offend the Jews enough to switch to National Union in substantial numbers. They will keep on voting for Likud until the very end. To keep Kadima out of government, they tell themselves.

    And when Jews have lost Yesha to the Arabs, Kadima and Likud will reunite to confront terror from the Islamic State of Palestine. A befitting end to this story.

    All that is a much more serious problem for Israel than US Jews’ devotion to their Democratic Party. The greatest threat to Israel comes from its own politicians.

  19. @ Canadian Otter:

    Except for some diehard Palin Groupies here, none consider Feiglin a serious contender for Likud leadership. The Likud must be destroyed not taken over. There is little party loyalty today in israel, especially among the under 30 age group.

  20. What about Israeli support for Likud?

    I would be much, much more concerned with the popularity rate of the PM and his coalition, in spite of their implementation of a leftist and anti-Zionist agenda in slow motion.

    This coalition disrespects Israel, and it disrespects the Jews. It severely undermines Zionism and Israel’s future viability – dhimmifying the Jews while routinely empowering the Arabs.

    How can patriotic Israelis still support Likud and the coalition?

    Why is Moshe Feiglin still providing Likud with a nationalist cover instead of joining National Union? Will anyone convince him that the Likud establishment will never allow him to take over? And that they are USING HIM and his supporters while they roll their agenda to partition Israel and to turn it into a multicultural entity?

  21. @ BlandOatmeal:

    Maybe the Jews should go back to Poland after all. Why the charade?

    Been there done that already. After Auschwitz they returned home to find the Pollacks had stolen their homes and property, resented the Jews for returning even for being alive and proceeded to murder them till they fled mostly to Israel and America. Stupid Jews!!!

    Murdering Jews is a very profitable business for Christians and Muslims. Virtually risk free for the thieving murderers.

  22. It’s not now and never was in the past about numbers. It’s always about Zeal and the willingness for self sacrifice for the ideal and cause.

    That’s how a handful of Zealot Jews defeated the Greeks (Chanukah) A handful almost defeated the Great Roman Empire (Bar Kochba) and another handful drove the weakened but still Great Britain out of Palestine in less than 7 years of resistance. Something the Irish couldn’t do in 700 years.

    That said I do believe that if American Jews believed Israel were really threatened then the poll numbers if not reversed would be considerably up there.

    Then again how can one forget or ignore the American Jewish complicity in the murder of 7 million of their brothers sisters not so long ago.

    I still hold to my opinion that American Jewry is finished by self destruction and should not be looked to or counted on. They are no good for themselves and even less so for us.

    Christians? Let them save other Christians first. Christians who will not help defend or care of the persecution of their own does not inspire me to believe that if we were ever to be in a situation where we needed such help it would not come from Christians. What could they do anyway?

    For most Christians being pro Israel is cost free. You know what they say about the value of something gotten for nothing?

  23. Obviously they don’t care much about America either if they are going to vote for Obama again. Their true religion is liberalism. Jewish liberals are a hopeless case. Israel needs to just write them off and continue reaching out to Evangelicals.

  24. @ BlandOatmeal:
    I dare say, American Christians would poll much more pro-Israel than American Jews. In fact, American Christians are probably more pro-Israel than Israeli Jews.

    Oatmeal, you are right.

  25. I dare say, American Christians would poll much more pro-Israel than American Jews. In fact, American Christians are probably more pro-Israel than Israeli Jews. Maybe the Jews should go back to Poland after all. Why the charade?