Antisemitism hits an all-time high in Canada in 2006

Overseas crises trigger ugly reaction at home

OTTAWA, March 21, 2007 – The League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada today reached a 25-year milestone with the release of its 2006 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, an annual study on patterns of prejudice in this country. In total, 935 incidents were reported in 2006, representing a 12.8% increase over incidents in 2005, and a four-fold increase over levels just ten years ago. This is the highest number ever reported to the League.

“The 2006 findings indicate that antisemitism continues to be an ever-growing threat, emerging from beneath the polite façade of multiculturalism to reveal open hatred against the Jewish people,” said Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith Canada’s Executive Vice President. “Antisemitism was even injected into the Canadian political process, where in one particular case attempts were made to discredit a candidate on the sole basis that his wife was Jewish.

“As in previous years, the Audit findings revealed a global trigger phenomenon, whereby events in the Middle East led to a dramatic upsurge of incidents here at home. At no time did this resonate more than during the summer months of July and August when the war in Lebanon was waging and incident after incident revealed a direct Middle East connection. During these months, Canadian Jews suffered a dramatic increase in incidents over the same time frame in 2005, including verbal and physical abuse and violent assaults, with perpetrators vowing ‘revenge for Lebanon’.

“For over twenty-five years our Audit has consistently shown that when one individual is singled out for hate, an entire community is targeted as well. In each of the 935 cases documented in the Audit, someone’s mother, father, spouse, child, colleague or friend was also impacted, reflecting the cold hard reality that hate-motivated activity has lasting and profound effects far beyond the immediacy of the incident itself.”

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  1. On the subject of socialism and collectivism, below are two quotes by the contrarian Bill Bonner in his today’s newsletter. The link to it will be on his website tomorrow.

    A man, who must have mistaken us for someone else,
    asked: ‘How do you account for your success?’

    “Television,” we replied. “We don’t watch it.”

    For every mind that is better informed and better
    entertained by TV, there must be 100 that have been
    turned to mush. — Bill Bonner

    Television: opiate of the masses. Part 1. Part 2.

    *** The subject before us is the direction taken by
    modern politics. Why is George W. Bush telling Latinos
    that America is committed to “Social Justice” rather than
    the more modest, old-fashioned ‘justice?’ And how cometh
    it to be that ‘Liberals’ in America are opposed to the
    ‘Liberal’ ideas of the 19th century …and that now even
    ‘Conservatives’ in America are opposed to the
    ‘Conservatism’ of their grandfathers?

    In the discussion that follows, we propose a theory.

    We recall from yesterday that there are two large themes
    in modern political theory – individualism and
    collectivism. Individualism is the idea that a man should
    look after himself. “Justice” is done, according to this
    view of things, when he isn’t improperly interfered with.
    The world, then, takes whatever shape it takes, based
    upon mankind’s aggregated individual results.

    Collectivism, on the other hand, is that idea that the
    political ‘collective’ – the state – should look out for
    everyone. It implies that the shape of society – the
    outcome – is not left to chance, but decided
    collectively, or by the collective’s elite ministers.
    ‘Social Justice’ is what you get when the elite like
    the results.

    America, in theory as in actual fact, was a nation
    founded on the rock of individualism. It didn’t matter
    what the elite liked. But now its ‘conservative’
    president proposes a concept of justice that Marx or
    Lenin would have appreciated. Not only that, but he
    spends the nation’s blood and treasure trying to make
    governments half-way around the world more to his liking.
    And he takes hundreds of billions of dollars from
    individuals – many of them not even born yet – to reward
    favoured groups with drugs, bread, circuses or
    federal contracts.

    Your author has lived overseas for more than 10 years.
    Each place he has lived or visited has its quirks, but in
    every one the individual seemed to enjoy about as much
    liberty as he did in America. Everywhere, a person is
    taxed, controlled, regulated, licensed, rewarded,
    privileged and pampered – according to how the ruling
    elite choose. What gives? What happened to
    American individualism?

    We mentioned yesterday how our president is caught in the
    same trap that bedeviled Wilson and Roosevelt I. They
    wanted to flex America’s new muscles. The US became the
    largest economy in the world in the early 1900s. Now
    that they had power, they wanted to engage in power
    politics…to shove and scrap…to wear funny hats with
    giant plumes on them…and to sit down at a bargaining
    table with French, British and Russian ‘charge
    d’affaires’ – oh, even the sound of it sent frissons down
    their greasy backs – and carve up the globe…decide the
    fates of nations…redraw the map of the world. Of
    course, the whole spirit of it was contrary to the
    American ideal, wherein a free people determine their own
    fate and decide their own form of government.

    And poor Wilson and Roosevelt I were still working within
    the old American system. The people back in Tennessee and
    Georgia wanted no part of world domination. They still
    had the U.S. Declaration of Independence on their walls.
    They still heard Washington’s words – ‘Avoid foreign
    entanglements’ – echoing in their ears. They still
    thought only Congress had the power to declare war; the
    bumpkins didn’t mind a fight, but they wanted a damned
    good reason for it.

    And so the old frauds had to dissemble…they had to talk
    about ‘making the world safe for democracy’ and about
    ‘protecting American interests (of course, there were
    none…but the rubes wouldn’t know)…about making the
    whole planet more like America itself – freer, more
    prosperous, and more democratic.

    George W. Bush continues the humbug, but he has a much
    easier time of it. Americans have generally forgotten
    the idea of Individualism. They want public schools,
    Social Security, and free drugs – just like the krauts
    and the frogs. Bush II comes up with his preposterous
    “War on Terrorism” and nobody laughs. Because Americans,
    like almost everyone else in the world, have all become
    collectivists. If a man’s town is flooded, he expects the
    feds to come in with donuts and house-trailers. If a
    man’s wife is sick, he expects the feds to offer medical
    treatment…or at least to regulate the marketplace so it
    is “affordable” for him. If his house is repossessed, he
    turns his face to Chris Dodd in Washington…and the next
    thing you know, the windbag senator is proposing to bail
    him out! And if a handful of fanatics blow up a couple of
    office buildings in New York City, he wants the Marine
    Corps to kick butts all over the world – whether they had
    anything to do with the crime barely matters to him; what
    he wants is for his government to remake the face of the
    entire world, if necessary, so it is a more agreeable
    place for him.

    The old pioneers…the settlers…the farmers…the
    inventors…the robber barons – all the people who built
    America – they were stupid, they were smart…they were
    wicked and they were saints. But whatever they
    were…they stood up straight. How is it possible that
    these rugged, stalwart Americans evolved into a race of
    such fear-driven, collectivist drips? — Bill Bonner

    I sent my son to college. He came home a communist and hasn’t yet come to his senses.

  2. Laura,
    It is not just Muslims, there seems to be in general and increase in anti-Semitism world wide. Parts of South America are also becoming more anti-Semitic and not just because of Muslims in there societies. Anti-Semitism is also spreading in western culture, particularly on the left, disguised as compassion and justice for the Palestinians.

    I must also respond to your comment,

    “Randy, you have an obsession with socialism and relate everything to it.”

    Actually, the truth is that I am reporting on an obsession with socialism by the media, the left, and the elitists who wish to micro-manage everything including our lives and beliefs.

    If anything, there is a trend in global free markets.

    The problem is that the markets are not really free. What we are seeing is pseudo-capitalism where governments such as Russia and China are practicing the economic theories of Benito Mussolini. There is an appearance of a free market but government controlled corporations are actually engaging in what Mussolini termed fascism.

    Laura, you may not recognize socialism or understand it the same light that I do because you already accept it to a degree – therefore as it creeps in you don’t regard it.

  3. Laura, Socialism is increasing, not decreasing. It is just a PC word for Communism and Communitarianism. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty and deceive the elect. It is satanic and against Jews and Christians.

    “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” — George W. Bush (spoken at a Washington Dinner, March 2001)

    Dr. Dennis Cuddy — Mental Health, Education and Social Control, Part 6


    Patrick Briley — Subordinating America Under a Socialistic World Government

    Charlotte Iserbyt — Walks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck…

    Professor Amitai Etzioni — Communitarianism >> A Third Way to a Good Society

    Glossary of Communitarian Terms

    Nancy Levant — SOUNDING THE ALARM

  4. You re absolutely rit, Laura. I used to live in Windsor, Ont. wic is next to Detroit. Last summer, tere were massive rallies and protests downtown, In fact on my way to work tey blocked te streets as I eard tem sout anti-Israel sloans.

  5. Randy, you have an obsession with socialism and relate everything to it. There is no trend in global socialism, as the world has moved further away from it. If anything, there is a trend in global free markets. The reason for the increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Canada as anywhere else in the west, is due to the increase in the muslim poplations in western countries, and their increasing boldness in the face of western timidity in defending its civilization.

  6. I am not surprised, the trend towards global socialism is rising in which people are looking to form a cosmopolitan society. The Jewish identity is a very strong one which creates a schism in collective societies.

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