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U.S. Doesn’t Have Israel’s Back Over Iran
By: David Bedein , The Bulletin

Jerusalem – There is no operational cooperation between Israel and the U.S. regarding Iran, said senior Israeli security officials responding to world reports on the matter.

A senior Israeli security official noted that, in contrast to published reports, that Israel and the U.S. are not holding any operational talks related to a potential deployment vis-a-vis Iran. The subject is not on the agenda. The senior security official said that the only subject the Americans are willing to talk about is Iraq. “They are prepared to talk only about three topics,” said one senior official, “Iraq, Iraq and Iraq.” As a result, Israel is carrying out its own situation assessment and the security establishment is preparing for any possible scenario in the coming years, without any coordination with Washington.

A special forum of the most senior and experienced politicians in Israel is monitoring and supervising all national activity connected to Iran’s growing power. The forum is made up of former prime ministers, defense ministers, foreign ministers and chairmen of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. In addition to Prime Minister Olmert, Binyamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Silvan Shalom, Yuval Steinitz, Tzahi Hanegbi, Otniel Schneller and others are members. The forum, which constitutes a sort of subcommittee of the Intelligence and Secret Services Subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, convenes and hears strategic reports about everything connected to Israel’s activity in the matter. Not long ago, the prime minister gave a review to this forum.

Israel has a national file called the “Iran file,” in which all activity and material connected to the effort to block the Iranian nuclear program is concentrated. Thousands of people are engaged in this activity, said one source who is familiar with this matter.

Their activity relates to all types of possible efforts, on the diplomatic, political, economic, secret, and other levels. Minister Shimon Peres takes a very active part in the effort, and a significant part of his travels all over the world are devoted to attempts at international persuasion regarding the need to isolate Iran and increase sanctions. All the activity is coordinated by a special body and is under professional supervision and concentrated in Jerusalem.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. I kind of agree with #2, however for political reason if there is an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities it would come from one or the other rather than both – much shared knowledge and collaboration which goes on behind the scenes will be kept under wraps to avoid greater political cover internationally. If Israel were to act, the US, regardless of what is said for PR would negate any actions at the UN against Israel.

  2. The greatest existential threat to Israel in its history and the most radical threat to American influence and security since the Cold War and the two nations are not discussing operational strategies? Two words: bull shit. Better yet, one word: disinformation.

  3. This report if true is is good reason to believe that Israeli leaders and top advisers have put protecting Israel ahead of their particular partisan views to keep a watchful eye on Iran and together prepare appropriate options depending on what they see happening.

    That is the good news and in fact is very good news. From such opportunities for politicians to put aside their differences, more opportunities can come.

    Unfortunately, while America is giving Israel a completely free hand in developing intelligence on Iran and planning appropriate options to protect Israel and the EU is ignoring that altogether, America and the EU will very likely try to stand in Israel’s way of implementing any option that does not serve their respective interests.

    That is not yet news, but as a matter of speculation, that is a bad thing and in fact, a very bad thing.

    I would expect however that this coalition of politicians and other leaders of diverse political views who have united to protect Israel from Iran, must also have expected just what kind of resistance the West will take to any particular option Israel might choose and will speak in one united voice against any Western naysayers. At least that is what one would hope is going to happen.

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