Ferreting out the truth in Serbia

Radical Islam’s Dupes
By Julia Gorin, FrontPageMagazine.com | February 14, 2007

It is somewhat pathetic that even after 9/11, and even after a nearly four-year trial at the Hague disproving “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” of Albanians in Kosovo (something the late reporter Daniel Pearl uncovered as early as 1999), the Jewish community still insists on being used to promote the agenda of the Albanian lobby that allied us with the al Qaeda-trained Kosovo Liberation Army in 1999.

As part of his PR push to see the West seal its 1999 blunder that resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Jews, Roma and other non-Albanians from Kosovo–which is a hair away from being an ethnically and religiously pure state of Saudi-financed mosques—former Republican congressman and ethnic Albanian Joe DioGuardi has been placing press releases disguised as articles in Jewish newspapers reminding American Jews of the lead they took “in pressing President [Bill] Clinton to bomb Serbia, because they instinctively understood the nature of genocide and were determined to keep it from being repeated,” as he recently told the New York Jewish Week.

A Jewish Albatross: The Serbs
Julia Gorin which was published by FrontPagMag in March ’05,

Imagine that a country is fighting domestic terrorism by Muslim militants who are carrying out attacks against police, government officials and citizens in a bid to carve out their own state, hoping to provoke a response from the government that will alarm the international community. Imagine that the world duly intervenes, and a peacekeeping force is sent in, paralyzing the nation’s ability to defend itself, and effectively doing the militants’ bidding even as attacks against the non-Muslim population continue. Finally, imagine the intervening internationals severing this nation’s Jerusalem from it and handing it to the provocateurs.

It sounds like a worst-case scenario for the Israeli people, but it is a fate that actually befell the Serbian people, who this year may lose Kosovo as the deadline approaches for determining the status of the province, where Christian churches, monasteries and homes were burned to the ground in pogroms in March of last year. They will lose Kosovo to Albanian Muslims, whose fates are now entirely in the hands of the international Islamist factions with whom they, and we, cast their lot.

As a reprisal of last March looms on the horizon (Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj stepped down when he was indicted for war crimes last week, and the UN Mission in Kosovo was promptly bombed), the reticence about butchered Serbian octogenarians, children and other civilians–alternating with dismissal of these atrocities, even six years later, as “revenge killings”–intimates that terrorized Serbs are an even bigger yawn than terrorized Israelis. That’s why I am calling upon my fellow Jews to break their own conspicuous silence.

In the six years since our bizarre bombing of Belgrade to prevent a genocide that forensics turned up empty (a memo that apparently made it only to European and Canadian presses, leaving a gaping hole in our national dialogue), the sense of something not being said grows palpable. With every explosive report coming from the Balkans–Islamic charities getting busted as terror-funding fronts, terrorist cells being uncovered in Bosnia and Kosovo, explosions on Pristina’s Bill Clinton Avenue, then last year’s coordinated Albanian riots that injured 900, killed 19 Serbs and tried to drive out what was left of Kosovo’s non-Albanian population–more and more people have started to think it, but who has the poor taste to say it?

After all, we were told that a genocide was in progress. We were told of mass graves. A hundred thousand killed and 800,000 displaced, Bill Clinton said.

Soon after the U.S.-led NATO invasion, the 100,000 figure turned out to be closer to 2,000 and included armed Albanian and Serb fighters. “No Bodies at Rumored Grave Site in Kosovo,” read a Reuters headline as early as October ’99, above an article reporting the results of an excavation by international war crimes investigators to check the rumors that Serbs had hidden up to 700 Albanian bodies in a lead and zinc mine. Other “mass graves” turned up empty or hardly massive, and the Racak massacre, the feather that was used to break the NATO camel’s back, turned out to have been staged, according to three forensics teams sent in to investigate–but only after the first team, headed by Finland’s Helena Ranta, initially gave a thumbs-up to “massacre” so that the bombing campaign could commence. (Two years and thousands of lives later, Ranta’s final report confirmed the opposite conclusion.)

Sold on a Holocaust scenario, the American people couldn’t have known what sinister deal they’d signed on to. But my fellow Jews should have smelled a rat. And to my profound disappointment, in the face of a stunning parallel to the Palestinian propaganda war that Jews themselves struggle with, for the most part they have been silent since. CONTINUE

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  1. And then there was this little “gem” from US envoy Frank Wisner this morning:

    Serbs will die if no independence for Kosovo, Official
    March 21, 2007 — US Envoy for Kosovo, Frank Wisner, said that independence for the Serbian province is advisable because if not obtained Serbs will die.

    “Kosovo would burn and the victims will be the Serbs,” said Wisner in his address to the Belgian Senate.

    So even the US is supporting the “give in or we will kill you” scenario, helping the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo. And this is what we are supporting: An Albanian Muslim youth uses his mobile telephone to take a picture of his friend urinating in the entryway of St. George church in the southern Kosovo town of Prizren, Monday, March 22, 2004. It’s the day that one UN official referred to as the Serb Krystallnacht

    And we know the Wahhabis have been running this show since the early 1990’s

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