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  1. The National Religious Youth are our best, brightest and the most patriotically motivated. While all stood aghast and most by the side including our incompetent police, a religious youngster on home leave from his elite army unit took the initiative, took a weapon from a cowardly policeman climbed on the tractor, and pumped 3 bullets into the terrorist head. The Black shirted Nazi like Yazam cops jumped on shot 2 more into the terrorist and then he and his shit for brains superiors claimed that they were the heroes and were responsible for the taking down of the terrorists ( Shame on them all ) The soldier refused to appear on camera and only after much prodding did he agree to interview by phone where he matter of factly described what had happened.

    He is also the brother in law of the reserve officer who took out the terrorist in the Mercaz Ha Rav attack last March. It is no coincidence that these two are related. This is the education our National Religious Boys get. They fear God not our leftist Judges and our cowardly police.

    In the Photo his Tziz fringes where showing from under the kids shirt, he must have lost his kippa in the action.

  2. The Mortal Danger of Having Palestinians in Israel

    This heinous terrorist crime by a Palestinian front end loader operator from East Jerusalem, presumably lawfully in Israel on a work permit or the like, added to the many other like reports over the years, raises grave concerns and questions with Israeli policy that has allowed Arab/Palestinians to live or work in Israel.

    This is not the first time that an Arab-Israeli citizen or a Palestinian who lawfully entered Israel on a work permit, committed a terrorist act against Israel and Israelis.

    The first duty of any government and its leadership is to protect the nation’s law abiding citizens from harm, either from without or from within.

    This attack by a lone Palestinian terrorist, like other attacks or planned attacks by lone Palestinians within Israel or Arab-Israeli citizens, raises a question that the politically correct dare not ask, lest they “God forbid” be accused of racism, which question is:

    If law abiding peaceful Israeli citizens, be they Jewish or not, are at risk of being murdered and maimed by Palestinians workers or visitors or Arab-Israeli citizens, all lawfully in Israel and it is not possible to identify these terrorists who act alone or on the spur of the moment prior to their committing their terrorist act, can Israel and Israelis afford to have any group of people in Israel from which group these terrorists come?

    Given the life threatening circumstances Israelis face from without and within from Palestinians consumed with their Jew hatred, is the Israeli government not justified in making Israel an Arab/Palestinian free nation in order to better fulfill the duty to protect their their law abiding and peaceful citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish?

    Palestinians insist that the territories they now have some authority and control over and the state they say they want, must be Jew free.

    Israelis and Jews do not as a rule engage in terrorism against Palestinians, with rare exceptions only, so Palestinians have no rational basis to suggest that they fear having Jews amongst them. They do of course accuse Israelis of terrorism. While such accusation may be rational for Jew hating Palestinians, given their culture and beliefs, it is an irrational and insane accusation measured against Western norms that put value in truth, facts history, logic and reason.

    That Palestinians demand to have lands and their state Jew free is thus borne only out of their rabid intractable Jew hatred.

    If the politically correct West can live with racist Jew hating Palestinian logic, why can they not live with an Israel free of Arabs and Palestinians, when such policy would not be based on hatred of Arabs and Palestinians at all, but rather would be a policy that is made necessary by intractable Palestinian Jew hatred that moves some Palestinians to committ terrorism against Israelis. Such Israeli policy would thus be motivated, not by racism, but the need to better enable the Israeli government to fulfil its primary obligation to protect its law abiding citizens, both Jewish and non-Jewish and the right of every such Israelis to be so protected?