Arabs; anything less than destroying Israel is failure.

By Ted Belman

My attention has been drawn to an article by Galal Nassar in al Ahram entitled End of the Jewish State..

I recommend you read it to get the Arab perspective.

There are many articles in this weekly, either in this issue or last weeks issue, that you will want to read.

December 14, 2007 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. These Arab views to eliminate Israel as a Jewish State are spreading. Last week, in The Agenda (TVO program with Steve Paikin), Ali Abuminah, the founder of Electronic Intifada recited exactly the same absurdities.

    It is hard to tell whether they are wilfully blind or whether this is a carefully planned strategy. But one thing is sure, they haven’t realized what Zionism is all about: the national aspiration of a people to create their own nation-state, regardless of their religious fervor. If they have a problem with Israel, they should have the same problem with Japan, Poland, Iceland and countless others, let alone most of their own Arab countries.

  2. Shalom Ted,

    I read the article but already knew the Arab perspective.

    I note the author is attired in western dress and not the flowing white robes with black plastic sunglasses.

    Did Galal Nessar also write an article on the Muslim only state of Saudi Arabia?

    Secular Egypt’s Coptic Christians are only safe when inside a Cheyenne, Wyoming bunker complex.

    Soon enough the barbarians will revert to the perspective of again dealing with sand flies and scorpions. They are no longer even competitive in pearl diving.

    Kol tuv,

  3. Muslim writers are often really blind to reality and are constantly spinning lies and distorting history. They don’t really think that the Palestinians want a pluralistic, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious state in place of Israel (as their verbal diarrhea would have us believe) – they know that the two existing examples and models of Palestinian government are: (a) a religious thugocracy that can’t get along with its own people (or anyone else; least of all the 8,000 Jews whom they insisted on having ethnically cleansed from Gaza) and where even basic freedoms for their own followers do not exist and, b) a corrupt religio-secular thugocracy where greed, terrorism and intolerance rule the day and where, once again, anyone not of their belief syatem is evicted or silenced.

    To think that this idealized version of what the Palestinians are said to want for Israel (known as Palestine to terrorists) is being broadcast widely these days is pure crap and another of the big lies that must be dispelled. People raised to terrorize others do not build nations; they destroy them, just as they have done in Gaza and the West Bank (and tried to do in Lebanon).

    The only people who are into nation building and providing their people with an acceptable standard of living in a free society is Israel – all the surrounding countries and so-called governments are the worst excuses for leadership and nations in the world today.

    This writer should concentrate on what Arab countries should have been doing with their refugees over the past 60 years (after they tried to ethnically cleanse the land of Israel but failed) …and that is to settle them into their own countries as full citizens in what could be their own democratic states – that is if Muslims are capable of living within a pluralistic, democratic and secular state of their own as they say they have in store for Israel – something which would be a first in the Middle east if the horror of such an eventuality were to come to pass.

    Where will they get the blueprints for this secular and pluralistic state that they lie to the world is in their plans for that never-before-seen Palestine? Only Mohamed knows for sure and not even he would have a clue because his model for all Muslims was of a world of the Caliphate where religious bullies force everyone to bow to their wishes, demands, decrees and force.

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