Askar : UNRWA: Cradle of Terror – review of a must see 7 minute film

T. Belman. Palestinian and Gazan children start out as innocents but UNRWA turns them into terrorists. Thus the UN and those that finance UNRWA schools, including the US and the EU are directly responsible for the Oct 7 massacre and all other Palestinian terrorism. So is Youtube for banning all criticism of UNRWA.

US and Gulf nations target ‘secret’ Hamas investment portfolio worth up to $1 billion

Billions flow into UNRWA coffers and are used to promote the murder of Jews. How UNRWA educates Arab youth to continue to kill.

  Aug 24, 2023, 5:43 PM (GMT+3)

Askar – UNRWA: Cradle of Killers from ????? ???? ??????? ????”? CFNEPR on Vimeo.

Youtube has blocked my work and thus will not allow the posting of this seven minute movie. Is that because it shows the truth about UNRWA? Do UNRWA donors know where their money is going? Do these donors know they funded the education to violent hatred that encouraged the killers of Lucy Dee and her daughters, the Yaniv brothers and so many other innocent Jews?

We asked Rabbi Leo Dee to view the film and write his impresssions of it.

Review of “Askar UNRWA: Cradle of Terror” by Rabbi Leo Dee:

Viewing Askar UNRWA: Cradle of Terror”, the latest short documentary produced by David Bedein and his staff of Jewish and Arab journalists, we see the results of “indiscriminate support” for the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA.

By providing unconditional funding for UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority, rather than support for peaceful Palestinian Arabs whom they abuse, the world funds terror.

This movie shows how UNRWA and the PA educate the next generation of Arab children to hate and murder Jews.

If Israelis and the international community do not wake up to this reality, there will never be peace.

By supporting peaceful Palestinian Arabs to assert control of PLO terrorist organizations, and hate filled UNRWA camps, both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews will stand a chance at a better life together.

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  1. A brilliant examination by DavidBodein of Hanas’s reign of terror in Gaza and UNRWA’s colloboration with it.


    This Reuters dispatch says Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan is asking Israel ‘hard questions” about its bombing of “:innocent civilians” in Gaza, and the supposedly heavy death toll of these civilians. The U.S. values innocent civilian lives of both Israeli and Arab civilian lives equally, he says. Like everyone else, he accvepts the Hamas “Ministry of Health” figures on civilian deaths at face value. It is more than about time that Israel challenges these figures and demands that Hamas post the names, ages, occupations of these supposed innocents, and also reveals how many of these individuals it knows to be non-innocent terrorists.

    Of course, Israel has never been noted for its ability or even willingness to tell its side of the story to foreign audiences. It has always preferred to rely of Shimon Peres’s dictum that if Israel ‘does the right thing,” its image abroad will immediately improve.

    @peloni. Elon Musk has been accused of many things over the years, but I have never heard that naiveite was one of them.

  3. @Adam
    Musk subsequently replied to Israel’s response that

    We are not so naive.

    Per my post, no Starlink terminal has attempted to connect from Gaza.

    If one does, we will take extraordinary measures to confirm that it is used *only* for purely humanitarian reasons.

    Moreover, we will do a security check with both the US and Israeli governments before turning on even a single terminal.

    Notably, he is an American govt contractor so I doubt that he will enable Hamas’ communications without the US request to do so, though that gives me little comfort to be honest. In any event he is stating that he will require a security check with Israel as well.

    Just FYI

  4. Some of the adults in this documentary – horrendously, it’s mostly mothers – want their children to become shaheeds..

    I am firmly of the opinion that we should grant their wish, by finding their children and making that martydom come true.

  5. Hi, John F

    definitely employed as a weapon against the one Jewish State

    Without a doubt. UNWRA is a unique organization, created solely, it seems, to make all arabs born in the Jewish State a perpetual expat community, anchored in Jerusalem — a “government in exile”, as it were, with a legitimized claim on someone else’s (the Jews’) land. It’s just pure evil — manufactured by the anti-god of the anti-bible.

  6. @Micheal S

    So with your facts you are confirming my assertion though just a little short of a $billion. And definitely employed as a weapon against the one Jewish State

  7. A most enlightening post, as are the comments below. Everyone in the West should know these facts, and the disgraceful United Nations Rocket Warehouse Authority should be disbanded as soon as possible. Their funds should be given to the IDF to help them defend Israel from the appalling damage the UN has done to the Land and the People

  8. John F, I just checked your assertions. UNRWA’s funding is as such:

    The top donors are

    1. USA $344 M;
    2. Germany 202 M
    3. EU $114 M;
    4. Sweden 61 M;
    5. Norway $34 M;
    6. Japan 30 M;
    7. France $29 M;
    8. Saudi Arabia 27 M;
    9. Switzerland 10. Turkey 11. Canada 12. Netherlands 13. UK 14. Italy 15. Denmark 16. Australia 17. Spain 18. Belgium 19. Qatar 20. Ireland…

    In short, it appears that the Western World, the main supporters of Israel recently in the UN, are the main backers of her most dangerous enemy as well.

    With such large amounts of money flowing in essentially opposite directions, I get the impression that neither cause (pro-Israel or pro-HAMAS) is the intended beneficiary; but rather, the many middlemen who get to skim money off the top.

  9. It’s not about cutting funding and ending Western support for UNRWA. The sweet dreams about “peaceful Palestinian Arabs” is just that: sweet dreams. It’s much simpler: it’s either them or us on this land.
    And as their “neighbor” I can assure you that we are not going anywhere. So they will have to go. The sooner the better.

  10. Who funds UNRWA? If you live in the US, EU, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. — you do. With about $1 billion a year.

    And it was those nations who established UNWRA at the UN as a perpetual and ever growing thorn in our sides rather than dealing with the refugees under the UNHCR. So when did those nations ever feel guilt about Jew hatred? Not even 3 years after the Holcaust in 1948.

  11. UN staff celebrate Hamas massacre

    October 16, 2023

    While Hamas terrorists were murdering babies in Israel on October 7, killing 1300 Israelis and wounding 3000, UN school teachers, principals and other staff in Gaza were publicly celebrating the massacre, as revealed by UN Watch. See the thread below.

    For our major reports on incitement to hate and terrorism in UNRWA schools, click here.
    I had asked to meet UNRWA’s @UNLazzarini over his teachers who call to murder Jews. He refused. We just checked their posts. Meet principal Iman Hassan. She glorifies Hamas’ murder of babies as “repaying injustices” & liked her friend’s “burn, burn, burn.”

    2/ Meet UNRWA teacher Mohammed Adwan. He defends the Hamas massacre: “What we do is resistance, regaining our rights…” He eulogized terrorist Jamal Abu Samhadana, who murdered Tali Hatuel & her 4 daughters, as a “resistance legend.”

    3/ In July we asked to meet @UNLazzarini to raise these and numerous other teachers of hate employed by UNRWA. The incitement is widespread and systematic among the 30,000 staff. He refused to meet us. We just checked their social media, and they’re all cheering the massacre.

    4/ Meet UNRWA school counselor Niveen Afana. On the day of the massacre, she prayed for the murderers: “O Allah, have mercy on our martyrs, steadfast our mujahideen, grant them victory over the unbelievers and a good ending.”

    5/ Who funds UNRWA? If you live in the US, EU, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. — you do. With about $1 billion a year. I urge all these countries to get UNRWA to fire the 133 teachers of hate listed here:

    6/ Meet UNRWA teacher Osama Ahmad. On Sunday morning, while Hamas terrorists invaded Israeli towns and slaughtered families, proudly live-streaming their atrocities, this UNRWA teacher celebrated: “Allah is the greatest… Above imagination.”
    His post:

    7/ Meet UNRWA pediatrician Bashir Khamis Ghannam. Right after the Hamas massacre, he shared a post praising the murderers of babies as “martyrs of the Islamic and Arab nation, who were martyred in defending their homeland and nation…”

    8/ UNRWA’s stated objective is to educate Palestinian youth and impart values such as human rights and tolerance. Yet UNRWA systematically hires teachers and staff who promote terrorism and the murder of Jews. See our detailed reports and research here:

    9/ Meet Amer Yaser Nazmi Sada. One of the Hamas terrorists in Saturday’s massacre of Israeli families. His college diploma was found in a vehicle. UNRWA trained him—in “metal works.” @antonioguterres, how many of the 2,500 murderers were trained by UNRWA?

    10/ The employment of teachers of hate and terrorism is widespread and systematic at UNRWA. See a dozen more examples below.

    Top 2022 Funders: USA $344 Million, Germany $202M, EU $114M, Sweden $61M, Norway $34M, Japan $30M, Canada $24M, UK $21M.

    The tweet thread above was later prefaced by Neuer with the following:

    Dear UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres: While Hamas terrorists were murdering babies on Saturday, killing 1300 Israelis and wounding 3000, your UN school teachers, principals and other “humanitarian” staff in Gaza were publicly celebrating the massacre. Why are you silent?

    Of course, the reason he remains quiet is because he is complicit.

    Make no mistake, Western support made the Gaza Envelope Massacre both possible and inevitable.