Assad Regime Loses Control of More Territories

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The Arab League suspended the Observers Mission to Syria because the violence intensified and killings have escalated on the ground. The League is currently negotiating with Russia before the UNSC meeting on Syria to gain its support.

Assad forces killed at least 30 civilians today as it still believes it can stop the revolution. Dozens of tanks, armoured units, and thousands of soldiers and militiamen were brought into the cities of Ain Tarma, Kafarbatna, Saqba, Hamouriya, and Jesrain in the Eastern Ghouta area of the suburbs of Damascus. The regime tried to break into those cities but was met with fierce resistance and was pushed back in most of them by the revolutionaries assisted by defected soldiers who defected during the attack. This comes while heavy artillery continued to shell the city under the circling and monitoring of combat helicopters.

Clashes continued all over Syria, as regime forces are still unable to penetrate through the defences of the rebels in the city of Rastan despite the ongoing arriving reinforcements; at least 7 armoured units were destroyed. Clashes were also recorded at Qalat Madiq in Hama and Jora suburb in Deir Azzour.

The number of soldiers who were accused of defection, detained before defection, or changed their mind during their attempt to defect, have increased to 12,000 in Palmyra prison alone, where they are currently held up in a section called “deposits”. The regime is unable to clear them or return them to outposts. The numbers are increasing, as around 5,000 are detained in other prisons and facilities.

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  1. Where is the UN……do you think they would have a session if these Pallys were in Israel and israel was protecting their people.