Barak goes to war against Olmert

By Ted Belman

While Livni has been cowered into silence, Barak is challenging Olmert at every opportunity.

Olmert: All options on table regarding Iran

    He told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that “anything that can prevent the nuclearization of Iran is a part of the legitimate context of dealing with the issue. Israel will not accept a nuclear Iran. All options are being taken into consideration.”[..]

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to Olmert’s comment, suggesting that the prime minister did too much talking on the issue. “Iran is a big threat. There is a lot to do on Iran: upgrade intelligence, impose sanctions, take diplomatic steps… What we have enough of is talk. The current leaders have a lot to say. Words won’t stop missiles and declarations don’t stop centrifuges,” said Barak.

Olmert, Barak at loggerheads over evacuation of West Bank outposts

    “Olmert is acting with the same frivolousness that characterized his behavior in the Second Lebanon War,” Barak’s aides said, adding that Olmert was “endangering efforts to achieve an evacuation without violence.

There are many other examples of Barak challenging Olmert.

Could it be that Barak is getting ready to leave the coalition before Lieberman?

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