Being reasonable

By Ted Belman

A long time friend of mine was upset about receiving an email from me on Annapolis. She wrote,

    I don’t think it helpful in the efforts of reasonable people to achieve peace in the region.

I replied,

From this I conclude that you consider yourself to be reasonable and me extreme.

I submit you are wrong on both counts. Reason cannot be divorced from facts without becoming unreasonable. But there are facts and then there are facts.

I am against the “peace process” because it is divorced from reality. You are for this process because it embraces reality.

My reality is that

    a) the Arabs want to destroy us and have never waivered from this desire by act or deed in 100 years,
    b) a two state solution is not viable,
    c) Israelis or Jews are not responsibility for the Palestinian suffering and
    d) Israel and Jews have the only legal right to Judea and Samaria.

Your reality, if I may presume, is that

    a) Israel cannot ignore world opinion,
    b) Israel is vastly outnumbered by the Arabs so must succumb, or
    c) justice for or suffering of the Palestinians demands it.

So we each base our reasons on different facts which necessitate ignoring the facts of the other.

You believe that your peace process will lead to peace. I believe it will lead to war. In this, I am reasonable and you are unreasonable.

I also am against “peace” at any cost. We have rights too.

November 21, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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