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  1. Yamit, Shy Guy and Charles Martel–you were right about Bibi all along. I wish it were not so, but, sadly I have to admit it. Baruch Hashem for our Arab enemies, may they thwart his plans as they always do.

  2. The question remains what do or can we do about him?

    From the right I suggest the religious Zionists use every means to delegitimize Shas based on Halacha. Even if this divides the Torah camp which hardly exists in any event. Judaism without Jews is an Oxymoron. It’s time shas pays the political price for their support of Oslo and their passivity over Gush Katif, which lead as a consequence so many lives lost and ruined all in the name of What? Every Rabbi who is paid a government salary must be shunned and marginalized. A real threat of creating a second independent Jewish State must be returned to the political debate. If there can be 3 Pali states why not 2 Jewish ones? If the Government of Israel doesn’t want Biblical Israel, I believe enough do to make it a reality if there is no other choice.

    I dislike Lieberman as much as I do BB, I would support him if he would bring the government down and assume leadership of the Israeli right.