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  1. One has to well interprete all these events.

    1. The orthodox Jewish community in Israel has a faith in G”d and Israel strong like iron. We believe in our G”d and do not need christian allies.
    2. The orthodox Jewish community is growing and growing, in the Binyamin region only this year 15% !!!
    3. The left panics and cannot control their fears. THEY DO NEED ALLIES …against us !
    4. The left hates Arabs, since the essence of the left is a degenerate mixture of racism and stalinism as the “the High Court for Justice” (!) demonstrates every day
    5. But there is somebody that the left hates even more than Arabs: their guilty conscience, i.e. themselves. And therefore they have declared the “absolute war” to those who remind them this guilty conscience: orthodox Judaism.
    6. The left is declining, and they want to entrain the whole country into the their decay. How else can one interprete the fact that the left supports the idea of an Arab state INSTEAD of Israel ? They are not that idiot not know that they would be the first to be killed in such a state. But they are out of controle. The stomach dictates their minds.
    7. And that’s good news: They will simply disappear, very soon.

    So, I do not care that Peres, this senile liar and traitor has been offered the last “success” for a declining left, bye bye ….

  2. Jews and Israelis must choose whether, as suggested above, they recognise the unity of all Jews no matter what their degree of religious observance; or whether, following Peres and the Peace Now mentality, they wish to form a unity with the rest of the world. If they choose the latter then they choose the destruction of a sppecial place for Jewish thought and ideals and untimately of the Jewish people.

  3. RUTH WESTHEIMER IS HERE AND SHE LOVES HIM! Olmert say he is the most respected Israeli abroad. BB was basking in the limelite as Opposition leader and all the Israeli whos` who are cheering him on. For two whole days here all the media is non stop Peres. Why Israel needs a presidency is beyond my comprehension, It cost we poor tax payers hundreds of millions of shekels ea. year and it isn`t that this money couldn`t be used in a better cause and manner. Olmerts low POLL numbers seem to be working against us as I guess he feels he has nothing to lose, this frees him up to do things a competitive PM would be loath to do out of fear of the peoples and press reaction. OLMERT IS FREE AS A BIRD RIGHT NOW AND HE SEEMS TO REVEL IN THIS POSITION> I WONDER IF HE IS NOT TAKING HIS REVENGE AGAINST US(THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY HATE HIM)

    Getting back to Peres? Look the old adage MAN makes PLANS and GOD LAUGHS might apply at least I hope so in the case of Peres ! After all of the three NOBEL LAUREATS from OSLO he is the ONLY CRIMINAL LEFT OF THAT INFAMOUS TRIO! The law of Averages are with us and against him and his supporters BUT?

    The Implied function of the Israeli President is to be a symbol of national unity and NO ISRAELI POLITICIAN has been till now; has done more to divide Israel than Peres.

    The presidency should not be seen as a last stop Prize for FAILED POLITICIANS! Well its done now we must I hate to say the word pray so lets use HOPE he doesent manage to hold on too long at 84 and in the interim not do too much damage and harm to Israel and the World as a whole.

  4. Peres will politicise the post of President, but firstly we have to bear in mind that he’s responsible for selling Israel out at Oslo, and that his “peace” foundation is financed by the EU as well as some Arab states.

    First of all, Peres has long advocated the transformation of Israel from a Jewish state to “a state of its citizens.”

    Secondly, consider this excerpt from Mr. Peres’s interview with Ha’aretz following his defeat by Benjamin Netanyahu in the May 1996 prime ministerial election:

    Interviewer: What happened in this election?
    Peres: We lost.
    Interviewer: Who is we?
    Peres: We, that is the Israelis.
    Interviewer: And who won?
    Peres: All those who do not have an Israeli mentality.
    Interviewer: And who are they?
    Peres: The Jews.

    Based on his own words, it is not outlandish to call Shimon Peres a non-Jew. Indeed, when Peres was Israel’s foreign minister in the 1991-1995 Rabin government, he applied for Israel’s membership in the Arab League!

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