Benjamin Netanyahu: We will continue until Hamas is eradicated

“We don’t seek to govern Gaza, we don’t seek to occupy it, but we seek to give it and us a better future, and the entire Middle East…

What we have to see is Gaza de-militarized, de-radicalized, and rebuilt.  And all of that could be achieved.  We don’t seek to conquer Gaza, we don’t seek to occupy Gaza, and we don’t seek to govern Gaza.  We will have to find a civilian govt that will be there but in the foreseeable future, we have to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.  So we have to have a credible force, that if necessary will enter Gaza and kill the killers because that is what will prevent the reemergence of a Hamas-like entity.  But what I expect to see is a rebuilt Gaza for the Gazans.”

November 10, 2023 | 13 Comments »

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  1. Ted Belman

    Re position of Russia

    Put representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya his lamentable position as separate thread

    To discuss it properly

    Where noone can hide

  2. Position of the Israeli leadership is this

    I was for the position of unconditional support for Israel in war against the clerical Fascism of Hamas.

    But keep eyes wide open to possible eventual betrayal by the military and political leadership.

    The need I stressed continuously for a new type of leadership.

    The young Israeli army has shown much bravery.

    It is now necessary that this is not thrown away but built upon.

    The immediate question is how precisely. What to do?

  3. If we watch closely what they say and what their actions are. Here is what I’m seeing.

    Biden=Cease fire.
    Biden Ceasefire / Pause.
    Bibi=well maybe we can do a humanitarian pause, But no cease fire.
    Biden=Cease fire/ humanitarian pause. Israel not moving as quickly as we would like.
    Bibi= we’ll do 4 hours humanitarian pause.
    Biden= Cease fire / humanitarian pause to protect the innocent civilians.
    Bibi=O.K. since we are such good world citizens, we will tell Hamas 3 hours before we do the Pause.

    My prediction (I hope I’m wrong), Hamas may be walking around with one less arm and leg like any good war veteran. But Israel is going to let them walk.

  4. @Ted Just replace Israel with Russia in that statement and read it back to him, verbatim and see how he likes them apples.

  5. Is it not blatant hypocracy for Russia to call Israel an occupier in Gaza, when they are, as we speak, doing the same thing in Ukraine? Russia…just shut up!

  6. Nov 2/23

    Israel has no right to defend itself as it is an occupying power, Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, said at an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

    “The only thing they can muster is continued pronouncements about Israel’s supposed right to self defense, although as an occupying power, it does not have that power as confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice handed down in 2004,” said the Russian representative.

  7. In a region where only strength is respected, this position of abject weakness will be seen to have a profound effect while going forward. This is a devastating policy, made in America, to support America’s policy of supporting Iran’s regional dominance. A very great opportunity to fell a profound blow against the enemy has been transformed into momentary a respite in which Israelis will be forced to remain captive to its terrorizing neighbors who only need to hang a sign signalling new management while the terror continues. The killers need to be uprooted, trans-located, and permanently separated from their future victims. Anything less than this is an abject failure to protect the Israeli people. What a disaster.