Biden Tries To Bribe Netanyahu Over Iran Nukes

JaFaJ INTELLIGENCE       June 22, 2023

1. Summary: The Biden administration is seeking Israel’s secret endorsement of a new nuclear deal between the United States and Iran. Biden is promising the Israelis to limit Iran’s uranium endorsement at 60 percent and forcing her to cease attacking Israel through its proxy terror groups in Lebanon and Gaza. Nonetheless, the Israelis are not convinced and therefore seeking another guarantor for the said deal, particularly the Chinese, Iran’s new mentors. Meanwhile, the attacking Iran’s nuclear program remains an option for the Israelis.

2. In an effort to show that he has foreign policy credibility, President Joe Biden has been pushing to revive the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiated during the Obama Administration. The deal, opposed by Israel on all levels, included allowing Iran to enrich uranium at established and verifiable levels, provided financial incentives that would benefit their economy and would have welcomed Iran into civilized society as equals with open arms.

3. JaFaJ has learned that President Biden has been pressuring Israel to secretly endorse a new nuclear between the United States and Iran. According to JaFaJ intelligence sources in both, Washington DC and Jerusalem, recent visit to Israel by the United States Secretary of State Blinken was to apply pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept the deal. According to the source, the White House is convinced that Israel is close to launching a large-scale attack on Iranian nuclear sites that similar to the one it carried out on the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 which ended the Iraqi nuclear program. The sources reported the President fears such a strike could ignite a full-blown war in the Middle East.

4.JaFaJ sources have confirmed that US Secretary of State Blinken informed Israel that the US is close to finalizing a deal with Iran that President Biden believes that “fairly addresses Israel’s concerns.”

5. The sources added that the deal will include limiting Iran’s uranium enrichment level at 60 percent and committing Iran to stopping terror attacks on Israel by groups that it controls and finances, particularly Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Iran will also receive an unannounced cash incentive.

6. A senior Israeli government source confirmed to JaFaJ that Netanyahu was still not convinced by the American offer, doubting Iran’s willingness to commit to such a deal with the United States. According to the source, the Israelis want to bring in other guarantors to secure Iran’s commitment, particularly the Chinese. [COMMENT: China has been collaborating with Iran economically and militarily on an unprecedented scale. Recently China was able to secure a peace agreement between Iran and its long-time archenemy, the Saudi Kingdom. Reftel: END COMMENT]

7. Conclusion: The Biden Administration is determined to push a new nuclear deal with Iran. Only that this time, he wants to convince the Israelis that Iran will not pose any threats to them. With the Israelis not buying Biden’s promises, it is more likely Israel will act independently to stop Iran’s militarized nuclear ambition. Considering Israel’s nightmarish memories of ethnic cleansing of Jews and horrifying terror attacks, its unlimited military power and America’s diminishing role in the Middle East, it might be a matter of when will Israel attack Iran’s nuclear program and not if.


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  1. The nuclearization of the ayatollahs will be “a major foreign policy success” for the duo Bho/jK!
    The three European countries of Fr., G, & GB open the door to this outcome.
    Did Bho ever give up on his original faith?

  2. Finally it sounds as if somebody in the Isrseli government has picked up the ball. The supposed promises by the US government are not worthy of consideration and would be spun away like so many others such as reconsidering aid in time of war etc. At last a blessing!