Biden wants global security regime in Gaza, then PA; floats visa ban on violent settlers

T. Belman. Biden is obsessed egarding the TSS. He just won’t let it go. How come? What’s it to him? Why must “Gaza and the West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure,” ?

Why is he promotting the rebuilding of Gaza now?  Syria has not been rebuilt after many years.

There is no “settler violence” yet Biden keeps railing against it.

In op-ed, US president calls for international effort to rebuild post-war Strip, says extremists in West Bank must be stopped, held accountable; Netanyahu: PA ‘not fit’ to run Gaza


President Joe Biden arrives at the Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Del., Friday, Nov. 17, 2023.. (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

US President Joe Biden, for the first time, urged the international community on Saturday to help manage the security of the Gaza Strip for an interim period after the war, to be followed eventually by Palestinian Authority governance.

In a Washington Post op-ed, he also threatened to slap entry bans on violent Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told during a press conference of Biden’s call for the Palestinian Authority to ultimately govern Gaza, said the PA in its current form was “not fit” to do so.

“The international community must commit resources to support the people of Gaza in the immediate aftermath of this crisis, including interim security measures,” Biden wrote in the article, which sought to rally support for his administration’s policy on the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Biden said the international community should “establish a reconstruction mechanism to sustainably meet Gaza’s long-term needs,” and said it was “imperative that no terrorist threats ever again emanate from Gaza or the West Bank.”

The US president also reaffirmed his commitment to the two-state solution as “the only way to ensure the long-term security of both the Israeli and Palestinian people” and said that “though right now it may seem like that future has never been further away, this crisis has made it more imperative than ever.”

“As we strive for peace, Gaza and the West Bank should be reunited under a single governance structure, ultimately under a revitalized Palestinian Authority, as we all work toward a two-state solution,” he wrote.

In his op-ed, Biden pointed to the United States as the “essential nation” in rallying countries against both Hamas and Russia, which he cast as a threat to democracy and global security.

“Both Putin and Hamas are fighting to wipe a neighboring democracy off the map. And both Putin and Hamas hope to collapse broader regional stability and integration and take advantage of the ensuing disorder. America cannot, and will not, let that happen. For our own national security interests — and for the good of the entire world,” he wrote.

The Biden administration’s vision of eventual PA governance of Gaza, and its efforts to rally Arab allies to help manage the Strip’s security in the interim, have been resisted by Netanyahu, who has said that Israel will maintain overall security responsibility for Gaza and will not hand it over to “international forces.”

On Saturday night, he said the PA in its current form “is not fit” to run the enclave, noting that Abbas had yet to condemn the October 7 massacres, while some of his ministers “are celebrating what happened.”

Netanyahu said Israel and the US are agreed on destroying Hamas and returning the hostages. “And I believe that we will ultimately reach agreement on this too: that it is impossible to put in Gaza a civil government that supports terrorism, encourages terrorism, finances terrorism and educates for terrorism.”

Biden’s proposal was also rejected Saturday by Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi who told the Manama Security Forum on Saturday that “no Arab troops” would be deployed in Gaza after the war, as Amman’s ties with Jerusalem deteriorate further.

Extremist settler violence ‘must stop’

In the op-ed, Biden also threatened to issue visa bans against the perpetrators of settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, which has spiked since the beginning of the war.

As many as seven Palestinians have been killed by extremist settlers, although the circumstances of some of those incidents are not clear and an exact determination as to whether these individuals were killed by gunfire from settlers or Israeli security forces has not been possible.

According to the left-wing Yesh Din rights group, there have been more than 185 settler attacks against Palestinians in over 84 towns and villages around the territory since October 7.

While much of Biden’s article rehashed stances that the US has been voicing for weeks, the threat regarding visa bans appears to be new.

“I have been emphatic with Israel’s leaders that extremist violence against Palestinians in the West Bank must stop and that those committing the violence must be held accountable,” Biden wrote.

“The United States is prepared to take our own steps, including issuing visa bans against extremists attacking civilians in the West Bank,” he said.


Later on Saturday, Abbas called on Biden to use his international influence to halt Israel’s offensive in Gaza, calling it a “genocide.”

“History will not absolve anyone of these crimes. I call on you to provide relief to our besieged people in Gaza. This war must stop immediately. How can this genocide be self-defense? In reality, this genocide is a war crime that warrants punishment,” he said.

“I also call on you to urgently intervene to stop the attacks by Israeli forces and the continuous terrorism by settlers against our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem, which foreshadow an imminent explosion,” he said.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Biden is a puppet for the globalists. The globalists are antisemites. They want to ensure that Israel is permanently crippled by ongoing attacks from the so-called “peaceful Palestinians.” They will come to Israel’s aid when she is attacked, and as soon as Israel is winning, they start threatening Israel and Israelis as if Israel and Israelis are the cause of the genocide.

    The globalists want perpetual war. They cannot stand peaceful relations between countries. This is part of why they hate Netanyahu and Trump. Netanyahu keeps his country safe. Trump kept us out of forever wars and supported Netanyahu in the Abraham Accords, creating peaceful relations in the middle east and acting as a group that could counter Iran. The globalists like Iran because they know Iran funds terrorism and starts wars.

    The progressives in Israel, some of whom are billionaire globalists themselves, are also allied with the globalists. On the surface they profess to be about “peace” but they support Obama/Biden policies which are all about empowering Iran and disempowering Israel.

    There is a uniparty in the US which supports the billionaire globalists first, their constituents last (democrats and RINOS, i.e. never-Trumper Republicans). These people have either encouraged or accepted every culture trashing effort of the Marxists. That includes normalizing sexual perversions, protecting Black criminals from prosecution under the guise of “reparation,” attacking patriotic people and conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” etc. These are Americans destroying America.

    It is probably not that different from Israelis whose globalist goals make them uninterested in, if not contemptuous of, the Zionist project. After all, they don’t care if Jews are hounded out of every country in the world, and if Israel is destroyed. They are insulated and protected from that due to their wealth. These people are not your friends, Israel. Just as Obama and Biden are not your friends, these progressives willing to sell out Israeli security in Gaza to someone else just have something wrong in their ability to understand the reality of who the Palestinian people are. They truly have a belief that the Palestinians would want peace with Israel, if only Netanyahu weren’t PM. I know this because I heard one giving a webinar for a college in Haifa. He had worked with a past Israeli government (I think with the Olmert government) when the government “worked with the PA.” He believes those efforts promoted peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and that the lack of peace is due to Netanyahu’s policies. There really is a problem that these people have. It’s not just that they have a difference of political opinion. It’s more like they have a blind spot the size of Manhattan. There is no evidence whatsoever that the majority of Palestinians want peace with Israel. So where do these ideas come from?

    They come from the minds of people who don’t offer facts that substantiate their arguments but instead, who live in a fact free zone.

    Israelis need to evaluate the statements of politicians who claim that is in Israel’s best interests to do what Biden tells them to do, and see if they have any evidence for their claims.

  2. @Seb, being ideological correct and overseeing the military when you have zero experience nor the correct temperament are to work as a team wo vastly different things.

  3. @Ted, Bibi brought Gantz into the government to spread the political risk of the war for himself plus bring an experienced former Chief of Staff he could work with on war matters. Smotrich and Ben-Gvir are not experienced and are difficult to work with to be understated.

  4. IDF I believe will stay in Gaza in-spite of cries from Biden and others. Many of us wrote in 2005 for Israel to be secure the IDF has to stay in Gaza. We 100% correct. That Biden wants something else that will not work must be ignored and explained to him and others that is simply not feasible and we have many wars and dead Israelis to prove it.

  5. Biden can surely play with his…
    Gaza will not be internationalized. The beasts there are guilty of monstrous crimes against Jewsish persons and visitors and will forever pay. Judea and Samaria Hamas operatives shall also be dealt with.