Jordan sent an army to the Israeli border, presumably to block refugees from entering

Jordanian ground forces are moving into areas bordering Palestinian lands. According to one version, they are bringing them closer to the Israeli borders to possibly counter the IDF.

A number of Arab media outlets have reported about the transfer of the Jordanian army.

It is noted that the kingdom is building up forces near the borders of Israel and Palestine, putting them on alert.

However, Reuters agency disagrees with this version and suggests that Jordan sent an army to the border with the West Bank, presumably to block the path of Palestinian refugees. After all, if full-scale military operations begin in this region, a large number of local residents will want to leave it.

As an argument in favor of their version, the agency’s journalists cite the words of Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.

We will not allow Palestinian displacement and will do whatever is necessary to prevent it.

– said the Jordanian official.

However, his statement does not mean that the military is going to stop Palestinians fleeing the war by force weapons. Moreover, Safadi also protested on behalf of his country against the displacement of residents of the Gaza Strip from their homes, calling it a war crime by the Israeli authorities.

At this time, the situation in the West Bank is becoming increasingly tense. Some experts predict that the region could become another hot spot in the Middle East, along with the Gaza Strip and Israel’s border with Lebanon.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. No the war crimes are being committed by neighboring countries refusing to take refugees. Those are the real war crimes, and Jordan and Egypt just want to hide their crimes from the world.

    It’s all the same playbook: They massacre and butcher Jews then blame the Jews when they fight back and appear to be winning.

    They are desperate to get world opinion on their side and against the Jews because this war is a potential game changer. They know it by Israel’s serious and methodical approach to destroying Hamas, something they have not seen before. Abdullah has reason to worry, because losing Hamas is a direct threat to his power.

  2. Time for some people to realise war and politics are NOT a Rugby or tennis match where we return to the starting positions after a score – and the dead and wounded are NOT score points.