BOMBSHELL: Left-Wing Reporter: “Police Briefed Us On Bibi’s Case, Tried To Recruit Us For Political Change”

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Left-wing media personality Eldad Yaniv revealed on Monday evening that senior police officers briefed journalists and heads of the left-wing protests during the investigations of alleged criminal offenses of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Speaking on Channel 14’s “The Patriots,” Yaniv, who is a lawyer by profession, said. “We were briefed…in real time…we were regularly briefed by the senior investigators of the Israel Police. We were informed in real-time what the cases consist of and who is going to shut down state witnesses. Not only journalists were briefed but also prominent activists of left-wing protests. They wanted to recruit us to make a political change here in the country.”

“It served my purposes because I believed what they were telling me was true. I had been fighting corruption since 2010, and if the most senior investigators in the Israel Police describe cases that exist against Netanyahu, about receipts, invoices, and about regulatory bias in the billions…I believe those things. When sub-superintendents of the police brief me, I believe it – I think you would believe it too.”

Yaniv added that in the future he will reveal the identity of those who briefed him: “I will reveal the names faster than you think…I will not only expose them – I’ll also make sure that no one can deny it.”

It should be noted that since defamatory laws in Israel are extremely strict, it is rare for someone, especially a public figure, to make false accusations.

On Tuesday, Yaniv told Galey Yisrael: “I’m not naïve, I’ve been fighting corruption since 2010. It’s clear to me that at the time those alleged officials used me…I believed what they told me. I led protests against Netanyahu, I filed petitions with the Supreme Court.”

“In some cases, they briefed me even before an investigation was launched. Of course, you believe these people, just as you would believe senior Shin Bet or Mossad officials if they briefed you.”

The report caused a storm on social media networks.

Likud MK Moshe Saada (who in the past, served as the deputy head of the Police Internal Investigations Department) told Channel 14 following the report: “Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising. I was inside the system, and I saw the desire and motivation to overthrow Netanyahu at any cost. And when we received intelligence information about criminal offenses committed by police officers in the Netanyahu cases – we were prevented from investigating them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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