CNN also remove AZ from Biden’s states

November 10, 2020 | 9 Comments »

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. @ Amethyst48:

    Well…..I wouldn’t call it “Grand”…not even with a small “g”. When the true figures emerge giving Trump over 300 Electoral College votes, THEN I’ll accept “Grand”,…. in fact. GRAND…!!

  2. The President Is Purging the Security Services While Rejecting the Results of an Election He Lost
    Jack Holmes,Esquire•November 10, 2020
    The results of the 2020 election are not in doubt. Republicans made gains in the House, control of the Senate will come down to two runoff elections in Georgia, and Joe Biden won the presidency. It wasn’t close. He is on track, at the moment, to win 306 Electoral Votes, the same number Donald Trump won in 2016. His leads across the key states that made the difference are likely to be larger—often much larger—than those that got Trump across the line last time. Oh, and Biden got millions and millions more citizens’ votes, not that it matters, strictly speaking, in our boneheaded system.

  3. @

    Thanks for the THIRD encouraging news for the day.
    Debkafile is reporting Trump is getting close to finalizing normalized relations between Morroco and Israel.
    Also, if that were not good enough, Trump is considering a pardon for Jonathan Pollard when his cruel probation is soon up for renewal, in order to prevent Biden from renewing it, which we know he would be inclined to do.

  4. @ Wooly Mammoth:
    Actually, he was NEVER the Pres Elect. That can’t happen until the Electoral College meets in Dec to cast their votes.
    The media has no legal status in declaring a Pres. Elect.
    And given the growing list of electoral interference, it’s very possible he WON’T be .

  5. If understand this video correctly,, the Next News Network reported only that the Real Clear Politics polling organization was no longer declaring Biden the certain winner , not that CNN had withdrawn its claim that Biden had been elected.

    There is a very brief mention on this video that CNN had flashed a change in its electoral chart that moved Arizona from “Blue” to “Grey,” and moved Pennsylvania from solid Blue to Blue-and-White-alternating diagonal lines–meaning that Biden probably won Pennsylvania, but its not yet 100% certain. Sometimes CNN flashes charts for a moment, without comment from its “reporters.”If that is what happened, it would only mean that CNN’s off-camera “experts” had developed some doubts that the election was over. It would not mean that CNN has retracted its calling the election for Biden.

  6. [continued<]

    Please provide a link to the CNN news flash this author is claiming CNN published with respect to Pennsylvania and Arizona election results being reversed and taken out of the win column for Biden and his title of President Elect having been withdrawn also, by CNN.
    I have searched high and low…..

  7. I like the idea that Biden is not the President-elect, but … … …I …can not
    locate any second source for these revelations. Nothing in Wall Street Journal etc.
    Is Franchi legitimate?? Is his report factual?