Bush administration opposes bills on divestment from Iran, Sudan

By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration has notified Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois that it “can’t support” the bills intended to help states and funds divest from Iran and Sudan, Haaretz learned on Tuesday. In a letter sent to Durbin within the past four weeks, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department Kevin Fromer explains the reservations the administration has regarding these bills, among them, the fear that such legislation “could jeopardize the support of our allies for multilateral actions against the regimes in these countries.” Durbin introduced S. 831 – The Sudan Divestment Authorization Act – which is one of the bills the administration is asking Congress to take off the table. CONTINUE

[All the reasons offered do not satisfy me. They fail to offer any explanation of how it can hurt their efforts. TB]

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  1. Felix

    See Bill Narvey’s post on Olmert’s refusal to consult with his own cabinet on the Agreement currently being negotiated with Abbas where he closes with,

    Just what the hell is going on in Israel? If Israel is not lifting a finger to save herself from this madness, just what in God’s name can we do?

    and you will understand how many of us feel.

    I recognize what is coming in November. I am open to suggestions on how to fight it. What precisely do you propose?

  2. America seems to be very insecure of going it alone on the world stage. Desperately seeking the approval and support of other nations and to be able to say they have allies, America is prepared to do all the heavy lifting in exchange for a bit of help and her allies to join with her in saying they are allies.

    Ted, the reasons the administration give for not backing the Senate bill intended to help states and funds divest from Iran and Sudan lend support to my impression that America’s alliances with some EU nations are very tenuous. America feels the need to be super cautious in any position it takes that might be viewed negatively by those EU nations and which could cause an ally, even if an ally in mostly name only to withdraw from the alliance with America.

    Insecurity sure has a way of impairing confidence, decisiveness and judgment or influencing thinking for the worse and not the better.

    That is what I make of the Bush administration’s failure to support a Senate bill that should be a no brainer since it is clearly on the right side of the issue it seeks to address.

  3. If the regular commentators on Israpundit are not prepared to comment on this issue then I can only assume that

    1. They do not understand exactly what the above means for Israel

    or 2. They understand very well what it means but they are so full of their committment to American Imperialism that they have already taken sides in the coming struggle.

    I will remind you all on Israpundit that the key issue here is Yugoslavia, and what Bush and Clinton did there.

    That come the Autumn Bush is preparing a conference in which the Islam loving Europeans led by Blair and the Germans, will line up along with American Imperialism and impose a Palestinian state, an Islamist terror state, right beside Israel.

    Then war will follow as sure as night follows day on the clear basis that Israel must be made to cease to exist.

    At that time it is possible that the US will step in to ward off total defeat of Israel.

    But by then it will be on the basis that Israel is no longer a sovereign state, and the Jews a sovereign nation. It will be a client totally of the US. With the Fascists right next door, just as the Serbs have now got Fascists around them, in Kosovo, in Bosnia, in Croatia, in Albania.

    This is the general pattern of the US in the world today, the US needs to have client states, not independent entities, at its beck and call.

    No matter where you look, Afghanistan, Poland, Yugoslavia, Albania, Europe in league with Islam, and on to the Middle East including Iraq.

    The US knows very well that it is using weasel words above.

    For the US to now say wait for the Europeans to join in with the US for action against Iran, well we have been waiting 6 years ever since the deceased R%obin Cook the British Foreign Secretary set out on this policy of discussion and the threat of sanctions etc against Iran.

    I want to ask Israpundit readers and commentators a question.

    If in the Autumn this Palestinian state is rammed through by the US Government at this conference what exactly is Israpundit going to do, and in a wider sense what is the American Jewish organizations going to do.

    Not a comment on this issue here. Shameful! Shame on the commentators on Israpundit!

  4. To quote a passage from the report>

    In the letter from the Treasury Department, the administration explains its resistance to several divestment bills. “The Treasury Department shares Congress’ concerns about the actions of state sponsors of terrorism,” it says, “and agrees that economic pressure is a component of any comprehensive strategy to alter the behavior of these regimes.” However, it says, “Imposing meaningful financial pressure requires the cooperation and joint actions of other countries.” In the case of Iran, claims the administration, pressure is mounting precisely because the United States is not acting alone.

    It is very difficult to get across to people in America just how rotten, reactionary and downright evil the US Governments of both hues actually are.

    When somebody like myself takes them on then you are liable to have thrown at you Dont shit on our Government etc.

    I have been reading more on all the events of Yugoslavia and I hold all sections of the US Government responsible for supporting Coratian Fascism and Bosnian Islamofascism, and through that support to the Bosnian Islamists for training and helping the terrorists who carried out 9.11.

    In the above you have the usual weasel words at the beginning.

    But the end result is that the US Govt will do nothing to hurt or harm the Iranian Islamists.

    This is in line with everything they did in Yugoslavia.

    Karaditz was correct in Bosnia, what the Bosnian Serbs were fighting was the real evil of Islam Fascism. But such is the power of the Media that people now treat Karaditz as a hunted leper.

    But the Serbs in Bosnia were facing a horrific ewvil, and this evil was being backed by Bush Snr and by Clinton, while this present Bush govt has carried on the insult to the Serbs which is the Hague Kangaroo Court.

    Of course there will be people to step in and to make a case out for Bush in the above. I mean on this site. I mean particularly those who stay silent which I have learned is the greatest trick of all for downright reactionary supporters of the American Imperialist system to use. We shall see.

    This has great implications for Israel, because if Israel is to survive, then it must learn to have no hopes at all that this US ruling class will help it against the Iranian bomb and that Israel must be able to fight its way through with the help of the revolutionary Serbs to take the war with Iranian Mullahs right into Iran itself.

    This situation is as bad as that in Europe 1939 and the Jews are facing Holocaust, which is the real implication of the above Bush signal.

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