No plan to present Olmert-Abbas understanding to cabinet before presenting it to international conference

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 29 August 2007

IMRA asked the following question this morning to an “Israeli Government Official”:

    If Prime Minister Olmert develops some form of understanding of principles with PA head Mahmoud Abbas before the international conference will the Government vote on it before the international conference?

The “Israeli Government Official”, returned shortly thereafter with the following reply:

    “There is no such plan at this point to bring it before an additional forum for further discussion.”
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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Conducting such critical matters of state in secrecy that can bind Israel to substantive agreements that will hereafter define and limit Israeli rights and future options vis a vis the Palestinians, the ME and the world and which will significantly determine Israel’s future course, without any fair opportunity for all MK’s to analyze, consider and vote on is insanity. It is also insanity that no opportunity is given Israelis to consider the issues and say no.

    What is also insane is that the opposition MK’s and those vying for leadership are saying and doing nothing about Olmert’s peace initiative and efforts to make deals with Abbas. Also insane is the astonishing apathy of the Israeli public of whom about 95% do disapprove of Olmert and his government. And just where are the media that blithely support Olmert and Kadima without a word about this insanity afflicting Israelis, their leaders and those who appear to be little better then pretenders to the halls of power and seat of government.

    Just what the hell is going on in Israel? If Israel is not lifting a finger to save herself from this madness, just what in God’s name can we do?

  2. Presentation to the GoI prior to international conference would jeopardize his nefarious plan. Olmert will present a cheering world with the heartland of Israel as a fait accompli. His foolish words will be considered binding by his international audience (regardless of Israeli approval), and he just may win the Nobel Peace Prize with Abbas. Condi will be in the area soon to pass out the scripts so Olmert and Abbas can practice their lines for the conference. All Israel is powerless before the no-longer-accountable, sell-out Olmert and usurping Peres. Gee, if you didn’t know better, you might just be tempted to say this reads just like something out of the Bible.

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