Campaign to save Jerusalem, the capital of Israel

“If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem…”

By Elyakim Haetzni

The Quartet, into whose hands Sharon and his government entrusted our destiny, convened in New York to ensure that the conference – obliquely referred to as “the Peace Conference” by the hostile Israeli media – will force Israel to assume irrevocable legal and international obligations that nullify our rights to the heritage of our forefathers in the Land of Israel. This goal is to be attained, in diametrical opposition to the conditions stipulated even in the pernicious Roadmap, by reversing the order of these conditions. First, the establishment of a Palestinian State as an irreversible political fact, and then, “Inshallah”, this Palestinian State will dismantle the terrorist organizations (Abu-Mazen will dissolve the Hamas in Gaza!…), collect their arms etc., etc. etc.

Natan Sharansky of One Jerusalem is leading the charge. Please sign the Petition.

At this second Munich in Annapolis, Olmert intends to establish a Palestinian State regardless of the fact that there has been no cessation in the Kassams launched from Gaza, that the bomb belts keep finding their way to Tel-Aviv, and that battles rage in the areas surrounding the Gaza Strip and within Judah and the Shomron. The conference will continue to pursue its agenda, impervious to the non-stop flow of arms through the southern border, breached thanks to the disengagement. The USA’s Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, too, who does not even bother hiding her unreserved identification with the Arabs, visits Israel for the purpose of ensuring that the Palestinian entrapment will be irremediable.

Do not buy the illusion that the conference is not a serious matter, and “nothing will come out of it”. Those placating us require this illusion in order to justify, to others as well as to themselves, their absence of motivation and the depletion of their energy.

The silence emanating from the settlers and the remnants of the national camp is not merely inactivity; it has a tangible negative effect. It radiates, both internally and externally, that there is no one to oppose the historical catastrophe about to be inflicted upon us – the public surrender by the Jewish people of its homeland, and the total eradication of all Jewish life in the land of the Bible.

This negativity creates its own momentum, exponentially enhancing the power of the destroyers.

When Ehud Barak planned to divide Jerusalem, the biggest demonstration in the history of the State of Israel took place. More than 400,000 demonstrators crowded together, from the foot of the Tower of David up to the entrance of Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. An atmosphere of crisis, a determination to save the Holy City of Jerusalem, enveloped all those present. One of the speakers was Judge Moshe Landau, the former President of the Supreme Court.

Why hasn’t such a demonstration taken place yet in light of this new threat? Most probably because the failure to thwart the destruction of the 25 settlements, and to prevent the expulsion of the settlers, instilled a belief that democratic protests would not change anything.

But this attitude is a mistake. It is true that demonstrations, instead of active resistance while criminal ethnic cleansing by a government is taking place, is no more than a joke; not so huge demonstrations on the eve of governmental decisions, which are a necessary foundation for further actions. They are also essential to put pressure on the MKs of Shas, Yisrael Beitaynu and the indifferent MKs of the Likud. After all, the participants in the demonstrations are their voters, who could retaliate at the polls.

We’ve lost precious time, but it is not too late. We have a few weeks before the gates to the Land of Israel are, God Forbid, irrevocably locked. The following are some of my thoughts, and you are all welcome to add to them.

My proposals

    1. Jerusalem must be at the heart of the campaign, the Holy City that still elicits deep feelings in the hearts of most Jews. The words “If I forget you, O Jerusalem” shall be the campaign’s motto, displayed on banners ( orange – two blue stripes with “If I Forget Thee” between them), stickers, badges, and bracelets. The prevention of the division of Jerusalem has the extra benefit that it will deadlock the talks over any other part of Eretz Israel.

    2. We will paint the streets that Olmert has designated to be the borders between Jewish and “Palestinian” Jerusalem. To accentuate the message, signs, displaying “Border in front of you” and “Warning, you may be shot from the top of the walls”, shall be hung up along these streets.

    3. Brochures and signs will be positioned on Mount of Olives warning: “This area is to be transferred to the Arabs: Where are the dead to be transferred?”

    4. Signs will be put up in front of the District Court and the Ministry of Justice on the Salah-a-din street in Jerusalem: “Residence the Palestinian Temple of Justice”.

    5. Posters and brochures to be distributed on Mount Zion and David\s city ( Ssilwan) displaying: “The Zionist State is relinquishing Zion to the enemy”.

    6. Posters shall be hung up in the Old City: “To be delivered to Foreign rule!”
    7. Applying pressure on the Attorney General, Mazuz, to stop the dawdling in the processing all the criminal cases still pending against Olmert. At any rate, to prevent Olmert from taking decisive political decisions while the criminal charges are hanging over his head. Distributing stickers and posters underscoring Olmert’s corruption.

    8. Pickets in front of the “Orient House” which is about to be returned to the P.L.O.,thereby initiating the Palestinian takeover of East Jerusalem. Likewise, before all other P.L.O. offices which Olmert intends to reopen.

    9. Patrols in front of the “President’s Residence” under the motto: “Peres divides Jerusalem” and “The last president of the independent State of Israel.”

    10. Patrols in front of Olmert’s house: Signs displaying the names of his criminal cases, as well as :“He who forgets Jerusalem, shall forget his right hand”.

    11. Distribute at the Kotel HaMaravi/Wailing Wall notes to be placed between the stones with wishes such as: “Repeal the evil decree to deliver the Kotel into captivity, our heritage to strangers”.

    12. Distribute leaflets to drivers on the roads to Jerusalem warning of the imminent division of Jerusalem.

    13. Demonstrate at the location (in the hills of Jerusalem) where the huge atomic shelter, designated for senior government officials, is being built. Brandish signboards: Stop building. It’s a waste of money. Who needs shelter 2 kms from the border?

    14. Distribute posters, leaflets and brochures in Sderot and the Western Negev: “Relax, you’re not alone anymore! Jerusalem and even Tel-Aviv will soon be border cities, just like Sderot!”

    15. Apply pressure on Netanyahu, Lieberman, and the leaders of Shas: “Your silence makes you collaborators.”

    16. Distribute leaflets in Arabic in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem detailing what they can expect under a PLO-Hamas regime.

    17. Conduct a poll in the Arab population in Jerusalem, and publish the results.

    18. Conduct a public trial against those planning to divide Jerusalem.

    19. Sign up hundreds of thousands on a petition opposing the division of Jerusalem (use the internet , newspaper ads): “A National Rollcall”.

    20. Conduct a public opinion poll: Do you support or oppose the division of Jerusalem?

    21. Demonstrations in front of the municipality, demanding that the fathers of the city make clear statements as to their position.

    22. Utilize the Internet for a worldwide campaign, faxes, telephone, and letters to the editor, call up radio programs etc.

    23. Distribute leaflets against Ramon: “You destroyed the Histadrut, you destroyed your Party, you destroyed Israel’s medical system, and now you seek to destroy Israel”.

    24. Establish the “Order of the Troublers of Israel” to whom medals will be awarded, such as: “Destroyer of Jerusalem” medal, “Expulsion medal”, “Kassam medal”, “Defeat medal”, “Terrorist Palestine medal”. The reasons for awarding such medals will be made clear to the “winners” in appropriate ceremonies.

The above points relate to the field work that is a pre-requisite for the huge hundreds of thousands demonstration, to take place at the Tower of David, which shall be the apex of the campaign.

The goal of all these efforts is to force Shas, Yisrael Beitaynu and MKs from other parties to bring down the government by dissolving the coalition.

At the same time, a similar campaign, using other means, shall be initiated abroad. Inter alia, demonstrations in front of Israel’s embassies and consulates under the placard: “If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem…”, a reminder of other days, when Jews stood in front of Soviet embassies with banners:” Let My People Go!”

For those skeptics who ask where the money will come from, I would like to point out that when the issue is urgent, lights fire in peoples’ bones, and a feasible plan is presented – money too will become available.

It is a time for action!!

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Arise, O, Israel and drive your false and faithless leaders from your midst.
    We will recognize our future leaders by their courage, honesty and pride. May the day of their arrival be tomorrow.
    We have been waiting too long.

  2. Something very weird is happening or should I say not happening here in Israel. Olmert our most unpopular PM ever is doing what for many consider to be the un thinkable and we have a big YAWN from the most to be affected citizenry. We have quiet on the streets, the press, the media, and in political opposition. We have largely silence from the ideological right of all sectors and from past outspoken critics from the last attempts for trying essentially the same type of giveaway. Why? what is different this time around?

    A-most people don’t or choose not to believe anything will come of it.
    B-Bo charismatic leader to lead the way
    C-feeling of helplessness.
    G-Most people feel resigned to what Olmert is about to do.
    I could go on with my list of reasons but I think I have made the point.

    If in fact barking dogs do not bite than the converse must be true also.

  3. All of the above never dissuaded Barak for for offering essentially the same program.To the Ruling politicians who in at least fifty % of the cases were appointed by leaders of respective parties, their first loyalty is to those who appointed them with maybe some rare exceptions, Few in any event expect to be reelected anyway so that demonstrations by the people will have little effect on them. Examples of this Israeli phenomenon is Kadima,Shas and Israel our Home parties. all three coalition parties combined account for around52 seats in the Knesset. Get some from Kadima to defect and Shas and Lieberman to quit the coalition and or at least vote aginst and you essentially stop Olmert in his tracks, Therefor while most of the above proposals are essential they are suggestions for mobilizing a more vocal and strident opposition but will have little or no effect on Olmert and his gang.

    It is my view that to achieve the disaffection of Olmerts coalition partners 90% of the efforts should be directed to accomplishing this end. No moral or ethical, religious,Zionist and ideological arguments will work, as they know all the arguments for and against and that they choose to remain in the coalition is due to personal ambition, and Israeli Government funding their personal and sectoral interests. If they go out of govt. A they or many will not be returned and B they untie the money umbilical cord to the Israeli treasury.

  4. For now, I’m holding off on commenting on the various listed proposals because of some comfort-level problems re a couple of them.

    I do suggest augmenting the Haetzni list with a couple of others.

    1. Immediately establish a skilled and experienced team to present the issue to Reverend Pat Robertson and staff, Virginia Beach, Virginia. The team should arrive with a map explaining such matters as:

    -Gethsemane is at risk
    -Mary Magdalene Church is at risk
    -Tomb of the Virgin Mary is at risk

    This presentation can mobilize our real friends and demonstrate the issue is not Israel versus the world but rather Israel serving as the light of the nations against the barbarians. Recall that Rev Robertson sought to develop a Bible Theme Park in the Galilee but was denied permission. A Christian theme park sure beats an Arab rocket battery site.

    Don’t forget Reverend Higbee in Dallas.

    It would not hurt the presentation to review with Reverend Robertson and his staff the April-May 2002 event re the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel. The barbarians barricaed themselves in this holy site for over a month and made the Church of the Nativity into a pig sty. Bethlehem is in the West Bank and scheduled to become sovereign Arab territory.

    Kol tuv,

  5. Because of the seriousness of the situation, Mr. Haetzni’s analysis of the dangerous situation is right on the mark, One Jerusalem, the organizers of the 400,000 person rally mentioned in the post is doing the ground work to rally the people of Israel around the issue of Jerusalem. We know how much work and organization it takes to do an effective campaign and we urge everyone interested in joining this effort (led by Natan Sharansky) to sign the Jerusalem petition on our site. It is the best way to be kept informed and to participate.

    We successfully organized the original rally because we including all parties interested in saving Jerusalem and we will follow this formula again.

    Comment by NOCKE — October 12, 2007 @ 9:26 am |

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