Canada’s Harper is great but her news media sucks

Allen Nutik

It is difficult to watch the news on CBC and CTV where their reporters,

Paul Hunter on CBC and

Janis Mackey Frayer on CTV have become lackeys for Hamas –

CBC and CTV by showing the videos taken by their own cameramen or prepared by Hamas, follow strict guidelines set out by Hamas – yesterday’s news reports by both TV networks were particularly grievous, a definite orchestrated production – only at the end of the report did Paul Hunter state that missiles were being launched from within buildings – he looked at a large apartment building across the street and saw one apartment being surgically cut out from the building and stated (approx.), “It’s possible that missiles had been launched into Israel from that apartment”… CBC and CTV need to be focus less on sensationalizing the events in Gaza – they appear to be following the edict: if it bleeds it leads – maybe it’s time to follow the edict: news should be reliable and objective. 


Paul Hunter was providing ‘voice over’ video showing the damage to the hospital rooms – his discussion and video was definitely providing the Hamas ‘story’ of victimization and the ‘brutality of the Israelis’ that is now being shown the world over – no mention that Israel is defending itself from the missiles being deployed in multiple barrages from inside mosques, hospitals, schools and cemeteries – in fact, al Wafa hospital is Hamas ‘central command’ which is probably  why it was damaged. No mention that Hamas is pursuing a crime against humanity by launching rockets into civilians in Israel.

To quote Naomi Ragen,

TV News Networks have become ‘Propaganda Organs for Hamas’ – the journalists and cameramen together with the TV Station are in the service of Hamas – the Israeli Ministry and IDF have put out a remarkable collection of videos showing the Hamas terrorists coming out of tunnels, or shooting missile barrages from mosques and much more – certainly there was enough for a TV network to include accurate information had they wanted – journalists are probably under the control of Hamas, prisoners within Gaza.

 We need to write to CBC and CTV regarding their one-sided reporting as a partner with Hamas – if Hamas had wanted, their children and families could have been sent to one of the fancy seaside resorts in Gaza away from the bombing – they choose keep their children in harms way where they arouse world sympathy. While Hamas uses its children to protect their missiles and fighters, Israel chooses to protect its children from missiles and terrorists.





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  1. Publishing or broadcasting lies amounts to defamation. Don’t we have any smart Jewish (or non-Jewish) lawyers in Canada who can present these “media outlets” with lawsuits as such?