Canada’s mixed response to embargoes

IsraPundit’s founder, Dr. Joseph Alexander Norland writes to Canada’s PM Harper

According to a UN official document, on 30 October, 2007, Canada voted in favour of a resolution denouncing the US embargo on Cuba.

I am writing to you to express my strong disappointment and disagreement with my government’s vote on this matter.

Of the mountain of reasons for my disagreement, suffice it to briefly note three.

    First, I can see why our national interest would dictate that we continue to trade with Cuba, but if our neighbour decides that its national interest mandates a different policy, and one that is intrinsically pro-democratic, what right have we to interfere?

    Second, there are enough issues in which our views and those of the US differ, why would we wish to antagonize an ally and neighbour in favour of effectively supporting a repugnant, dictatorial regime?

    Third, the US is not the only country imposing an embargo as a foreign policy tool. The Arab League has imposed a boycott and embargo against Israel since the inception of this democratic republic, yet the issue has never been raised in the UN by Canada or by any other country. It is the height of hypocrisy to condemn the US while turning a blind eye to what the Arab League countries do routinely.

Having mentioned Israel, I must add the following comment.

November is the month in which the UN regularly indulges in an anti-US, anti-Israel hate-fest. Last year, Canada joined Saudi Arabia, North Korea et at in voting against Israel on most of the resolutions tabled against this tortured democracy. I sincerely hope that my government will not repeat this ill-advised policy this year.

Like many core-supporters, my own continued support for the current government depends (inter alia) on the way Canada votes at the UN on resolutions concerning the US and Israel.

Thanks Joseph.

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