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  1. There needs to be different strategies to counter different kinds of anti-semites. She denounces Linda Sarsour as an anti-semite, which she is, but she doesn’t seem to understand that liberal Jews don’t believe that. Sarsour has been forming alliances around local issues with specific Jewish communities for years so they trust her. There was one case where she helped raise money to fix a vandalized Jewish cemetery. The NY Daily News defended her and said all the charges against her untrue — they are true.

    Contrast this with the Latino open anti-semite who is running for city council in Manhattan. Nobody is defending him.

    She is the kind of anti-semite who specializes in divide and conquer. She would have us believe she is anti-Israel but not anti-Jewish and she just says she or her relatives were tortured into making confessions. Liberal Jews are always willing to believe criminals who say they’ve been tortured in a liberal democracy. Not Cuba or Vietnam or Gaza or the PA, but they will believe it of us.

    True, in a way it’s a difference without a difference, they are still traitors, but when Glick says Sarsour is against American Jews – she is ignoring the fact that Sarsour has conned them there.
    And she also sold them the bill of goods that her vicious mysogynist tweet against Al hirsi was just being mean and she’s sorry.
    Liberals are airheads who march in lock step; they don’t know anything and they don’t want to believe anything we tell them. The best strategy is to ignore their personal attacks and just inform,through the barrage of abuse, of the facts. They are also thin-skinned hypocrites who can dish it out but can’t take it.

    In “Once Upon a Time in The West” the spaghetti western with Charles Bronson, he keeps saving the villain’s life until the end, because he wants to save him for his own revenge for having murdered his family. Whenever the villain asks him why, all he does is list names, the names of the murdered throughout his bloody career.

    We need to personalize the victims of the Palestinians. All of them. We need to tell their stories. Over and over. In as many ways as possible. And ignore the enemy’s bull. We must shake the faith of those who believe in them.

    But, remember. Time is on our side. Our enemies are visibly self-destructing all around us. And the demographics indicate that Israel will be the only viable country in the region and even more viable then any country in Europe in 50 years.

    Maybe that’s why the covenant had to be collective. It’s like that old joke:

    “Oh, Lord, I know that your life is infinite and our lives are finite, they go by in what is less than the blink of an eye for you but I would be so grateful if you could help me with my problem.”

    “Sure, just gimme a minute”

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