Comic timing at its best – you can’t help but laugh

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  1. @ MIchael S:

    It’s Lapid….viz. my reference to the strange tastes of Israelis in their “celebrities”…

    In case you’re hinting that it might be me……….He looks about 120 lbs heavier than I and not a tenth as good-looking. Add another 60 lbs and he’d make Oliver hardy look normal..(my figures (120 and 60) are approximately correct because Oliver was a bit over 300 on a truck weighing scale I’m about 135 ).

    As for our attitudes when “arguing” ..hardly that..We’re more like a couple of Bengal Tigers………

  2. This antiquated skit was made famous on Vaudeville many years before Abbott and Costello came on the scene. I read about it when I was about 17-18, in an article on vaudeville and film comedians Wheeler and Wolsey who used to be featured in children’s comics ( I got them every week) and who did a similar act in short comedy features which as I vaguely recall was very good but not about “who” -a different name of some sort. when I was a kid. Abbot and Costello were fortunate that they were in the most popular movie period.

    For “stupid and raucous” I always enjoyed The 3 Stooges. and their skit “Niagara Falls”, was far better than “who” (or “what” or “where”)…. Although it centres around the words “Niagara Falls”…it isn’t an obviously phony made up word play like an imaginary baseball player named “Who”…. Of course..I could never stand Abbott and Costello. Seeing them once-or twice- was enough. three times was more than enough. .. To me they over-acted all the time…were stupid, loud, phony, and not clever.