Comparing Biden’s remark with those of Sharpton and Jackson

by Gerald A. Honigman

Driving home from work on February 1st, I tuned in to National Public Radio for the sake of hearing its latest biased reports against Jews and/or the Jew of the Nations.

I like to keep on top of these things. As frequently happens when I so indulge, I was not disappointed.

The occasion this time involved Senator Joseph Biden’s well-intentioned, but obnoxiously condescending and ignorant remarks about Senator Barack Obama, the young black Democratic Presidential candidate who’s creating quite a stir and one of Biden‘s own competitors for his party’s nomination. Not that such thinking or remarks are ever good, the timing couldn’t have been worse since Biden had just officially announced his own candidacy.

Juan Williams, senior NPR correspondent and Fox News political contributor, was being interviewed on NPR about all of this, and he brought up other examples of articulate and “clean” black political figures whom Biden had ignored when he sang his earlier, backfiring praises to Obama.

I listened even more carefully after this, since Juan–who a few years back whitewashed Hamas–the deliberate disembowelers of Jewish kids, targeters of civilian buses, restaurants, pizzerias, nightclubs, and so forth–on NPR.

Hamas’s Jewish victims do not die because they are used as human shields the way Arab civilians do. And, the more innocent the Jews are, the better it is for the shock and terror Hamas aims for.

Regardless, Juan showcased Hamas on his program anyway, emphasizing the organization’s “humanitarian” side. You know, the Arabs’ version of Hadassah…Right.

I waited patiently.

I mean, if you’re going to have a program dedicated to Biden’s stupid remarks and unspoken ( but hinted at ) potential prejudice, and then bring up the Dynamic Duo–Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton–as alleged examples of other good black politicos, then they ought to be just that…good examples.

At no time during Juan’s comments about Jackson or Sharpton did Jesse’s “Hymietown” and many other disturbing remarks about Jews and Israel grace the airwaves…nor his notorious shakedown tactics for “fundraising.”

No doubt, much of the money Jesse has raised has come from lefty Jew idiots.

Some Jews–some would say far too many– just love to show Christians and everyone how best to really turn the other cheek.

Sickeningly suicidal.

As for Reverend Al, a more blatant (and yes, articulate) anti-Semite would be hard to find. Yet this too was ignored by a Williams so troubled by Biden.

As just one of many examples of Sharpton’s deadly anti-Semitic prejudice (whatever Senator Joe’s sins may be, they don’t include promoting violence), in 1991 a Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally killed a 7-year-old black kid. A tragedy, no doubt.

Unfortunately, children get hit by cars everyday.

On this occasion, however, ugly anti-Semitic riots erupted.

Sharpton raced to the scene to pour fuel on the fire.

At seven year-old Gavin Cato’s funeral, Sharpton inflamed the crowd against “diamond merchants” — i.e., Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands.

Yep, Juan, a good, old-fashioned, murderous blood libel against Jews, but this time instigated by a major leader (whom you showcased) of a people who should certainly know better. And a leader–like Jesse–who continues to get a free ride for such nasty stuff by you and your ilk.

Sharpton next mobilized hundreds to march through the Hasidic neighborhood chanting, “no justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, was subsequently surrounded by a mob and stabbed to death while Sharpton’s mob shouted, “kill the Jews!”

What I really want to know is how Sharpton did not get charged with being an accessory to murder.

The next Presidential and other elections will be here before all of us know it.

We should all carefully scrutinize the integrity not only of the candidates, but those giving commentary as well.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. White America has beaten itself up badly over its racist past and has made great efforts to rub that stain clean.

    Feeling guilt and shame over America’s past as regards the enslavement and subsequent disenfranchisement and discrimination against American blacks and trying to rid the nation of all vestiges of that dark past, is right and healthy.

    What we are witnessing however is that white America has given itself a very unhealthy guilt complex that keeps whites from making issues over and denouncing black anti-white prejudices and racist views that are held by some in the black community and espoused by some of their leaders such as Farakhan, Sharpton and Jackson.

    Black leaders are role models for the black community, just as white, Hispanic and other leaders of visible minorities are for their ethnic group. As role models they influence the thinking of others of their racial or ethnic background and that influence is usually most felt by impressionable young minds and those young minds are shaped accordingly.

    Turning a blind eye to and therefore allowing for the nurturing of anti-White sentiment, biases, prejudices and suspicions by racial and ethnic leaders in America, is not only unhealthy for white America, it is unhealthy and dangerous for all of America.

    To allow American anti-white prejudiced minority leaders to give expression to anti-white prejudices, works at cross purposes to the goal of ridding all of America of racial hatreds and intolerance.

  2. Aw’comon, good grief. The racists are having a field day. Sharpton is wrong. [ It’s nice to hear he tells us he takes a shower every day ]. Jackson is wrong. Page is wrong. Robinson is wrong. I haven’t read Pitts yet but I predict he, too, will jump in. All that bellowing by Blacks who are taking off on this trivial statement by Biden and trying to alarm the rest of us are making an unctuous fuss much like the Muslims made over cartoons which is reflexive of their own subtle, reverse bias. Yes, Virginia, there is bias in our fair land. Blacks are just as quick to reveal their biases as the whites, even when unintended . Pity poor Trent Lott. But Biden’s comment was not meant to disparage. That’s how I read it. Biden is not a stupid man. Can’t we understand the criticism over his comment implies he is. Far from it.

    Biden is a sharp, talented, experienced , sagacious, effective politician, where I use the term “Politician” in its best connotation as one who best represents the will of the people and can — here is the important matter — see to it that that will gets converted into practice. He’s a guy you don’t want to fool with. He is not a man to be taken lightly. He is not a man to cross. I never met the man, but I would easily vote for him for the Office of President over what’s out there if he became the Democratic nominee. I know quality when I see it.

    And I usually vote Republican

    Martin Kessler

  3. In other words, Biden means that all previous African-American candidates and politicians were inarticulate, stupid, dirty, and ugly. “Finally found one that’s a credit to his race, though… rose above his background and genetics to be as good as a white man.” Sure, Mr. Biden, we understand you loud and clear, just like we understood your friends at loud and clear.

    The fact that Obama’s mother is white makes this even all the more of an insult since it could be taken that any “positive” attributes may be attributed to his mother’s side of the family. I’m not saying that, but it adds another layer Biden’s stupid remark.

    Liberals can be every much the racist as the right-wing white supremacist.

  4. I don’t believe that Biden’s and Obama have ententionally used or meant any racist remarks, although I don’t agree with the Democratic Party’s agenda for running this Government. Sharpton and Jackson, however, are a different ball of wax. They are, together, two of the most racist individuals that I know. These two on every occasion that Israelis try to protect themselves, they automatically start praising the Palis or anytime a Jew is convicted or accused of a crime, their anti-semitism spurts out of their mouths. Has anyone ever looked to see where their income has been imparted to them? Jews, like anyone else, is capable of heanous acts, but they spout out anti-semitism against all of those who are Jewish. They and the ACLU should be ostrocized from our society.

  5. Jerry,

    I must take issue with your characterizing Senator Joseph Biden’s remarks about Senator Barack Obama as “well-intentioned, but obnoxiously condescending and ignorant”, especially when you paint Juan Williams, senior NPR correspondent and Fox News political contributor as a hypocrite, denounce Sharpton and Jackson and implicitly make the case against political correctness.

    You give far more regard to political correctness in saying that then you do to reason.

    In this politically correct political climate, Biden was relentlessly taken to task by the media and other political adversaries for his comments regarding Obama, which obviously could have been articulated better, forcing him to sputter explanations and an apology.

    Everyone however who heard Biden’s comments knew they were clumsy, but definitely not racist and amounted to only well meaning praise of Obama. Biden’s motives and good intentions however were irrelevant to those who pounded him mercilessly for his apparent breach of the rules of political correctness.

    Obama knew the calumny heaped on Biden was that he offended insane standards of political correctness. He could have shown the American public just how principled and big a man he is by immediately condemning those who attacked Biden in effect on his behalf and on behalf of all black people and defended Sen. Biden.

    Obama did not take that opportunity. Instead when the matter was raised with him, he coyly stated in effect that the press would have to take up with Biden what Biden really meant.

    What is clear is that Biden only meant well as regards Obama however Obama does not mean well at all as regards Senator Biden.

    What does Obama’s reaction to Biden’s remarks say about what Barak Obama is really about?

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