Coronavirus: A French Disaster

by Guy Millière, GATESTONE INSTITUTE  •  April 13, 2020

      • The first bad decision was that, in contrast to the European Union fantasies, borders apparently do matter. France never closed them; instead it allowed large numbers of potential virus-carriers to enter the country.
      • In January 2020, several hundred thousand masks were available, but on February 19, President Macron decoded to send them to Wuhan, as a “gesture of solidarity with the Chinese people”…. The French government announced that masks would be available soon, but by the end of March, most doctors and caregivers still had no masks. Several doctors fell ill. As of April 10, eight have died from COVID-19 and several others are in critical condition. On March 20, the Government’s spokeswoman, Sibeth N’Diaye, incorrectly said, “masks are essentially useless”.

    • On February 25, a renowned French epidemiologist, Professor Didier Raoult… published a video… In it, he said he had found a treatment quickly to end the pandemic: hydroxychloroquine… (used with azithromycin)… On April 10, Professor Raoult published data showing that he had treated and cured 2,401 patients.
    • Immediately, Olivier Veran, the new French minister of health, said that Professor Raoult’s statements were “unacceptable” and that the treatment he was proposing was “worthless”…. In an attempt to quell the controversy, the French government, by decree, authorized Professor Raoult’s treatment in “military hospitals” for “patients reaching the acute phase of the disease” but prohibited family doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine. Professor Raoult replied that the treatment was only effective if administered “before the disease reaches its acute phase“. [Emphasis added]
    • France’s mainstream media would do well to fight harder for physicians to be able supply hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc sulfate. The French media would also do well to be more aware of the dirty game China is playing.
    • “The behavior of our leaders has been marked by unpreparedness, casualness, cynicism, and many of their acts imply the enforcement of the criminal law. Deliberate endangerment of the lives of others and failure to provide assistance to people in danger are obvious… In war, generals who are judged incompetent are sometimes shot. The President and other officials are well aware of this.” — Regis de Castelnau, attorney, in Marianne, a center-left magazine, April 4, 2020.

    On April 9, in France, one of the three European countries most affected by COVID-19 — the others being Spain and Italy, 1,341 people died from the Chinese Communist Party virus. For Italy, the main European country affected so far, the figure on April 9 was 610 deaths; for Spain 446, and for Germany 266. While the pandemic has been stabilizing in Italy and Spain — and in Germany seems contained — in France it seems still expanding.

    Extremely bad decisions taken by the authorities created a situation of contagion more destructive than it should have been.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. “The treatment recommended by Professor Raoult still cannot be prescribed by French family doctors. A decree promulgated by President Macron on March 28 authorized doctors to use Rivotril (clonazepam) to “alleviate the suffering of patient in a state of respiratory distress”. Clonazepam slows breathing and can lead to respiratory arrest. Dr. Christian Coulon, a renowned anesthesiologist, tweeted:

    “Euthanasia of our elders suffering from respiratory failure. Yes, they decided [to do] it. As a doctor, I suffer deeply”.

    “Dr. Serge Rader explained on radio on April 3 that many senior citizens living in retirement homes and who get Covid-19 are not sent to a hospital because the hospitals are overwhelmed; instead they receive an injection of Rivotril and die alone in their rooms. Many other doctors expressed their horror on social media, but added that they were powerless.” From another paragraph in Mr. Milliere’s article. Euthanasia of the sick and ill+murder. No wonder Franc e has a high death rate from “coronavirus” the high death rate is mainly from government-ordered murder.

  2. @ Shmuel Mohalever:

    Hello, Shmuel. You said,

    “No wonder Franc e has a high death rate from “coronavirus” the high death rate is mainly from government-ordered murder.”

    Of course, that “government order(ing)” had the “predisposing condition” that the hospital beds were chock-a-block with COVID-19 patients.

    There are enough ethical concerns involved here, to re-write the Mishnah; but the overwhelming cause of it all is the existence of this baffling, faster-than-lightning demonovirus from hell that God allowed, in His perfect timing, to be unleashed on us.

    So, let’s not accuse the French; let’s go right to the top and present our case to God. He may have an opinion or two on the matter. If you think about it, you must concur that the SARS-Cov2 is a benevolent attention-getter from the Almighty. It’s as though He’s rudely pushing us off the train tracks, so we can get our minds off of playing there long enough to live to see the train coming.

    That’s how I look at this thing. Is Macron an idiot, because he left the barn door open for the horse to get out? Was Trump the “scourge-of-all-that-is-good” (ir worse, depending on your political leanings) because he reacted too late and too soon at the same time? Was Xi an arch-villain because he got blindsided by this little germ which either unknowingly hit him or was carefully crafted in his laboratory? None of these accusations and speculations will do us any good.

    But having a conversation with God, who is in charge of all these matters, could be of great value. Such a conversation is really quite a simple matter: He’s already bared his heart on the matter; we just need to sit still and listen long enough to hear Him out.

    I don’t think I need to go into much detail on this, because nearly everyone thinks he/she/it already knows the answers. Most of us are still at the stage of fighting the angel to keep him from taking us off the train tracks.

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