David Goldman: Russia, Ukraine and the End of U.S. Superpower Dominance

Caroline Glick Show

Glick and Goldman both seriously underestimated the Ukrainian deaths and casualties. Macgregor keeps reporting that the Russians have a kill ration of about 7:1. Even so Goldman says Ukraine is doomed.

May 31, 2023 | 1 Comment »

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  1. “The End of US Superpower Dominance”

    Yet another diatribe against the American people, Ted? I’ve come to expect no less from you. You are entitled to your prejudices and opinions. As an American, I can’t afford to indulge in these childish games. I’m more concerned about my children and grandchildren, that they might live in a country at peace, in what seems likely to become a world devastated with poverty, disease and war. This can only come by re-aquainting the US with its Maker and with its Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Here is my opinion of who is “doomed”:

    1. If the US is indeed doomed, then the rest of the world is even more in danger. Since WWII, one country has been primarily responsible for keeping the world at peace — and that, amid considerable opposition from evil empires like Russia and China: The United States of America. Take us out of the picture, and you undermine yourself.

    2. America’s “dooming” process is essentially an internal matter. True, foreign entities, primarily China, have been able to entice Americans to turn on their own countrymen — some of the chief of these being our President, the Deep State, the courts, universities, the entertainment industry, etc.; but the corruption that has led to this goes all the way from the king to the serf; we are corrupt as a people, because we have forsaken God. No foreigner has done this to us, and no foreigner can make things either better or worse.

    3. The fate of every people and every country is in the hands of God; and they are all responsible to maintain their own relationship with Him. The communists of China, the pagans of India, the Muslims of Iran — they all profess that they don’t need America’s God, or America’s Bible. In North Korea, people are being sentenced to life imprisonment for the “crime” of having a Bible in their homes. These countries will not prosper: with or without America, they are indeed “doomed”, unless they repent.

    4. As for Israel, I wish you the best. Pronounce doom against me and my people all you want, but it will not help you one iota.