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  1. Reload from the front, manually or automatically by a cassette of “Hot-Dogs” chain bulets built to suit the nuber of barrels from indivdual magazines which are factory loaded. A 36 barrel gun takes 3-5 seconds to reload. Cooling time is zero. Next version is an airborne basically to replace aging vulcan,not yet in production but well into the DWG board. Naval vertion already positivly tested. Does this answers your question?

  2. Why is it that Israel with all its advanced weaponry such as the one just shown allows itself to be pounded day after day by hundreds of obsolete rockets? What’s the use of producing wonder weapons for the defense of Israel when they’re never used. Pinpointing and killing individual terrorists is all very well and good but it hardly goes far enough . I would suggest that the next time a rocket hits Israel that Metal Storm be aimed at where the rocket came from and let it do the job it was designed for. Sure it would kill civilians, but this is war. We didn’t hesitate to kill thousands of civilians in Berlin,Dresden, Hiroshima, etc. during WWII. Israel’s vaunted military morality will lead to its destruction.

  3. “It can obliterate any opposing force”.

    Let’s see… The “opposing force” consists of a 9-year-old boy, his dog and his mother. They get obliterated, and the press can’t tell that they were all wearing suicide vests. They will simply cover the story as a war crime. Until we decide that it’s not monstrous to wipe out civilian populations in defense of OUR country, and stop letting the enemy exclusively use this advantage, we will


    every time, regardless of the weapon.

    Now, against bunkers, the gun offers promise — one bomb after another, in rapid succession. You don’t even need big bombs for that: It’s like using a jackhammer.

  4. Now, that’s a gun!

    I hope they don’t sell those at Wal-Marts.

    So ok, fly over Gaza and flatten every HAMAS adminstration building. What’s the hold-up?

  5. Hope Israel developed something similar to take out hundreds of Hezbollah and Hamas rockets at one time. A flying high powered lazer can do this. Let there be light, indeed, for the Light Unto the Nations (Israel).