Democrat Media Arm Scrambles As It Becomes Clear They Knew About Hamas Invasion Of Israel Before It Happened

Nothing To See Here:  And other things the media under-reported last week.

Reports have been bubbling up that the various tentacles of the Democrat hacktivist media actually had pro-Hamas activists ‘journalists’ embedded with Hamas before and on October 7th.

What were they thinking? What were they doing? Why didn’t they alert Israel about the impending attack or alert Israel when the true evil taking place in front of their “embedded with Hamas” eyes became crystal clear? Obviously, U.S. intel knew about these intel-directed ‘journalists’ embedded with Hamas, so there was no need to alert the White House. They already knew.

Now they are reportedly in panic mode because things didn’t go as they expected (the destruction of Israel is far from nigh, and the American people are far from siding with gruesome barbaric evil over our historical ally Israel), and they are trying to cover their cowardly terrorist-supporting (-colluding?) butts.

Where there must have been Pulitzer dreams dancing in their heads, now it’s all heads in the sand. Denial, denial, denial.

Or justification (NY) times three.

PJ Media: “Media in Panic Mode Over Questions About Whether They Knew in Advance About Hamas Attack on Israel”


What did the Democrat hactivst media know and when did they know it?

Meanwhile, even original “Squad” member–now known as the Hamas Squad–AOC is starting to get the message that America stands with Israel and against child killers, rapists, beheaders, torturers, and grandma kidnappers.


The Democrats and their intel-media arm already know who Hamas is and what they are about, but watch when normal people find out:


Teh Narrative was supposed to stop anyone from knowing the truth. That’s what Teh Narrative has always been about.

Nothing To See Here

Biden support is hard to find, even in his own hometown. Not that the media will tell you about it.


Woke is everywhere, and it’s very disturbing.


Super hero movies are pretty much for boys and men, so who thought it would be a good idea to alienate their key demographic? Oh, right, Marvel. Stupid.


Erm, no.


Will they wake up to the woke effect on sales? Remains to be seen, but the evidence seems pretty conclusive that no one wants what they are serving.

If they can’t get you with Soros-backed DAs loosing violent criminals into your community, they will just loose grizzly bears instead.


This seems insurrectiony, no?

Hot Air: “Washington State Vote Counting Stopped by Antifa Threats”

Houston, we have a problem. WHY are you even thinking about electing a Democrat, let alone THIS one?

Hot Air: “Sheila Jackson Lee Faces a Run-off in Houston Mayoral Election”

Another story the Democrat media all but ignores.

Hot Air: “Illegal Alien Arrested for Rape, Abduction for Third Time”

I have no words.


Gee, I wonder why they aren’t hitting their recruiting goals.


One of my faves, Beege over at Hot Air, asks, Where’s the Beef?. Between droughts and regulations, our beef access and affordability is seriously threatened.

Definitely Nothing To See Here

One of the most interesting things about covering culture and politics is the telling silence from the Democrat hacktivist media on the adamantly pro-life right. Why, we have to ask ourselves, are they–through their relative silence–cheering the destructive, anti-Constitutional pro-life absolutists on?

She thinks she knows.


Here’s the text of the above tweet:


IN ADDITION to losing Ohio Tuesday night, Gov Glenn Youngkin lost big in Virginia — because of pro-life zealots.

A 15-week abortion limit would have been fine with VA voters, but Republicans couldn’t promise to stop there without risking a primary challenge from FULL-BAN pro-lifers.

My No. 1 compromise position still stands: Make abortion illegal only for registered Republicans.

I hate hate hate abortion, but the vast majority of Americans want access to abortion available on demand through the first trimester. About 15 weeks is the cut-off for the majority. Total bans are a no-go, so why are Republican voters pushing this? NOW. When there is so much more at stake in this country? Let the states decide, and move the heck on. We WON. Roe v. Wade was sent back to the states, leave it there . . . at least until we can kill woke, close our border, and get our economy back on track. Republicans will never win the ban abortion battle in this climate, and they can’t fix that or anything else if they can’t get elected.

There is a problem in the GOP with the never-voted, only voted for Trump populist right.

The Federalist: “The Populist Right Is Leading The GOP Into Irrelevancy”

Again, it’s odd that the Democrat hactivists aren’t all over this. Maybe the populist right is actually helping them in their burn it all down goals? Who knows, but it’s something to ponder.

Here’s another important point to give some thought.

Hot Air: “Arab Israelis Will Pass on Hamas ‘Liberation,’ Thanks”

The FBI is lost. Just lost. Gone.


Twitchy: “‘Police State’: Julie Kelly Has Inside Story From FBI’s Massive ‘Urgent Manhunt’ for a J6 Suspect”

And finally, when good things happen.

Or almost may happen.


For the funny. And the sad (but mostly funny).


Yay! A wokester left her librarian job in Florida because she was upset that tiny children can’t access pornography on her shelves. More of this, please.


Like a BOSS.


Hot Air: “Ron DeSantis Didn’t Back Down and the RNC Caved”

Yeah, still never entering a Target. Ever.

Red State: “California Sheriff Unloads on Target for Hypocritical Shoplifting Stance—You ‘Can’t Make This Stuff Up’”

In case you haven’t see this yet (it’s GOOD), with more at PowerLine:

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  1. Just saw the Marvels and I thought it was fun because I can compartmentalize up to a point, but the theater was nearly empty.

  2. Yes, the Greek chap, the one who explained the situation and cleverly explained the role of leftists, seems to have expressed himself well.
    The fact that on October 8, the mobs were ready with their nicely printed placards and slogans and scarves, etc. etc. showed an incredibly efficient level of organization… that only established leftists could successfully undertake.
    Time to stop being so nice…