Deport Violent Radicals

By Tony Badran, TABLET    November 6, 2023

It’s not every day that you find the center-left leaders of Germany and top American Republicans in agreement. But, in the wake of the Oct. 7 massacre, they are on one issue: Foreign nationals who support groups like Hamas should be deported.

“If we are able to deport Hamas supporters, we must do this,” Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said last month. Her remarks were endorsed by Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, of the migrant-friendly Green Party, in an important speech last Thursday: “Those who are not German citizens will also risk their residency status. Anyone who does not yet have a residence permit will have provided a reason to be deported.”

On this side of the pond, leading Republican senators have called for similar measures. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton urged Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to “immediately deport any foreign national—including and especially any alien on a student visa—that has expressed support for Hamas and its murderous attacks on Israel.”

The impulse is one of survival. Deporting people who celebrate death—our death—and especially those with provable ties to terrorist organizations, is simply one commonsense step if our society is not to go the violent way of the Third World. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the pro-Hamas mass rally in Washington, D.C., took part in the set ritual of vandalizing and desecrating statues of American historical figures—including Benjamin Franklin.

This isn’t a call for any new law—only the actual enforcement of the one already on our books. Title 8 of the U.S. Code, section 1182 deems inadmissible any alien who “endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization.”

Cotton’s colleague, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, sent another letter with four other Republican senators to Mayorkas regarding recent demonstrations supporting Hamas on American soil, and asking “to ensure that aliens who support terrorism are quickly removed from our country.”

It’s useful to note something here. Whereas in Germany it’s the governing coalition calling for this move, in the U.S. this is only coming from the party out of power. Opposing them is the White House and the secretary of homeland security, who have been implementing an open border policy. Why? Well, the universities that these foreign students attend are not only bastions of Democratic Party support, but are also factories that churn out the pseudo-intellectual jargon used to verbalize social and economic agendas which eventually become legislation. The pro-Hamas rallies exhibit characteristic third-worldist aesthetics of the street action of other groups in the Democratic Party’s orbit, especially since the participants are “intersectional.”

This helps explain why the White House had to declare “Islamophobia” on par with antisemitism, because that is the umbrella of protection being extended to the pro-Hamas mob, including noncitizens. In commenting on the prospect of large-scale deportation of foreign nationals who support Hamas or the ideology behind Hamas, Jaime Harrison, chair of the Democratic National Committee, described it as “Islamophobic.” Communal grievance, of the kind you encounter in places like my native Beirut, is now the official modality—the fruit of the great leveling.

The opposite of the project of leveling is the affirmation of the American covenantal ethos and American exceptionalism. That requires underscoring the boundaries that safeguard what has made us different and unique. Shipping out foreign nationals who insist on declaring their allegiance to rape, kidnapping, torture, and murder under the banners of their own failed societies seems like an obvious place to start. Highlighting that difference is also a first step toward restoring a sense of what immigrants should be assimilating into.

To abandon the covenant of our fathers for the ways of sick nations is to condemn ourselves to ruin. Tony Badran

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  1. @chocopot, I totally agree about Mayorkas, but whether Mayorkas acts or not (and we know he is not going to act) Senator Cotton is setting out a policy that has very broad support in America. The only people against such policies are the bicoastal elites, maybe 25% of the country. The vast majority of adult Americans want our leaders to lead on this issue: we must deport radical Islamists and all others who are calling for the death of Jews and Christians.

    In addition, and simultaneously, Israel needs to do something similar: All those 75% of Palestinians who are calling for the abolition of Israel and death to all the Jews need to be deported out of the West Bank and Gaza.

    In addition, Western nations should unite in an effort to keep them out of the Western countries from this day forward.

    Now this is a problem, primarily because the Western nations (US EU UK) have been purposely importing Islamists. What was the ultimate goal of allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to enter Europe and the UK and the US? One goal is to shift the population politically to the left, since the political elites on the Left have no way of getting elected on any of the issues. Their policies are poisonous to civilized society, poisonous to free enterprise, and poisonous to the rule of law. Nobody will vote for them so they must import voters. LOTS OF THEM.

    We need a conservative movement to reverse this insane plan. Because like every other progressive policy, this one is destroying our Judeo-Christian culture, values, our safety in the streets, and our way of life. These are not people who will integrate into our culture. They despise our culture. They are here to make our culture Islamic. This is what Muslims have been doing since Mohammed. They are a totalitarian police state wrapped up in a religion which few would voluntarily want to convert to, so they must force conversions by the sword.

    This is a very different kind of immigration issue: immigrants who come from other countries and who want to work hard and be part of responsible society are welcomed by the vast majority of Americans. But we cannot import people whose goal is the destruction of our society and genocide! Not only is it insane, it is suicidal for any country to do so.

    There are many leaders in the West who are eugenicists and who believe there are too many people in the West. They are responsible for a number of different projects to that end: the latest one being the COVID bioweapon which has now killed millions of people around the world. Inviting in to Western countries people who have a genocidal wish towards the people of those countries is another way to accomplish depopulation. But before that can happen, I hope conservatives can push back and regain control of government from those politicians who have come up with plans such as importing thousands of radical Islamists, and importing people with no vetting at all.

  2. If Senator Cotton (or anyone else) thinks a lying, traitorous piece of garbage like Mayorkas who, as is the case with the rest of this corrupt, criminal, treasonous, illegitimate administration, is fully invested in the downfall of this nation, is going to do anything to help this nation in any way, then he is delusional.