Deporting migrants becomes another club with which to beat Israel

Millions deported worldwide, but only the Jewish state remains the focus of Israel-obsessed media – and Israel’s own leftists.

By Robert HArris, INN

On an average day, the Jewish State played host to one of the largest foreign press corps in the world. This seemed to me to reflect not mere international interest, not mere international curiosity, not mere international preoccupation; but an outright international obsession.

–Yehuda Avner, former director, Prime Minister’s Foreign Press Bureau

Israel is at long last beginning the process of deporting 38,000 African men who came to Israel seeking jobs. None of these men had visas and illegally crossed the southern border prior to the construction of the fence built there by Israel.

The issue of Israel seeking to deport young African men is now being used as a club by the elites in their never-ending battle to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. Worldwide media coverage creates lies about an “intolerant” and “racist” Israel, while refusing to report the same story when other countries deport illegal immigrants.

The way this game is played is that when the media intends to strike out at a country or individual, they report the same story over and again. If, however, a country is not on the media’s hit list, these news stories, with their self-righteous moralizing, are simply not reported.

The briefest review of the coverage of Israel’s planned deportations by the world’s press in the last month sees stories about Israel ordering deportations published by Al Jazeera and Russia’s RT, as well as on television stations and in newspapers throughout the world, from the BBC to the American television networks, along with newspapers in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and more.

For instance, the New York Times has published six stories about Israel deporting African job seekers since February 1 under headlines such as, “How Did Israel Become a Place of No Refuge?” “Cash or Custody-Israel Kicks Off Deportation of African Migrants” and “Israel Moves to Expel Africans. Critics Say That’s Not Jewish”.

In a January 2 story in Newsweek on deporting African migrants, their reporter sought to libel Israel, as the juvenile culture of her newsroom demands, writing, “Due to Aliyah, at least 135,000 Ethiopian Jews were living in Israel by the end of 2013…..Nevertheless, many Ethiopian Israelis complain of institutionalized racism, police brutality and discrimination.”

Always on the attack, the Jew-hating media seeks to crucify Israel for issuing deportation orders to illegal migrants, while rarely reporting on recently released statistics from 2015, a selection of which appears below:

– Greece issued 104,567 deportations orders to illegal migrants

– France: 79,950 deportation orders

– Britain: 70,020 deportation orders

– Germany: 54,080 deportation orders

– Spain: 33,495 deportation orders

– Belgium: 31,045 deportation orders

– Italy: 27,306 deportation orders

– Netherlands: 23,765 deportation orders

– Bulgaria: 20,810 deportation orders

Israel is accused of racism for deporting Africans, even while countries throughout the world deported nearly 250,000 Pakistanis from 2012 to 2015, without protest from those justice warriors of the media.

And who holds the record for deportations of illegal immigrants? Israel?

No, it is Barack Obama, of course, who deported over 400,000 illegal migrants from the United States each year during the first seven years of his presidency.

Readers, however, can be excused if they cannot recall the media outrage over Obama’s “racist deportations”. There was none.

And there is more that was under-reported by our media protectors:

– Canada issued 15,000 deportation orders

– Norway deported 15,000 illegal migrants in 2016 and 2017

– Sweden, in 2016, announced it would deport 80,000 migrants whose asylum applications were rejected

What does this condemnation of Israel mean? Why is only the Jewish state pummeled by the media and elites?

Because, perhaps, regardless of our much-vaunted technological, medical and educational advancements, not much really changes in our world.

From Egypt to Jerusalem to Babylonia to Rome to Athens to Spain, Portugal, Britain, Germany, France, Poland, and back to Jerusalem, we remain who we have always been, what the heathen prophet Balaam famously described as, “a people that shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations.”

And remember that three thousand years later, Golda Meir confirmed Balaam’s prophecy, noting, “I look around me at the United Nations, and I think to myself, we have no family here. Israel is entirely alone here, less than popular, and certainly misunderstood. All we have to fall back on is our own Zionist faith. But why should that be? Why? Why?”

Nu Golda, why? Because for all eternity we remain Israel apart, Israel alone, Israel accused.

For all eternity, we are who we were meant to be. And the countries of the world remain who they have always been.

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  1. Those nations were not chosen by G-d to be a light to the World. Why does the World need a light if it is not in darkness? Obviously they are in darkness, they even revel in darkness and cannot see the value of Israel. Soon, all of G-d’s prophesies will be fulfilled and Israel will fulfill its role in G-d’s plan for mankind. The World will be judged according to its works. May G-d Bless Israel, not a perfect nation but a very valuable, blessed and chosen nation. I Pray for Peace in Jerusalem.